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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Nikitin’s birthday is a sad holiday.

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 05:53:28

The railwaymen, as in the third game, took the lead. But the champions did not collapse under pressure. He looked for opportunities and found. The hosts were honored only with a “junk” goal rebound. And in the end, they did not manage to organize an assault on the gates of the guests, losing all the key clashes.

Igor Nikitin, who turned 50 today, admitted that he invariably loses on his birthday. And he expressed the hope that today’s game will pass after midnight, then his team will win. He didn’t grow. Two and a half minutes before the siren, Lokomotiv called a time-out, goalkeeper Isaev remained on the bench. But it was not possible to hold on to the attack zone. Andronov, a renowned throw-in specialist, lost to Sorkin and Kamenev on the point. The last of them, three seconds before the end of the game, threw the puck into an empty net.

The defeat of the champion 6:2 should not be misleading. In the last match, almost all the goals flew at the gates of Reideborn and Sharychenkov. And every game starts from scratch. Nikitin can confirm this from his own experience at the helm of Avangard, where he took his first steps as head coach.

Photo source: HC Lokomotiv

In the 2009 series with Ak Bars, Omsk residents suffered a humiliating 1:11 (!) home defeat. And two years later, in Kazan, the future owner of the Gagarin Cup was almost knocked out of the race. 15 seconds separated them from success. The hosts, thanks to the efforts of Nikulin, managed to drag the game into extra time and win there.

Today, the opponents acted as usual, tight, tough, but they did not cross the line, only one elimination (Kraskovsky and Nesterov). The army “Bolsheviks” built a moment – Isaev coped with Plotnikov’s stopwatch. And the brigades of the majority of railway workers in the third period could not even enter the zone.

The guests, having refused the initial pressure, opened the scoring already in the 7th minute. The grenadier Mamin was forgotten at the goal post by the defender Cherepanov, and the author of the golden goal in the 2019 playoffs scored in the second tried. He first hit the crossbar, but then grabbed the rebound. We highlight Grigorenko, who gracefully passed the puck to Mamin after a shot from the blue line by defender Artem Sergeev.

Two moments of the hosts were much fatter. The young Berezkin failed to close the far post, Reideborn and his girlfriend, the crossbar, grew up on the puck path.

And after an absurd unexpected fall of the army captain Nesterov, Alekseev was alone in the protection zone in front of the goal, but he could not outwit the goalkeeper in a static position.

In the second period, Sergei Fedorov’s wards acted on the scoreboard. Perhaps only Plotnikov could increase the lead if Isaev hadn’t read the combination and rolled to the striker.

Still, the locals deserved a goal. It turned out to be working, “garbage”: Nikulin and especially Ivanov did not allow Mamin to bring the puck into the neutral zone, and the defender Yelesin shot from the blue towards the goal. The puck, hitting the stem of Sorkin’s club, fluttered into the top nine. Defensive destroyer, who turned into a storm of goaltenders in these playoffs (three game-winners in two series!), Respect!

Photo source: HC CSKA

The rest of the second half was in the attacks of the guests. And already the defender Klasson (also not a creator) made the crossbar sound.

Do the rivals really not stay within 60 minutes? “No,” Beijing runner-up Karnaukhov responded decisively. Following a mistake by defender Misyul, Svetlakov brought his teammate one-on-one with the goalkeeper with a vertical pass, and deftly flicked the puck between the guards. In the same way, Karnaukhov outplayed the Severstal goalkeeper in Cherepovets. But, apparently, Isaev does not keep a file on his rivals. Or I forgot the instructions of the goalkeeping coach Rashit Davydov. Otherwise, he would have known the signature move of Karnaukhov, who scored 100 points in the KHL.

Goal made a nerve in the attack of the railwaymen. The opportunity to recover could have been born in the majority (of which we have already talked), or thanks to non-standard moves of technologists. And the hosts created a super moment. Nikulin effectively beat Kamenev on the left side, moved to the center, but couldn’t beat Reideborn.

Now the question is for Kamenev: why did he let his opponent outwit him? Did Svetlakov really not tell about Nikulin’s characteristic feint, with which the railwayman outwitted him in Moscow (and also to no avail)?

Having almost doubled CSKA (25-13), the railwaymen gave in and went to Moscow without the right to make a mistake.


Lokomotiv (3) – CSKA (2) – 1:3 (0:1, 1:0, 0:2). Goals: Yelesin – Mamin, Karnaukhov, Kamenev.

Series score: 1-3 (0:2, 2:3, 6:2, 1:3, 25, 27*, 29*)

* If required.

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