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Monday, March 20, 2023
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New edition of the “Our Business” conference: Star International Grand Prix

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 17:54:30

Heated discussions of the International Star Grand Prix, attended by: M-1 Challenge champion Max Divnich, current champion of the top promotion in Kazakhstan Naiza FC (Naiza) Magomed Kabardiev, former Fight Night Global title contender Alexander Grozin and one of the most talked about fighters in the industry is Mohammad “Pers” Heibati!

The first fight between Divnich and Kabardiev will take place on February 4 live on RUTUBE.

Opening of the women’s division. Announcement of the Women’s Grand Prix

The Grand Prix will be attended by: Master of Sports and 3-time champion of Russia in kickboxing Marina Merchuk and Master of Sports of international class and world champion in kudo Kristina Stepanyan. Master of sports of international class in hand-to-hand combat – Siana Shakhsinova and master of sports in wrestling with prof. record in MMA 3-0 – Sofia Geraikhanova. Special guests: Anastasia Yankova – Russian athlete and model, Bellator fighter, Russian champion in Thai boxing. Karina Kross is a Russian vlogger, presenter, singer and actress.

Four title fights were announced during the conference.

Temporary championship belt holder Damil “Tatarin” Sharafutdinov and heavyweight champion Vagab Vagabov. Former UFC fighter Khadis Ibragimov and Naiza FC champion Hussein Adamov. Fight Night Champion Maurice Boleyan and Nashe Delo League Champion Maxim Namitov. Our Business fighters in the 77 kg category are Islam Ibragimov and Suren Petrosyan.

Ptah VS Legalize Media Fight Announcement

Previously, the fight in Ptakhi was supposed to take place with Obe 1 Kanobe. But because Obe 1 stopped communicating, the fight did not take place. Bird was looking for an opponent, as he was preparing for a matchup. Rapper Legalize responded to his challenge, and soon the wrestlers will be able to enter the cage, fighting for the right to become the strongest rapper in the Octagon.

Launch link: https://rutube.sport/video/super-gran-pri-chetyre-boya-za-titul-chast-pervaya/

Composition of tournament participants.

Khadis Ibragimov – Hussein “Benoy” Adamov

Maxim Divnich – Magomed Kabardiev

Andrey “Legalize” Menshikov – David “Ptakha” Nuriev

Fedor “Johnny Cage” Koltun as Nikita “Varyag” Ivanov

Radomir “Perun” Filippov – Shodmon “Soldier” Nazokatov

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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