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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Mineev came back heavy but strong. The Brazilian winner fell face down

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:33:46

Mineev came back heavy but strong. The Brazilian winner fell face down

September 16, 2023, 00:57 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Volzhanin defended the title of REN TV Fight Club champion without any problems.

On the night of September 16, the next tournament of the REN TV Fight Club superseries ended in Elista. The main event of the night was a kickboxing fight between famous Russian fighter Vladimir Mineev and former Bellator champion Rafael Carvalho.

Mineev recently began to perform much less frequently, as he joined the army and signed a contract there. However, Vladimir promised that he would return and perform, and so it happened. True, the break in the fighter’s performances lasted almost a year. Mineev last entered the ring in November 2022 and then scored an early victory over Brazilian Fernando Rodríguez. The Russian very calmly dismantled his opponent, and in the third round he sent him to the ground three times, forcing the referee to stop the fight early. The victory also gave Mineev the REN TV Fight Club champion belt. Since then, Vladimir managed to visit the area of ​​​​the Northern Military District and also became a deputy of the Donetsk People’s Council.

Kamil Gadzhiev wants to organize crowdfunding for the fight between Mineev and Ismailov:

For the Mineev-Ismailov fight, 45 million rubles are collected from viewers! This is a bad idea

Rafael Carvalho is known exclusively for his performances in MMA. In 2015, the Brazilian won the Bellator middleweight title and subsequently successfully defended it three times. It is true that in recent years the 37-year-old fighter’s career has not been very successful. In the last four fights, Carvalho lost, and this not very happy series began with Vadim Nemkov. As a result, Rafael decided to try himself in a new role, but, of course, he was not given a chance in the confrontation with Mineev.

The battle began calmly enough. Mineev was in no hurry and chose the distance. Carvalho was active, tried to take advantage of his size and attacked different floors. Towards the end of the first three minutes, Vladimir finally overpowered him and began to make more aggressive attacks, pressing his opponent against the ropes and periodically forcing him to go into deep defense. In the second round, the Brazilian switched to the usual southpaw stance and increased the pace, landing some pretty nasty shots that landed on Mineev. The Russian established himself and neutralized the opponent’s advantages, and in the middle of the segment he “missed” Carvalho and fired a left hook in response. The blow landed squarely on the chin and sent Rafael to the canvas, from where he could no longer get up.

The main events of the upcoming REN TV Fight Club tournament:


“Fight Club REN TV”: Mineev knocked out the Brazilian as a joke. Carvalho is knocked out! LIVE

One solid punch was enough for Mineev to end the fight. Furthermore, the Russian himself was clearly determined to continue the fight and looked reproachfully at the Brazilian, who could not find the strength to get up. Thus, Vladimir successfully defended the title of REN TV Fight Club champion and showed that downtime does not prevent him from demonstrating his skills as a fighter in the ring.

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Puck Henry
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