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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Murat Gassiev – Otto Wallin. Ossetia restarts its career

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 11:32:09

Murat Gassiev – Otto Wallin. Ossetia restarts its career

Mikhail Korobov September 27, 2023, 20:05 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

It’s not too late for Iron to find a second wind and return to a high level.

A fight for the title of WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion will take place on September 30, in which Murat Gassiev and Otto Wallin will compete. For the Ossetians, the upcoming fight is a good test that can open new doors.

Gassiev’s career began to decline after losing to Alexander Usik. After the failure, he moved up to heavyweight from the first heavyweight. There were few fights and the level of the opponents was low. Perhaps a brilliant victory in a fight with a strong Swedish boxer will help him rehabilitate and mark the beginning of a return to his former top level.

When is the fight between Murat Gassiev and Otto Wallin?

The fight between Murat Gassiev and Otto Wallin will take place on September 30, 2023 in Antalya (Turkey).

What time does the Gassiev-Wallin fight start?

The fight between Murat Gassiev and Otto Wallin will begin no earlier than 23:30 Moscow time on September 30, 2023.

On which channel will the Gassiev-Wallin fight be broadcast, where to watch the live broadcast?

The fight can be seen live on Channel One.

Bookmaker odds for the Murat Gassiev – Otto Wallin fight

The bookmakers consider the favorite to be Murat Gassiev. Bets on his victory are accepted at odds of 1.26. Otto Wallin’s chances were estimated at 4.30. You can bet on a tie with odds of 18.0.

Prediction for the fight Murat Gassiev – Otto Wallin

At the professional level, Murat fought more than 30 fights. During this period, he only lost to Alexander Usik (by unanimous decision) in the fight for the title of absolute world champion in the first heavyweight division. Gassiev could have become the youngest holder of this title, but the Ukrainian athlete turned out to be stronger.

Bloggers will try to beat the professionals:

2DROTS – Khimki. Bloggers cannot reach Talalaev’s level

Then followed a two-year break and a decline in the Ossetian’s career. Planned fights were canceled due to injuries (Murat had a shoulder injury) or due to problems with promoters. This could not but affect the level of the opposition. He has dropped noticeably.

In the last four fights, Gassiev’s opponents were only veterans: Nuri Seferi (43 years old), Michael Wallisch (37 years old), Karlous Welch (43 years old) and Mike Balogun (39 years old). The Ossetian eliminated the Albanian and the Welshman in the first round, the German in the fourth and Balogun in the second.

In the next fight, Murat will finally have a young and technical fighter as an opponent. Otto Wallin had 27 fights at the professional level. One was declared invalid and in 25 the Swede won victories. He only lost to Tyson Fury, by unanimous decision.

After this, Wallin’s career, like Gassiev’s, began a dark streak. In the last five fights, his opponents were only veterans. Only, unlike Murat, in one of them Otto won by knockout, against Travis Kauffman. And that was only because the American injured his shoulder and couldn’t continue the fight.

Malinovsky will not interfere with Mourinho:

“Genoa” – “Rome”. It’s not easy to please Mourinho, but Azmoun can do it!

Wallin has a very athletic physique, but his fighting style is quite primitive. If an opponent begins to press, the Swedish southpaw will often get into a defensive position and press himself against the ropes. How long will he last in a fight with Gassiev, who has incredible knockout power? The question is rhetorical.

It is extremely unlikely that Otto will perform as well as he did in the Tyson Fury fight and cause problems for Murat. First of all, since then his tone has noticeably worsened. Secondly, no matter what they say, the Swede is a boxer of lower rank than the Ossetian. He loses in many ways.

What to bet on?

The most plausible betting option seems to be an early victory for Gassiev. He has more punching power and a preferable fighting style. Murat will most likely need less than nine rounds to win. Bookmakers accept the TM 8.5 round with odds of 1.72.

We believe that Zhelezny will not miss the opportunity to remind him that he is a top-level boxer. I would like to believe that in the future he will raise the level of Ossetian rivals. It’s not too late to find a second wind and return to a high level.

Tender: total less than 8.5 rounds for 1.72.

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