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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Michkov collected a full house, didn’t score a shot, and the champion kept the winning score

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 10:50:35

The match between the winner of the Gagarin Cup and the underdog outsider, who had long since given up on the dream of the playoffs, turned into a benefit performance for goalkeepers. Maxim Tretyak managed 50 shots, 29 more were blocked by his teammates. Alexander Sharychenkov won a bullet duel against Matvey Michkov seconds before the end of the third period.

8548 spectators at the CSKA Arena! And this was in a game with the worst team in the championship, which had long given up hope of making the playoffs and was riding a 17-game losing streak. Neither CSKA’s retro match (December 26 against Dynamo Moscow), nor the meeting with the neighbor in the standings Lokomotiv (December 30), nor the cult army derby (December 28 with SKA) brought together such a solid audience.

Photo source: HC CSKA

So why did the fans vote with their feet and come to the Leopards? Yes, because 18-year-old striker Matvey Michkov, who was loaned to Sochi from SKA, came to Moscow. The head coach of the St. Petersburg army, Roman Rotenberg, recently said that Matvey has the highest IQ in the world among young people.

On the Black Sea coast, Michkov managed to hit the gate twice in five previous matches. Particularly impressive was his first goal: Ak Barsu, he scored the most with a biting shot to the wrist.

Against CSKA Michkov came out for the first time. As the best goalkeeper in Russian football, Igor Akinfeev, likes to say, he “go out and create.” Mateo did exactly that. Twice he came close to a goal, and he was also remembered as a puck catcher: not everyone has the courage to catch the puck after a killer click from the blue line (in our case, defender Artem Sergeev). In the bank, Michkov received first aid: his bruised hand was frozen.

Photo source: HC CSKA

Of course, he surpassed the MHL and VHL, they trust him in Sochi – more than 15 minutes of playing time per game, the head coach of the Leopards Sergey Svetlov praises his newcomer, including for his defensive work. In the episode described with Sergeyev’s blocked shot, Michkov should not anchor on the spot, but be closer to the blue line, to the opponent’s defenders, but…

And yet, the main objective of the junior goalscorer is to score goals. Today he had a couple of half moments and a super opportunity. In the first half, when Sergei Plotnikov entered the penalty area (already in the 28th second), Michkov decided to shoot to starboard. In a similar situation (only from the opposite flank), he pounced on the Kazan goalkeeper Timur Bilyalov. Alexander Sharychenkov turned out to be more successful and stopped the record with a pancake.

Photo source: HC CSKA

And in the third half, Michkov closed Dmitry Zavgorodny’s pass with a touch, but again the grenadier goalkeeper got in the way of the puck.

Finally, 70 seconds before the siren at the end of the third period, when Tretyak was replaced by the sixth outfield player, the judges signaled a bullet in the hosts’ goal: defender Vladislav Provolnev fouled striker Donate Stalnov, that he went to a foreign area. to celebrate a goal that didn’t happen due to a bizarre (if not stupid) decision by Andrey Svetlakov. Instead of an obvious shot into an empty net, the vice-captain of the army team nobly decided to share the puck with a young teammate and lost the puck, while the guests immediately organized a counterattack.

Bullitt was commissioned to perform Michkov. In the match with Ak Bars, he converted the first of two tries. He scored with a marked wrist, and then with spidzhonil – he performed the Shirokov-Kucherov trick, which the goalkeeper did not buy. Today Matvey threw unpretentiously and only dusted off Sharychenkov’s shield.

Soon the tireless Konstantin Okulov scored on empty goal, turning the number of chances into quality. How many times could not beat Tretyak that night! Even when the goalie played backwards, the puck refused to fly into the net, it dragged along the tape.

Photo source: HC CSKA

Tretiak Jr. capitulated only once, after a spectacular multi-way combination, started by Anton Slepyshev, who returned after the treatment, and completed by him. The Champions loaded Maxim with as much work as the Maple Leafs did in the 1981 Canada Cup final, won 8-1 by the Red Machine, his legendary grandfather.

The entire second period was played in the possessions of the Leopards, and in the third they had chances to make up for it. The first of them was missed by the same Stalnov, who made the steel ring with a shot from a trump position – the puck, having licked the goal posts one after another, flew onto the field.

After the final siren, CSKA head coach Sergei Fedorov embarrassedly declared that we have to work to convert our chances. The goals of the champions are given in agony. But even one was enough to win. Only here you can’t teach scoring. We need cunning, fictitious and non-trivial solutions. Unfortunately, in CSKA’s attack, creative inventors are in short supply. In addition, the infirmary is not empty: today Pavel Karnaukhov did not go out, Mikhail Grigorenko, Maxim Mamin, his namesake Sorkin, Vitaly Abramov, defender Darren Dietz are being treated …


CSKA – HC Sochi – 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: Slepyshev, Okulov.

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