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Movie rating-Hercules. We choose the actor who best suits this role

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 15:48:42

Movie rating-Hercules. We choose the actor who best suits this role

Ekaterina Saleeva May 28, 2023, 18:50 Moscow time

From the mascot Iron Arnie to the handsome Gosling. Vote!

The Greek mythology character has been drawing the attention of filmmakers since the middle of the last century, and more films will probably be made about him in the future. Strong, courageous, courageous, with a beautiful figure – a win-win image. Yes, and a relative of the god of Olympus. It would be a mistake not to use the film adaptation of the story.

For the role of Hercules, the directors chose charismatic and attractive actors. Among them were established stars and only emerging names in cinema. Some movies gained worldwide fame, some failed at the box office and caused negative reviews from the public. But one thing was unconditionally beautiful in them: the artists of the protagonist.

In this material the subtleties of the oldest philosophies were analyzed in detail:

How do the Stoics, the Cynics, the Epicureans think and which philosophy is closest to you?

It is difficult to determine which is the best among the variety of athletic actors. Making a selection, we were blinded by beauty and muscle. We invite you to vote in favor of your beloved Hercules. Choose your favorite actor in the image of an ancient Greek hero. If you want to see your favorite at the top of the ranking, click the up arrow “↑”. If you think someone should be shorter, the down arrow “↓”.

Important: The “Ranking” functionality is available only in the normal version of the “Championship”. If you entered this material via a search page, you will see a list generated without voting buttons.

Ranking: choose the best Hercules movie performed by Hollywood stars

Photo: Still from the series “The amazing journeys of Hercules” (1995-1999)

kevin sip

According to fans of the actor, Sorbo, in the image of Hercules, spent more time on the set than other performers. The series “The Amazing Voyages of Hercules” was on the screens for more than four years in a row – from 1995 to 1999.

The work became a great success for him and gave millions of love to the audience. Sorbo was recognized as one of the best actors who played Hercules. After the series, the actor also took part in feature films about the former strongman.

Photo: Still from the film “Hercules in New York” (1969)

arnold schwarzenegger

The film “Hercules in New York” was the first for the athlete in his film career. The picture was not very successful, and many noted the unprofessionalism of 22-year-old Arnie, who played the ancient hero. But the unsuccessful role only tempered the bodybuilder.

After the end of his sports career, he decided to dedicate himself to cinema. His charisma and optimism captivated the audience. Arnold Schwarzenegger became a public favorite and an excellent actor.

Photo: Still from the film “Hercules” (2014)

duane jones

It would be a big mistake not to cast an actor with as athletic abilities as Dwayne “The Rock” Jones in a movie about an ancient warrior. The director, as if specifically for him, prescribed a role in the 2014 action movie Hercules. Dwayne’s strength and power organically fit into the image of the hero, and the image received recognition from the audience. .

Photo: Still from the film “The Labors of Hercules” (1957)

steve reeves

Reeves entered the cinema from a great sport – bodybuilding, becoming an inspiration and idol in the future for other athletic stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone. In the 1957 film The Labors of Hercules, the actor was reincarnated as an ancient hero with bulging muscles and a bold, proud look. The picture was a resounding success, and the popularity of bodybuilding spread throughout the world after the release of the film.

Photo: Still from the film “The Labors of Hercules: Hercules in the Kingdom of Shadows” (1961)

regular park

Another professional athlete who knew how to break into the cinema in the middle of the last century. Reg Park marked his sporting path from his youth and trained hard since he was 16 years old. In 1949 he won the title of “Mr Britain”.

The filmmakers noted the excellent data of the bodybuilder and invited him to star in peplums (a historical film genre based on ancient biblical stories): “The Labors of Hercules: Hercules in the Kingdom of Shadows” (1961), “Hercules Conquers Atlantis” ( 1961), “Hercules in King Solomon’s Mines” (1964), “The Call of the Giants” (1965).

Photo: Still from the film “Hercules” (1983)

Lou Ferrigno

The film “Hercules” in 1983 was not the first in the actor’s biography, where he played the role of a strong and fearless hero. Before him, Ferrigno starred in five seasons of the television series about the green mutant Hulk. But the actor enthusiastically accepted the proposal to change roles.

The film was not well received. Critics called it a failed version of ancient myths. The picture was even nominated for four Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Leading Role. Nevertheless, the audience liked the work and willingly went to see the tape in theaters. And the producers got a decent box office out of the movie.

Photo: Still from the film “Hercules: the beginning of the legend” (2014)

kellan lutz

Another unsuccessful picture, according to viewers and critics, telling about the exploits of the Greek hero. The 2014 fantasy thriller Hercules: The Beginning of the Legend did not appeal to an electoral audience. Another picture was nominated for the “Golden Raspberry” for worst leading role.

But, as much as the film was scolded for a simple plot, the beauty and charisma of the athletic Kellan Lutz cannot be ignored. The actor organically fit into the image of Hercules and attracted attention with his athletic figure.

Photo: Still from the television series “The Youth of Hercules” (1998-1999)

ryan goslin

Now we meet the actor of completely different film roles. And once a rising Canadian star Gosling starred in a series about a mythological character. The authors of the project decided to supplement the story of the hero, initiated by Kevin Sorbo, and shot a picture about the young years of a strong man – “The Youth of Hercules.”

The series premiered in 1998, but it did not have much popularity and recognition. A year later, it was closed, but Gosling was able to fall in love with the audience and gain acting experience.

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