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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Messi’s team is the worst in MLS. How Inter Miami can save the season

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:55:50

The MLS draw has resumed, but Lionel Messi has yet to make his league debut: Inter Miami’s match against Charlotte, scheduled for August 21, has been postponed and a new date has not yet been chosen. But while the rest of the teams headed into the season after a month off, Leo dragged Inter into the second final: the team faced Cincinnati (first ranked in the league) in the semifinals of the US Open Cup. , where they almost lost, if it weren’t for the Argentine magic.

At minute 68, Miami trailed 0-2, so Messi gave a pass to Leonardo Campana, who hit the target. At minute 90+7, the link worked again and the game went to extra time. The fight continued there – both teams scored with the ball, so after that the penalty shootout began, in which Miami was again stronger (they trained in the League Cup matches!).

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The final is on September 27, but we won’t have to wait long for Inter Miami’s games – this weekend the team will play in MLS – on August 27 against the New York Red Bulls.

How does the MLS draw work? If you think the Russian Cup has a complicated format, get ready

In the 2023 season, 29 teams participate in the championship, which are divided into two conferences: Western (14 clubs) and Eastern (15 clubs).

western conferenceEastern ConferenceSt. Louis City Cincinnati Los Angeles New England Revolution Real Salt Lake Philadelphia Union Seattle Sounders Orlando City San Jose Earthquakes Columbus Crew Houston Dynamo Nashville Austin Atlanta United Vancouver Whitecaps Montreal Minnesota United Chicago Fire Dallas DC United Sporting Kansas City New York Red Bulls Portland Timbers Charlotte Los Angeles Galaxy New York Colorado Rapids Toronto Inter Miami

The teams are sorted in places in the table right now.

Messi already has a title: how the team won it:

“Messi is predictable”. In just one month, Leo led the worst team in MLS to the title! Video

The regular season began on February 25 and will run until October 21 (from July 15 to August 20 there was a break for the League Cup), and during it the teams compete for a place in the playoff round. : starts on October 25 and ends on December 9.

In the regular season, the clubs play 34 games (17 home, 17 away):

Eastern Conference clubs play two games with each team in their zone, and also play once with six teams from the West; Western Conference clubs play two games with teams from their zone, plus one game with one or two additional opponents, as well as one game with six or seven Eastern Conference teams.

The team with the most regular season points in any conference is awarded the Supporters’ Shield.

Fan’s Shield

Photo: AP/TASS

Teams that ranked first through seventh in their zone automatically enter the playoffs. The eighth and ninth places meet in the wild card round in a match for a playoff spot (if the score is tied after the end of regulation time, penalty shootout).

Next is the best-of-3 series, in which matches are played until the winner is determined (if there is a tie, a penalty shootout is immediately launched). The first team to win two games in the series advances. In total, four teams from each conference advance to the semifinals.

Eastern Conference Round 1 best-of-3 series

#1 against #8 or #9 #2 against #7 #3 against #6 #4 against #5

Western Conference Round 1 best-of-3 series

#1 against #8 or #9 #2 against #7 #3 against #6 #4 against #5

Then the semifinals begin, in which there are 15-minute overtimes. If they do not determine the winner, a penalty shootout is held.

Eastern Conference Semifinals

Winner of Series #1 vs #8/9 vs Winner of Series #4 vs #5 Winner of Series #3 vs #6 vs Winner of Series #2 vs #7

Western Conference Semifinals

Winner of Series #1 vs #8/9 vs Winner of Series #4 vs #5 Winner of Series #3 vs #6 vs Winner of Series #2 vs #7

Finals are then held in each conference, with the winners reaching the MLS Cup final.


Photo: AP/TASS

Our extensive and detailed material on MLS, from creation to details:

In the United States, soccer is at the highest level. Russia has a lot to learn

Who gets into the CONCACAF Champions League?

MLS Cup winner; Supporters’ Shield winner; champion of the opposing conference (not the one from which the Supporters’ Shield winner hails); winner of the US Open Cup.

Inter Miami won the League Cup, thus already securing a place in the Champions League. If the club also wins the US Open Cup, its Champions League ticket will go to the next strongest team in the league.

Inter Miami wins the League Cup with Messi

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Inter Miami is last in MLS. Is there a playoff chance?

Very small. According to the Twenty First Group forecast model, the probability is 2%.

Inter Miami has already played 22 games in which they have scored just 18 points. The Chicago Fire and Montreal (ninth and eighth in the wild card) each have 32 points but have played in 24 games. The historical statistics are disappointing: With the exception of the shortened 2020 season, none of the 48 teams since 2000 that have scored 22 or fewer points in 22 MLS season games have qualified for the playoffs.

The club has 12 games left. In 2021 and 2022, the ninth-place teams in each conference scored just under 45 points on average, meaning Miami would need to win at least eight games to have a realistic playoff hope. With Messi everything is possible, but there is a nuance: MLS does not stop while the national team matches last, and it is almost certain that Leo will go to the national team, because Argentina will play the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup in September and October. .

But let’s imagine a miracle happens and Miami wins 90% of the remaining games, and Chicago Fire and Montreal fail. In the Best of 3 series, you need to win twice to advance, and in the quarterfinals you need to play the best teams: with the winner of the No. 4 series against the No. 5 and the winner of the series . other side of the eastern square (probably second or third).

What is the probability that the eighth or ninth team will reach the final? To put it mildly, small. Before the arrival of Messi, the team dug a rather deep hole, from which only a miracle can help. And Argentine magic.

Details of Messi’s transfer to the United States:

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