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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Neither scold nor praise. The Russian team suffered a draw in Qatar

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 08:45:21

After the pale match in all respects with the Egyptian youth played by the closest affiliate of the Russian national team, the fans of our country were waiting for the appearance of a “real” team. It seemed that the next day everything would be different.

The Russian team collapsed in the match against Egypt. Can any opponent beat us?

At first glance, everything spoke in favor of that being the case. The opponent is the participant and host of the last World Cup – the Qatar national team, on the coaching bench of our team there is again Valery Karpin, and the composition is as close as possible to the fighting one.

And the first fifteen minutes gave hope that the guests of one of the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup would show bright and effective football. The Russian team immediately took the initiative and scored into Meshaal Barsham’s goal. Furthermore, the Qataris, supported by the desperate roar of the fans, although they could not fill the stands so that the gaps would not be noticed, were frankly confused at the beginning of the match.

Mikhail Shapaev / RFU

The Russian team attacked again and again on the left wing. But each time Valery Karpin’s team fell a little short of turning the lead into a goal, whether it was the last pass or an accurate shot. The coach of the Qatar national team, Carlos Queiroz, was noticeably nervous when he saw this image, allowing himself a couple of expressive comments towards his players. But unable to score in the first third of the time, the guests unexpectedly decided to cede the initiative to the rival.

The Qataris could not create much of an advantage in Matvey Safonov’s goal before the break. Everything was largely limited to a deflected shot by Bualem Khouhi, after which the Russian team’s goalkeeper diverted the ball for a corner, and a moment that, after a nice exit from his teammate, Pedro Miguel finished off, but missed. At the same time, the fact that the vector of the game had changed and that no scoring feat from our team that night was worth expecting was evident even to the few Russian fans in the stands.

Mikhail Shapaev / RFU

The second half began in the same way that the first ended: with attacks from the locals. Valery Karpin made changes, but the Russian team could not get the ball. Qatar could have scored even before the changes affected the visiting goal line. Akram Afif, who ran towards the goal, surrounded Safonov, but also the goal.

But Ilya Lantratov, who entered the field, was less lucky. Before he had time to really feel comfortable on the field, he had to knock the ball out of the net. Khomam Akhmed served from the flank, and Akhmed Alaeldin hung Alexander Soldatenkov in the air and fired close to the crossbar.

Mikhail Shapaev / RFU

The defeat, despite the friendly nature of the match, could hardly have been included in Valery Karpin’s plans. And the Russian team tried with all its might to return the game that almost led to success in the opening of the match. But the Qataris had the courage and clearly did not want to give up victory. And in our team’s attempts to attack after conceding a goal there was more confusion than constructive action.

Even more unexpected was the rescue of the Russian team. Alexander Soldatenkov responded to a throw-in from the corner of the field and headed the ball towards the Qatari goal. Furthermore, in the remaining minutes our players had the initiative. But there was no time to take victory away from him. 1:1: tie, after which Russian football fans will have more questions than answers.

And one of the main questions: what is the essence of a triple substitution one minute before the end of the match? It is not the first time that in this strange meeting of the national team the coaching staff makes a triple change in injury time, realizing that the boys will not even touch the ball. This time it was possible: Komlichenko played the ball…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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