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“Offended by the white world.” Where did Popov’s F1 broadcast partner Sergei Cheskidov go?

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 23:49:22

“Offended by the white world.” Where did Popov’s F1 broadcast partner Sergei Cheskidov go?

Evgeniy Kustov September 10, 2023, 17:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

After participating in Gennady Malakhov’s show, the famous commentator went into the shadows.

“Alexei Popov… and Sergei Cheskidov were with you.” Lifelong fans of Formula 1 remember this phrase very well from the late 90s, when the World Championship was broadcast on the TVC channel. After the transfer from F-1 to VGTRK, the duo inevitably parted ways (Cheskidov was TVC’s head of sports broadcasting) and Cheskidov was not heard from for a long time. So where is the former Formula 1 commentator now?

Figure, tennis and hockey.

First, a little history. First of all, it should be noted that the main sport in Cheskidov’s life is not Formula 1, but figure skating. Sergei Yurievich was a coach before starting his television career in 1976. Gradually he stopped limiting himself to figure skating and started working in other sports. In the early 90s, Formula 1 was added, which began to be shown on RTR. Actually, the famous image is from 1992, where Cheskidov and a very young Popov broadcast from the studio before the start of the next Grand Prix.

Sergei Cheskidov and Alexei Popov

Photo: Video frame

When Cheskidov moved to TV Center in 1997, F1 quickly arrived there too. We couldn’t see the first half of the season anywhere, but after the Canadian Grand Prix the broadcasts returned, with the already classic Popov-Cheskidov duo. The two commentators were not limited to working live: first they tried to publish a monthly magazine about Formula 1, and then Cheskidov and Popov wrote the book “Formula 1”. From the mouth of the horse”, dedicated to the 1999 season.

The book “Formula-1. First hand”

In 2000 it was also possible to hear the commentators together: they presented a program about Formula 1 on Radio Mayak. Well, then the paths slowly parted. Cheskidov continued to be editor-in-chief of TVC sports programs until 2006 and commentated on many things himself, including football and hockey matches.

In 2006, Cheskidov left TVC, as it later became known, to retire. At least, when my colleague Vitaly Krysanov wrote a letter to Cheskidov in 2012, Sergei Yuryevich replied that he had been retired for six years and almost never watched Formula 1, because in principle he practically never turned on the TV.

Evgeny Gomelsky and Sergey Cheskidov

Photo: Alexey Panov/TASS

“He had some kind of illness, he suddenly got angry”

Cheskidov’s name appeared a couple more times in the news. First, he wrote an open letter to the then head of the International Skating Union, Ottavio Cinquante, with a series of revolutionary proposals to reform the rules of figure skating.

Secondly, in 2010, the famous commentator suddenly became a guest of the “Malakhov+” program, in which he showed various exercises that reduce the risk of injury.

Sergei Cheskidov

Photo: Video frame

Third, in 2015, Cheskidov was suddenly criticized by his former subordinate Dmitry Guberniev, who worked at TVC in the late 1990s. Guberniev said that Cheskidov wanted to fire him several times and deprived him of airtime. According to the future Match TV star, this approach only strengthened and inspired him.

Well, recently new information about Sergei Cheskidov became known. This happened thanks to an interview of Sport Express with the chief cameraman of the sports editorial office of the First Program of the USSR Central Television Boris Saksonov.

Alexander Yakushev and Sergei Cheskidov

Photo: Igor Utkin/TASS

“He lives in Thailand and is depressed,” Saksonov said. -Maybe he feels offended by the world. All this is a mystery to me. We have always been friends. Excellent communication. At one point I pressured him to buy apartments in Bulgaria. It didn’t work, even though his wife is a businesswoman. Suddenly I discover: I have settled in Thailand! I think: I will write to him on social networks; Seryozha will answer… What do you think? He didn’t even react!

There seems to be no desire to communicate with me. I don’t know what happened to him. They could say anything. There will always be that bastard who will come up with something! Maybe Cheskidov also said something about me? At first I thought something had happened to him. Cheskidov always complained: he had some kind of illness and suddenly got angry. He warned us: “Guys, don’t pay attention, he’s having a fit again.”

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