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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Millions of Turks for one Chilean. CSKA saves the transfer campaign

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:37:05

CSKA’s transfer policy was not criticized this summer, perhaps only by the lazy. The sensational departure of Jesus Medina into the field of Spartak’s main competitors, added to the lack of acquisitions with a view to a place in the main team, is a sad baggage that clearly hurt both the heads of the army club and Vladimir Fedotov. .

With the arrival of Abbosbek Fayzullaev, the ice seemed to have broken. It remains to wait for the next transitions. At the same time, even possible existing agreements could fail due to the sanctions that have been imposed on various organizations in our country.

Even the transition of the same Fayzullaev was not immediately formalized. CSKA representatives admitted that there were problems with the transfer of money for a ready-made transfer, in fact. One way or another, the former Pakhtakor midfielder has already tried on the red and blue uniform.



Interestingly, the next acquisition of the army team can happen immediately after the well-known football player leaves the team. Bakhtiyor Zaynutdinov flew to Istanbul last night to sign a contract with Besiktas and has already been photographed in the new club’s jersey. Information appeared in various media that CSKA wants to receive 6 million euros for Zainutdinov in one installment, while the Istanbulians are ready to offer three million and prescribe the same amount as a bonus for the player’s future achievements on Turkish fields. Apparently, a compromise was reached, and the matter was left behind with the last formalities.

FC “Besiktas”

Almost at the same time interesting news arrived from Mexico. The Leon striker Víctor Dávila has officially left his now former club. The Chilean striker, who for most of the summer was pointed out as one of the military team’s main signing targets, is likely to join the rojiazules ranks in the near future. Furthermore, PFC CSKA director of communications Kirill Breido said the money for Dávila had already “crossed the ocean”. So, in the near future, the club from the capital can not only strengthen the lineup, but also offset the costs of this transition. Therefore, the departure of Zainutdinov to Turkey and the arrival of Dávila can, to a certain extent, be called links of the same chain.

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Strengthening the line of attack will clearly benefit Vladimir Fedotov’s team. And Zainutdinov’s departure is unlikely to seriously affect the game formations of the army. Yes, in the first three rounds Bakhtiyor entered the field in the starting lineup. But first of all, CSKA will be able to close its position without any special problems. And secondly, one should not forget that the Kazakh midfielder completed the match for Lokomotiv before the break, leaving the field due to injury. After that, he also missed the winning match with Sochi. So in this situation, the risks on the Turkish side certainly look more serious.

There is no doubt that the signing of a contract with the Chilean rookie and the sale of Bakhtiyor Zainutdinov will not end CSKA’s job on the transfer market. Therefore, fans of the red and blue in the near future should closely follow the news and prepare to welcome the new players to the club’s stadium.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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