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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Not just look. Erika Andreeva defeated the Roland Garros champion

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:33:03

Mirra Andreeva this year made tennis fans talk about herself, regardless of their nationality. Having started the season in youth competitions, she did not postpone the transition to the adult level in the background. She and her not only did she debut at WTA tournaments, but she managed to be seeded in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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The successes of the eldest of the Andreev sisters are even more modest. As Mirra prepares for the final Grand Slam of the season in Cleveland, Erica is forced to qualify for the US Open. And she already in the first round she got a serious opponent.

Some might say that Sarah Errani’s best years in tennis are over. There is, of course, a certain amount of truth to this. But the extensive experience of the 2012 Roland Garros finalist in singles and the world’s first racket in pairs will more than once become a stumbling block in the way of Italian rivals. But she had to complete the trip to the US Open main draw this year.

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The opening match of the match between Andreeva and Errani was dictated by Erica. She knew how to get ahead with a break and although she soon returned the serve, it was clear that the Russian tennis player had the initiative in her hands. So in the end it happened. Andreeva regained the advantage and did not lose it until the end of the set.

The second game could lead one to think that Erica, preparing for the start of qualifying for the US Open, managed to watch the match with her sister in the first round of the tournament in Cleveland. In the first game of that game with Tamara Korpacz, Mirra literally flew around the court, leaving no chance for her opponent from Germany, and, speaking tennis parlance, she hung up the shuttle for the German woman. True, Andreeva Jr. had a hard time – he broke into the second round with a fight.

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As if with that in mind, Erika saved her best tennis of the match for the second set. The same combination of lightness and power as she had in yesterday’s opener with her sister—for a moment it might have looked like Mirra was playing the Italian. And the most experienced Errani quickly realized that now she had to spend less than half an hour on the court. Sarah fought to the end, but she failed to take at least one game in the second game. This is kind of a response to her sister with a flyer for a flyer made by Erica.

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Also, Andreev Sr., on his way to the US Open main draw, will meet Croatia’s representative Petra Marchinko. This game is scheduled for Thursday. Tomorrow night, Erica can quietly devote herself to watching Mirra’s game, which in the second round of the tournament in Cleveland she will face the ninth seed, the formidable American Sloane Stevens.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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