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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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“Offensive temper and arrogance can be forgiven.” What they say in America about Matvey Michkov

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 15:25:00

There are only 10 days left before the NHL draft, and its main mystery is not at all who will become the first number. Connor Bedard, everyone knows that. The main mystery is Matvey Michkov and the heated discussions around his person that took place on the other side of the ocean.

It’s not even about the hockey skills of the player and also not about the fact that this season it was difficult to follow him live, and he did not play on the international stage. And in his difficult character and in the fact that he is shrouded in mystery and seems to be in no hurry to respond to interview requests from NHL clubs. They translated what they say about Matvey lately.

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“This is an attacking genius, and arrogance can be forgiven”

On The Athletic Hockey Show podcast, junior journalists Corey Pronman and Chris Peters discuss Matvey’s character and believe hockey talent should outgrow his “shin.”

“Talking to different people in the league, I realized that Michkov is treated with all hands for or completely against, there is no third way. Either you believe in the player and want to take it, or you will be happy if someone else takes it.

I spoke to Michkov once, a year and a half ago, about 10 minutes, so I can’t call myself an expert on him. I found him a bit brash, arrogant and arrogant. But you have to understand, for many years everyone was talking about Jack Eichel. I’m sure he doesn’t care at all now,” Pronman said.

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“Few players are like him, few have the same elite offensive skills. I always say that I think he is an offensive genius, and now I hear the same opinion from people in the NHL. They say he’s a genius with the puck. After such words, the question arises: how aggressively do they want to act? Will we see an aggressive trade for a previous pick to take him high? Yes, some clubs doubt and find fault with him, not only in terms of hockey, but also in character, maturity of him. And many clubs rely on information from sources, from trusted people in Russia. It doesn’t surprise me that now they have started to talk about all this, because surely some clubs would like him to drop in the ranking to choose him themselves.

I’ve met arrogant players, some of them are Stanley Cup winners already. Sometimes arrogance doesn’t hurt. Nobody wants a player to poison the locker room, but people are willing to put up with a lot if you’re good. You don’t have to turn a blind eye to everything just because he’s a good player, but arrogance is possible. Given the rather limited communication with the player, it will be difficult for clubs to understand how it will affect the locker room. But I know a lot of guys who have overcome those character flaws. Clubs that want to select Michkov will try to find out as much as possible about him. And if everything suits them, then they will take a chance, ”says Peters.

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“I think it will end in Washington. The future star itself will sail into her hands.

32 Thoughts podcast hosts Jeff Marek and Elliott Friedman wonder what’s behind Matvey’s reluctance to associate with NHL clubs, concluding that he may be doing this on purpose to lower his rating and get where he wants to go. go.

“Matvey Michkov is the most intriguing name in the draft. Everyone wonders how late he will leave. After the fifth issue of “Montreal”? Or later than Arizona’s sixth pick? Many wonder if he will be free at the eighth peak: “Washington”? Everyone has their own theories.

My favorite part of the draft is the first upset. It happened early last year when Slafkowski was selected as the No. 1. Surely this year there will be those moments in the top 10, even in the top 5, but I’m sure the biggest surprise will be when Michkov is chosen. I think he will end up in Washington. And they will receive the future star, which sailed in his hands.

If he’s really trying to cheat and end up at a certain club, then we all know how closely connected Washington and Leonsis are with Russian players, primarily Alexander Ovechkin, who is chasing Wayne Gretzky’s record. Maybe I look at it poetically, from the point of view of the plot, but, in my opinion, “Washington” looks very logical. But if you’re Arizona, how can you not take Michkov with you? Even regardless of whether you communicated with him or not? You take an amazing player number six. We’ll see,” Marek said.

Matvey Michkov

Photo: FHR

“Montreal” seems logical to many, because the scouting service there is headed by Nick Bobrov, and he has close ties to Russia. I’ll say this: We know Michkov is coming in the draft. The main plot before the draft is who will he meet? It is difficult to confirm at the moment, but many clubs are not sure that he will speak to them.

He’s a very talented guy who unfortunately had a traumatic year. There is a lot of mystery around him, and the clubs want to know who they are dealing with. I also heard that even in Russia it was not easy for clubs to arrange a meeting with him. They tried to make appointments, but he showed no interest. They told me that the only option to talk to him was to catch him right after the game to chat for a couple of minutes.

So it would be interesting for many to talk to him, but some clubs have not yet received confirmation of the meeting. Everyone is wondering if Michkov has any preferences, maybe he wants to get into a certain club and is cunning to organize it. It’s too early to tell — the draft is almost two weeks away — but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding it right now. Many want to talk to him, but are not sure if they can. So the intrigue around Michkov continues,” says Friedman.

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