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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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No more Ted Lasso, one of the best shows in years

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 18:36:02

The first season of Thed Lasso came out at just the right time. In 2020, everyone was home and scared to death of a pandemic. Fortunately, the Apple series saved me from depression. What is the plot where the football coach is hired for the regular football team. Poor Ted had never heard of offside, and even the club owner expected him to fail.

That’s just Coach Lasso did not put tactical genius, but psychology. Ted wholeheartedly supported the players, taught them self-confidence, made the team a family, and wowed even the haters. At the same time, he did not work miracles: Richmond often lost, the fans cursed, and there were more and more problems with each series. But the technician smiled and tested positive even after the fiasco.

“Believe” – ​​the motto of the series

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The first season seemed to cover the viewer with a blanket and slide a cup of hot chocolate. Painfully welcoming were all the episodes. But in the sequel, the focus changed: the authors went too far with the drama and showed that eternal optimists also cry at night. This taught the viewer to be more attentive to people, but it was confusing. Since Ted Lasso is suffering, we don’t have a choice.

After this, many even stopped looking, and in vain. In the third season, the writers found the perfect balance: sometimes the series breaks your heart, but then it picks it up piece by piece and makes you really happy.

The video is available on the Apple TV YouTube channel. The rights of the videos belong to Apple.

Where to see Theda Lasso

The series officially premieres in Russia and is available on Apple TV.

10 stories – and all incredible

Due to the abundance of microplots in the third season, the head is spinning. Ted’s marriage has finally collapsed, his heart clenches with longing for his child and his hands shake from panic attacks. Keely broke up with Roy Kent and began an unusual relationship. Rebecca received strange predictions and had the opportunity to be happy with her family. Sam Obisanya opened a cozy restaurant, but was faced with insufficiency. And that’s not even the half of the personal stories.

And don’t forget football either. Richmond attracts a legendary footballer whose image is clearly based on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The confrontation with West Ham heats up to the limit. The search for the perfect tactic is in full swing.

The season consists of 12 episodes of approximately 55 minutes each. It would seem impossible to tell everything, competently complete each plot and not blow the viewer away. But the writers get it: the secret is in the luxurious characters.

Hating Nate is hard

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In “Ted Lasso” even the heroes of the third plan are ideally worked out. Take soccer superstar Zawa, for example, who ends up in Richmond because of Rebecca’s arrogance. He sincerely considers himself her boyfriend, does his best on the field and pushes seemingly correct speeches, but his every action is full of cloying and arrogant. In a couple of episodes, he’ll say so many pathetic lines that it’ll be enough for a thick collection.

And here is our old friend Nate. He pretends to be a tough guy, but deep down he’s still an insecure and confused poor guy. He does stupid things and ruins Ted’s life, but you still like him.

Or Keely’s new girlfriend. She is a beautiful, criminally rich and charismatic lady, with something fishy about her. But what exactly? I want to unravel the secret from her immediately after the meeting.

A spin-off could be made about each of these characters, and with this approach, it will definitely turn out to be interesting. If the scriptwriters thought of insignificant images like this, imagine the study of the main characters! All of them impress with their versatility and memorable character.

Zava is Richmond’s star rookie

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nice and sad

In the new season, there are plenty of reasons for sadness. An impressionable viewer is sure to shed a tear as Sam learns of the injustice, the club goes through a series of defeats, and Ted reveals family issues. The drama is beautifully presented and hits the weak spots.

But this time the series does not leave the viewer with longing in his heart. The series is full of problems, but the ending is always positive. Before the credits, there are endings so powerful that it warms up inside. After the Dutch adventure, the renovations in the restaurant and the advances in the soccer field, you will be delighted.

Also, the humor in the show is amazing. The writers wrote many funny lines and came up with dozens of absurd situations, and the actors did their best. When the ridiculously costumed Coach Bird arrives on the bus and Roy Kent gets on his bike for the first time, you can’t help but laugh.

I already miss Ted Lasso

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Of course, there are also dubious jokes. What is the training, where the players are tied for causal places. The activity is full of below-the-belt humor and seems off-kilter. However, the vulgar joke does not bother, because Roy completes it with a killer sentence, so they forgive him for the stupidity of the situation.

Worth seeing?

The series has flaws. Sometimes the authors recall politics and spoil the impression with outright discrimination. The show seems to fight inequality, but for some reason it offends some viewers. However, the rest is a fantastically kind and inspiring series. Everyone should watch it, even those who don’t like sports, comedies, Brits and generally everything in the world.


The most positive story in the world Wonderful jokes that make you laugh out loud Brilliant characters galore.

I dont like him

There is a failed humor, the politics in the series is out of place.

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