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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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“No politics.” Russia is not infringed in a single sport, except for tennis.

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 14:10:59

Three gold and two bronze medals – this is the capture of Russian judokas at the stage of the Grand Slam series in Astana. In the capital of Kazakhstan, some Russians also managed to qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Considering the situation in most other Olympic events, we can say that judokas are now almost fully breathing.

It seems that the doors are not closed to our athletes here.

What is good and what is bad?

So, first let’s take a look at the situation with Russia in judo.

Yes, they deprived us of the flag and the anthem. Yes, we are neutral.

Of course, before the World Cup in Qatar 2023, the Russian delegation was reviewed by a neutral tone of publications on social networks. As a result of this control, eight people received “no admission”. But it seems that there are practically no athletes on the list. And this considering that some of our guys represent CSKA, which directly contradicts the current recommendations of the IOC.

Even at the World Cup there was an unpleasant incident with the fans. They arrived at the stadium with a St. George ribbon and were asked to leave the arena. According to the rules, Russian symbols are strictly prohibited.

But. Not everything is so pessimistic.

arman adamian

Photo: RIA Novosti

17 Russian judokas entered the Doha arena. Russia has one of the largest teams in the tournament. And only Ukraine announced the boycott.

The International Judo Federation remains faithful to the principles of equality and mutual respect. This is more than in all other Olympic sports, with rare exceptions such as tennis or boxing.

“Our job is just to bring people together. According to the United Nations, we cannot discriminate against people based on their place of birth, origin, religion or any other aspect. We are Judoists and we are here to unite people.

Let’s not forget that we are approaching the Olympic Games. Qualifying for Paris 2024 has begun, and this is a very important moment. It is unfair that many athletes cannot qualify, which started in Mongolia last year,” IJF director general Vlad Marinescu was quoted as saying by Inside the Games.

As a result, our team left Qatar with two awards: Arman Adamyan got gold and Inal Tasoev got silver. But that silver turned into a second gold when the organizers conceded the referee’s error in the final. By today’s standards, such a decision in favor of a Russian is some kind of fantasy!

The World Cup ended as a Brazilian series:

The Russian athlete was recognized as the world champion after losing in the final. The judges screwed up!

The new world champion Tasoev told the “Championship” that he does not feel pressure from competitors. Everything is peaceful and friendly.

“During the competition, we don’t feel extra gazes on ourselves. Everyone is happy to see us. There is no politics at all. We have the support of both the Russian Judo Federation and the international federation. I hope that the attitude towards Russian athletes in judo will become an example for other sports.”

Will the Russians go to the Olympics?

Maybe. And it is a much more affirmative “maybe” than in other Olympic sports. In many places, the chances are simply zero.

Very soon the second qualifying stage for the French Olympic Games in judo will begin. According to the current rules, to receive tickets to the main start of the four-year term, you must be among the top 17 countries in the IJF Judo World Rankings. Contains the results of the top ten competitions for two years of performances from June 2022 to June 2024.

You can also qualify at the continental level. There are 100 installments here. They are awarded to those who have the most points in the ranking, regardless of gender and weight category. For each Olympic Committee – a fee. In addition, the holders of another 15 quotas will be determined by a tripartite commission.

Russian tops can get 14 places in judo, one athlete at each weight. And it is still possible to reach the maximum quota.

At the same time, we already have four athletes selected for Paris: Inal Tasoev, Madina Taimazova, Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov and Arman Adamyan. And this is for the first year of qualification! All of them are winners and winners of various tournaments, including the Grand Slam, which began in June.

Madina Taymazova’s heroic medal at the Olympic Games-2020:

“A Japanese woman broke my arm with a prohibited technique.” Russian judoka sued at the Olympics?

Is the example of judo contagious?

Agree, in no sport would the Russians now refuse such an impartial selection, which exists in judo.

But there are problems with this.

An ordinary fan may get the impression that we in boxing have a good chance of going to the Olympics, given that the Russians won the world championship, even performing with a flag and anthem. But this, unfortunately, is an illusion.

Significant results of the World Boxing Championship:


Two gold medals: success or failure? Summary of the World Cup 2023 with the famous coach

The fact is that the International Boxing Federation (IBA) is in no way subservient to the IOC, ignoring the rules. This means that the results of the 2023 World Cup in this sport will not qualify for the Paris Olympics.

For one thing, Olympic boxers have their own selection system. On the other hand, the competitions under the auspices of the IBA were ignored by the USA, Great Britain and a dozen other countries that will create an alternative federation. So in this sport, all the political fights outside of the ring are yet to come.

Tennis now stands out in the world of sports, where the Russians also play under a neutral status, but with a minimum number of problems. Qualifying for the Paris Games can probably go relatively well.

Among all the others, the most preferable are the possibilities of wrestlers, rowers and cyclists who can already compete in international competitions in a neutral state. However, the possibility itself does not guarantee anything yet. In taekwondo, our athletes also seemed to be authorized, and then they took it and forbade two Olympic champions, Khramtsov and Larin, to participate in the World Championships. So there’s not much good news yet.

In rock climbing, Russia is making a comeback, but with no options for the Olympics:

“They took away my dream of the Olympic Games.” Russian climbers are not happy with their comeback

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