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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Nashville vs. Inter Miami. Lionel Messi goes for the trophy

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 01:12:41

The Nashville-Inter Miami League Cup Final will take place on August 20. The game starts at 4:00 Moscow time. The bookmakers have already given a forecast, they consider the nominal guests to be the favorites: you can bet on the victory of the “herons” in bookmakers with a coefficient of 1.95. The chances of “music” were estimated at 3.50. Tie bets are accepted for 3.95.

The best predictions for today.

Bookmaker odds for Nashville vs Inter Miami August 20, 2023

The bookies believe that the Nashville-Inter Miami game will be productive: over 2.5 total is worth 1.58 and under 2.5 total is 2.40. If the “herons” score, the fee will be 1.15. The “music” goal is available in bookmakers at odds of 1.32. You can bet that both teams will score by 1.52.

Analysis and forecast for the League Cup match “Nashville” – “Inter Miami” (08.20.2023)

The League Cup comes to an end, in which the teams from the United States and Mexico soccer championships participated. On August 20, 2023, the final game will take place in which Nashville will play against Inter Miami. The start of the match is not earlier than 4:00 Moscow time.

Malcolm is now in the same team as Neymar:

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Gary Smith is the “music” head coach, but there hasn’t been much progress from his charges over the years in MLS. At the end of 2023 he ends his contract with the English specialist and, apparently, he hopes to keep his position, as he surprises with the results in the League Cup. The team passed the group stage with some difficulty – one victory was enough to get into the playoffs. But then he became unstoppable.

Spertsyan remains a priority transfer target for Ajax.

In the 1/16 and 1/8 finals, Nashville put in a great effort to outplay their rivals. In regulation time, it was not possible to identify the winner and post-match penalties had to be broken. Thanks to the efforts of the goalkeeper and the artists, we managed to win in the meetings with Cincinnati (1:1, 5:4 on penalties) and América (2:2, 6:5 on penalties).

But in the match with Minnesota, the “music” had no problems and won a great victory with a score of 5:0. In many ways, this result was achieved thanks to the early elimination of the opponent. It broke the game and the big picture. Almost immediately after the club fell into the minority, Gary Smith’s charges began to score.

Benzema – team leader:

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In the semifinal game of the League Cup with Monterrey, there were no doubts for Nashville. He won the case with a score of 2:0, showing an excellent game in attack. The team made 13 shots on goal, but seven of them were on target. The rival dealt 21 blows to the goalkeeper, but only three hit the frame.

Müller set a Bayern record.

Inter Miami went through a major crisis until it signed the legendary former Barcelona players during the offseason. Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba have shown from the very first games that they will make an incredible contribution to the team’s history. The Herons have won all six League Cup games. These victories also coincide with the debut of the Argentine star, who transformed the game by scoring in each of these games.

In particular, thanks to his goal from a free kick in the last minutes, Inter Miami overcame Cruz Azul in the 1st round of the group stage. After that, Messi scored doubles in three games in a row, giving him victory. In the 1/4 final, Gerardo Martino’s pupils beat Charlotte with a score of 4: 0. One of the goals was scored by Lionel. The team then defeated Philadelphia 4-1 in the semifinals. The Argentine scored again.

Messi could win his first trophy with Inter Miami. For this, he will need only seven games in total for the new team. The former PSG footballer spoke about reaching the League Cup final. According to him, the team has grown since the arrival of Gerardo Martino as coach. Likewise, the Argentine added that the players train a lot and deserve to win.

Eddie Howe is not that simple:

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We believe Lionel’s hitting streak will continue. In six games, the Argentinian scored nine goals and provided one assist, unbelievable! He is able to lead the team to victory in the final and win the first trophy. Nashville is also a worthy opponent, but still, the Herons reached a whole other level and reached 100% mutual understanding on the roster. We offer to bet on the victory of Inter Miami and the goal of Messi for 2.40.

Prediction and bets for the match “Nashville” – “Inter Miami” August 20, 2023

Even Nashville’s general manager is pleased with Messi’s appearance in the league. Michael Jacobs said that the arrival of such a footballer will raise the level of the league, the teams will be recognizable throughout the world, and he is right. However, it is unlikely that he will beat Beckham’s team. The Inter Miami players have reached an excellent understanding, Lionel has scored in every game since his debut, and he also instills confidence in other players. We believe that the “herons” will win and the Argentine will score a goal.

Tender: Inter Miami wins and Messi will score in 2.40.

Express with a coefficient of 9.35.

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