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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Nemirovsky: salvation for “Siberia”? The club should forget about boring hockey

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 01:02:26

Nemirovsky: salvation for “Siberia”? The club should forget about boring hockey

Pavel Panyshev July 25, 2023, 2:00 PM Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

In Novosibirsk, they will bet on the legionnaires and a combined game, trying to repeat the path of the Torpedo.

Today in Novosibirsk, an open Siberian training took place at the club’s new stadium, where the team and all staff officially move from next season, although the process, in fact, has already been completed. In general, there are a lot of changes in the Novosibirsk team: among other things, the team enters the regular season with a new head coach, David Nemirovsky.

“New arena? Beautiful. Just now I thought that when the stadium was full, there would be a completely different atmosphere. There has always been a good atmosphere at Sibir matches, and I think it will be even better here. Were you able to settle in while it’s in the works.

Team preparation plan for the season? Now we are going to Minsk, we will fly tomorrow. We will have a couple of cycles there, a friendly match. Then we will go home, prepare a little here and for the tournament. I think everything is slow. I saw today, the guys are more or less in good shape. Now many hockey players prepare differently in the summer, and it is clear that it is much easier to work. You can usually see right away if someone hasn’t trained,” David shared his impressions today.

Another opinion on the “Siberia” update:

“Siberia” completely changes the philosophy. The new coach must make this club different

The Canadian-Russian coach is a supporter of brilliant, attacking hockey, which, after Torpedo Larionov’s successful season, is now in vogue. Interestingly, it was Nemirovsky who led Nizhny Novgorod before Larionov, so this style of play has long been familiar to Torpedo players, but it is still not well known to Siberians.

David missed the last season of the KHL – he was waiting for job offers in Toronto, but did not agree with anyone. Then the general director of Siberia, Kirill Fastovsky, contacted the specialist, after which the parties agreed to cooperate. The step is logical, especially in light of the fact that lately there have been enough questions for Fastovsky. For Novosibirsk hockey he is an unsinkable figure, although the reasons for the dismissal were a wagon and a small car, including unsuccessful transfer campaigns and the signing of incomprehensible legionnaires.

For the current offseason, however, Fastovsky is to be commended: in addition to the new head coach (under Martemyanov, Sibir never found himself in charge, stuck in place), the official extended deals with two strong Legionnaires and signed a third.

Reasons for the parting of “Siberia” with Andrey Martemyanov:

In “Siberia” he commented on the departure of Andrei Martemyanov from the post of head coach

We can already firmly say that it is foreigners who will make the weather in Siberia next season. Trevor Murphy is a key defender with good shooting and passing quality, Taylor Beck is a brilliant striker with an enviable performance, closing out most. The entire game of the Novosibirsk team in attack is built through the Canadian.

Taylor Beck

Photo: Victoria Trufanova, photo.khl.ru

Signing a contract with center forward Andy Andreoff is the decision that the club’s fans and coaches have been waiting for a long time. Siberia needed an experienced and skilled center, and in today’s realities it is not easy to find such a hockey player on the hockey market. Some are dismantled by richer clubs, while others simply do not want to go to Russia. Agent Alyosha Pilko helped (represents the interests of the three foreigners from Novosibirsk). Furthermore, it was in Toronto that David Nemirovsky and the leader of the Siberians, Taylor Beck, met with Andreoff. After the conversation, it was decided to move Andy to Siberia.

In “Siberia” they plan to actively attract young people to the main team, and after the departure of Sharov, Pyanov and Chesalin, Korotkov, Setdikov, Shashkov and other guys will have to take the leading positions among the Russians. The development of players, the disclosure of their strengths, is one of the main tasks set for the updated coaching staff. But, of course, no one forgets about the result. Sibir has always been a promising team with character, but the wrong decisions of the coach and management did not allow the club to reach a fundamentally new level for itself. Now, for once, moving forward seems pretty realistic.

Puck Henry
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