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Friday, March 24, 2023
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“Missing Soldier”? CSKA lost again to Severstal

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:19:30

Muscovites took the lead three times, the Cherepovets team restored the balance three times and in the third period squeezed the guests. If he will continue to be in game number 4, which will begin on March 8 at 5:00 p.m.

Match No. 2, won by Severstal at the CSKA Arena in front of almost 9,000 spectators, without exaggeration, can be called a benefit of the guest goalkeeper Alexander Samonov, who repelled 52 (!) Throws. Right, not for three, but for four and a half terms. Against their background, the army goalkeeper Sharychenkov (also Alexander) missed easy goals. Other experts saw a fleeting rebound from the skate of the red and blue defender Fredrik Klasson, who helped the ‘baby’ Nikita Guslistovv to score the winning goal. The author of these lines did not notice this touch.

– The soldier did not go astray, – CSKA head coach Sergei Fedorov told a press conference. Probably, many believed, but in vain …

Today, the champions, who came out in the same composition, immediately showered pucks on the gates of Samonov. Baffled by such a massive attack, the hosts were forced to break the rules. Twice they were sent to the penalty area for throwing the puck. The guests successfully played two extra – it was almost impossible to react to Mikhail Grigorenko’s click on the touch.

A rare foray into the zone of the army team ended with a return goal: Adam Lischka on the backboards took the puck from Maxim Sorkin and Klasson and sent it from a sharp angle to the nearest corner.

However, before the break, the wards of Sergei Fedorov, who said goodbye to the unfortunate black gloves, in which he was on the bench in the second match, caught the “lynxes” in the counterattack “2 on 1”. Pavel Karnaukhov fed the puck to Anton Slepyshev, and the latter got past the tired Samonov. For a long time, the captain of the Russian national team at the 2021 World Cup did not celebrate a goal – since January 27!

Photo source: HC CSKA

Pleased with themselves, the champions spent the second half with reluctance. And already two fouls in a row in someone else’s half in one episode – this does not climb on any gate. However, the puck got into the army: Yegor Morozov finished it from the point before the passive contemplation of defenders Yaroslav Dyblenko and Darren Dietz, having converted the majority of “5 against 3”. 2:2.

The army team took the lead for the third time thanks to Mamin, who closed the post after Grigorenko’s pass.

But after 9 seconds, the leader of the hosts’ attacks Daniil Vovchenko restored parity. He dropped defender Andrei Sergeyev and into the far corner from a very sharp angle. It seemed that Sharychenkov missed the gate.

After the second break, he was replaced by Adam Reideborn. But he failed to keep possessions out of touch. Vovchenko himself hit the Swede with a spectacular single time, and in most. And the defender Daniil Pylenkov carefully placed the puck for him under the shot, into which two army men rushed at once. At this time, striker Vitaly Abramov was passing the two-minute “deadline”, removal did not seem mandatory.

Less than a minute later, balance was restored for the fourth (!) time. Slepyshev kissed the disc that Dietz addressed to him no less effectively. But what is this? Andrei Razin took advantage of the request for an offside position and canceled the goal. It turned out that the puck was one centimeter from the attack zone, Dietz stopped it with his foot behind the blue line. What a bad luck for CSKA fans! Yesterday in Sochi, due to a millimeter offside (Brazilian Moises poked in with his nose), a goal against the hosts was disallowed, and the army team conceded two goals and lost 0:2.

And today in Cherepovets the canceled puck knocked down the Muscovites. They climbed forward, but did not find anything worthwhile at the gates of Samonov. And with long shots, the goalkeeper, who gathered courage, managed with a bang.

Photo source: HC CSKA

A minute and a half before the siren, Fedorov replaced the goalkeeper. But after winning the head-to-head, the hosts once again set an example of heroism. On the knockdown, Nikita Rozhkov tossed the puck to midfield, where the quick-footed Alexander Petunin picked it up. He escaped from the army captain Nikita Nesterov and hit the empty net.

After the final siren, Razin, barely containing his emotions, recalled last year’s playoffs, in which his Severstal took two victories over Dynamo Moscow, and in the third game, at home, they played timidly, for which they paid .

The Lynx lost that series 3-4. In the end, goalkeeper Vladislav Podyapolsky, now polishing the shop at SKA, faltered. And Samonov, who moved from St. Petersburg to Cherepovets, scalps the champions.


Severstal (7) – CSKA (2) – 5:3 (score in the series 2-1), Sibir (6) – Avangard (3) – 3:4 (1-2), Metallurg (5) – Avtomobilist (4 ) – 2:1 OT2 (2-1), Dynamo M (5) – Torpedo (4) – 2:0 (2-1).

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