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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Messi before the election! Duel with Ronaldo or help Beckham?

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 18:47:04

Messi before the election! Duel with Ronaldo or help Beckham?

Nikolay Pavlov June 5, 2023, 12:15 pm Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The sheikhs lure the world champion with a lot of money, and in MLS they are trying to get at least something together.

The paths of Lionel Messi and PSG separated. The Argentine striker made a fateful decision and refused to renew his contract with the club. Where will he continue his career, one of the best footballers in history?

The best predictions for today.

Earn money and wipe Ronaldo’s nose

Analysts call any club in Saudi Arabia the most likely location for Messi’s next job. Judging from the information, Al-Hilal may be the team where Lionel will continue his career. And the leadership of him trusts this. The world champion in the Argentine national team can receive 600 million euros per season if he accepts the offer.

The signing of Messi by Saudi Arabia could be announced soon.

In addition to money, Messi may also have a sporting interest in moving to Saudi Arabia, a rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese plays for Al-Nasr, which is one of the main contenders for the title next season. The fight between two legends moves to a new location! Bookmakers offer to bet on Messi’s deal with any Saudi Arabian club at odds of 1.66.

Why is Javi silent?

Barcelona fans sincerely believe that their idol will return. The end of his career in LaLiga seems like a nice story for the Argentine striker, but the road home does not seem easy.

Barcelona is in a serious financial crisis. The team has been trying to optimize costs for many seasons to plug a big hole in the budget. This is due to the lack of high-profile transfers and the separation of veterans. It is unlikely that Sergio Busquets voluntarily refused a contract with the Catalans.

Xavi: “I would really like Messi to return to Barcelona”

The appearance of Messi will bring benefits to the club’s box, that cannot be denied. However, the Argentine is not going to play for free, and Barca’s offer is much more modest than the generous contract from the Saudis. Xavi talked a lot about this and how much he looks forward to Lionel’s return. However, as soon as it became known that he was leaving PSG, such statements stopped.

There is certainly a chance that Messi will spend next season at Barcelona. The affection of the fans, the participation in the Champions League, the old friend Xavi leading the team are quite serious arguments in favor of going to Catalonia. Bookies rate Lionel’s chances of returning to Barcelona at 2.75.

Beckham wants to take the legend abroad

Inter Miami is another very important contender for a contract with Messi. The club is owned by the legendary David Beckham. An official offer has already been made to the Argentine. Judging from the information from the source, he was offered a contract for three years and will receive 50 million dollars a year. Recall the Saudi Arabian proposal: the difference is colossal.

Messi received an official offer from Inter Miami.

However, this could increase interest in MLS. At one point, Ibrahimovic tried to do this by moving him to the US, and now Messi will try. Yes, and performing at a club co-owned by David Beckham himself. Bookies are offering odds of 4.50 on Lionel signing a contract with any MLS club.

Does Messi need Guardiola?

Bookmaker analysts also assessed the possibility of Messi moving to Manchester City. Guardiola is a fan of Lionel, but is he ready to break the system again in order to organically accommodate the Argentine striker there? Especially when there is Holland!

It is hard to believe in such a perspective. The mentor of the “citizens” found the optimal combinations in the team’s game only in the middle of the season. Pressing and working at the highest speeds is unlikely to suit Messi. He is no longer young and in the intense football of the Premier League he will experience discomfort.

Where are the chances of seeing Messi next season higher?

We assume that Lionel’s most likely appearance in the Saudi Arabian championship. The Argentine has already shown everything to everyone, so he has the full right to play a couple of seasons for his own pleasure and earn a lot of money. In addition, the rivalry with Ronaldo will attract much more interest than moving Beckham to the United States.

Tender: Messi will sign a contract with a Saudi Arabian club for 1.66.

Express with a coefficient of 6.37.

Al-Hilal trusts in the transfer of Messi.

Messi and Galtier were booed at the PSG awards ceremony.

Mbappé is the top scorer in Ligue 1 for the fifth consecutive season, Messi is the top assister.

PSG announced the departure of Messi.

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