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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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“Mission Impossible 7” – the best film in the Tom Cruise series: “Deadly Reckoning” was a success

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:49:16

It’s hard to believe, but the first Mission: Impossible came out 27 years ago. It was in 1996 that we met Ethan Hunt, admired the wire stunt, checked out face swapping skins, and listened to the legendary tune that would become a symbol of spy action movies.

Since then, the franchise has released six movies, and each one paid off. Crazy stunts, genius technologies, the destruction of European capitals – this epic pampered the viewer again and again, and the series became a symbol of quality.

It seems that Tom Cruise is already 61 years old and it is time to end spy games. However, the team got together and released a double part with the subtitle “Deadly Reckoning”. Surprisingly, but in terms of passion, plot and stunts, this is the best movie in the series! And there is still “Part 2”.

The video is available on the Paramount Pictures YouTube channel. The rights of the videos belong to Paramount Pictures.

Film screening in Russia

Mission: Impossible: Deadly Reckoning is not officially showing in Russia, and alternate screenings are not expected in theaters due to the suspension of the Hollywood importer. The movie is expected to be released online on October 10.

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Mission: Impossible 7 will premiere online on October 10

It’s worth watching for the plot alone.

Usually, Ethan Hunt’s adventures are marked by fights, shootings and explosions, but “Deadly Reckoning” also captivates with the plot. The point is an unusual villain who captivates by force, knows all the weaknesses of the heroes, predicts the future and at the same time is faceless.

Guess what we’re talking about?

“Mission Impossible” has always played on the fears of the mass audience. When everyone was afraid of computer viruses and data leaks, Hunt’s team fought this problem. When the threat of bioweapons became a trend, the heroes took on bacteria. Now is the time for a fight with artificial intelligence.

In the beginning, AI helped countries do dirty deeds and led the right people to win elections. But then he “ate” bad information and went crazy. Now the AI ​​is infiltrating law enforcement, seizing control of nukes, reading secret records, and is about to take over humanity.

However, the authorities do not want to destroy artificial intelligence. It is better to take it under control and gain unprecedented power. According to rumors, everything will work out if you get two special keys and open something with them. But no one knows where to insert the key and there are too many AI hunters.

Ethan Hunt’s typical day

Photo: Paramount

The plot seems to be simple, but it is presented incomparably. AI uses power to its fullest: pushes on vulnerabilities, predicts the future, hacks into Hunt’s devices, makes you doubt everything, puts you before an unthinkable choice. It’s even surprising that the best enemy in the series is the one that can’t even be hit. Although the AI ​​uses a lot of minions. One of them is an old enemy.

the movie looks amazing

Another merit in the setting. Take at least the opening scene where the military are sailing in a submarine. An enemy ship suddenly appears on the radar – it moves too fast and launches a torpedo. The projectile bypasses the heat traps and rapidly approaches the vessel. They all huddle in their chairs, waiting for the inevitable blow – and… nothing. The torpedo seemed to have evaporated.

In response, the military fires on the enemy and… the mysterious ship also disappears from the radar. “What the hell is going on?” the audience and the characters ask. And then our torpedo goes off course and destroys the ship from which it flew. So the AI ​​has the characters wrapped around its finger.

A three minute episode doesn’t really affect the plot. But how dramatic it is set and how coldly it describes the capabilities of the enemy! It immediately becomes clear: earlier the heroes relied on gadgets, but now any electronic device is the enemy.

beautiful staging

Photo: Paramount

“Deadly Reckoning” consists of similar scenes. All of them seem to be simple, but the most exciting. For example, towards the middle of the movie, the important characters will gather in one place. Here is a supporter of AI, and an imperious young woman who dreams of selling the key, and heroes who seek to erase the insidious program.

Most of the time these guys are just talking, but the tension makes you squeeze into a chair. The situation is constantly changing, trump cards change hands and the stakes increase, so you can’t stop watching. In the end, the story, the dialogue, and a dangerous enemy make for a great story.

The whole team is together.

Photo: Paramount

Tom Cruise does crazy stunts again

Deadly Reckoning has a lot of action: fights on the roof of a train, explosions on the railway, car chases on the streets of Italy, gunfights in the desert, where nothing can be seen because of the storm. All this with a good staging, convincing blows and good jokes. Perhaps, in terms of carnage and gunfire, the film falls short of John Wick, but it beats the Reeves actioner in scale and drama.

At the same time, sometimes the authors give amazing episodes. What is worth jumping on a motorcycle from a great height, which became a legend even before the premiere. However, Tom Cruise performed the trick on his behalf: for this he trained for a whole year and completed 500 test jumps. No wonder the actor has become a legend: among his colleagues in the store you rarely see such courage.

This approach creates the right atmosphere. Whatever happens in the frame, you get it: everything is real. Few graphics, a minimum of doubles and a maximum of dedication. That’s why Death Reckoning is so good!

This stunt was filmed first. They were afraid that Cruz would not survive

Photo: Paramount

Is the movie worth watching?

Do you keep asking? As soon as Mission: Impossible 7 hits theaters, buy your ticket and go see it. This is an excellent spy thriller that has won our attention for both the story and the action!


The plot keeps the 160 minutes in suspense. The best villain in the series, Tom Cruise is good even at 61 incredible stunts.

I dont like him

Skirmishes and fights could be more inventive.

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