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Monday, July 15, 2024
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“Only the referee of the match “Zenith” failed. Analysis of arbitration in the 1st round of the RPL

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:12:57

The new season of RPL has finally started and, along with the matches, attention has also returned to the work of the referees. The 1st round, fortunately, was not a failure in terms of refereeing, but there are nuances.

Especially for the “Championship” arbitration in the first round of the RPL was dismantled by the football referee Igor Fedotov. Word to him.

The maximum score is 8.5. The referee receives it if he leads the match without errors. The score is reduced to 7.9 if the referee makes a key error: incorrect assignment or non-assignment of an 11-meter kick, showing a red or not showing a direct red (to a player or staff members), showing or not showing a second yellow card (to a player or staff members). In the case of the second key error, 0.5 points are deducted. 0.1 points are deducted for incorrectly showing or not showing a yellow card (to a player or members of the coaching staff), as well as for missing three to five violations. 1 point is deducted if the referee in VAR pointed out the referee’s error on the field, but left his incorrect decision in effect, despite watching the replay.

The results of the tour for the favorites of the new season:

Round 1 results for the RPL favorites. Zenit, CSKA, Spartak, who has more problems?

Dynamo – Krasnodar – 1:3

Very good work by Levnikov: game control, movement, personal qualities. But in the 27th minute, he did not show Smolov a yellow card for simulation. The Dynamo player then went down throughout the game. For some reason, Levnikov did not react to this. In addition, in the 74th minute, the referee did not show the Dynamo player a yellow card for foul play.

And so, the impression is good. In the next round, Levnikov could well get a date.

Levnikov’s score is 8.2.

Kirill Levnikov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

“Ural” – CSKA – 2: 1

Amelin was not without his mistakes, but he is still in good shape and showed excellent game control. It is true that there is a problem with trusted assistants, which is why the error occurred. In the 50th minute, Amelin, when he was out, moved very deep on the reverse diagonal, they just threw the ball over him, and there was a hand that he didn’t see, because he was already blocked by the players. In this episode, an 11-meter kick should have been pointed out. After that, the Ural players rushed to Amelin – penalties had to be applied there, and at least one of them had to show yellow. The VAR intervened and, however, the referee indicated a penalty of 11 meters per hand to a CSKA footballer. If Amelin had been in the recommended position in this situation, then the score would not have been reduced.

In general, Amelin, despite the evaluation, performed well. Nothing criminal.

Amelin’s score is 7.8.

How CSKA lost to Ural:

In the new RPL season, every match is a sensation! After Dynamo, CSKA failed

Pari NN – Zenit – 0:2

If there is nothing criminal about Amelin, then you cannot say the same about Ivanov. In Nizhny Novgorod, the refereeing was below expectations. Ivanov looks heavy, he is, in my opinion, in suboptimal physical shape. This is the only referee that failed in this round. Ivanov for some reason shows the card for a long time, even in a simple episode. For example, in the case of Kalinsky. Ivanov and the substitute referee were at the same distance at the time and must have seen the Zenit player elbow his opponent in the face. The following is the episode in which a Zenit footballer jumped and kicked an opponent who was breaking into the penalty area. Yeah, it’s not red, but it’s definitely yellow. But Ivanov has nothing.

For me, all these moments are the result of poor concentration. In the 42nd minute, Kalinsky, who already had a yellow card, touched the ball in the fight during Zenit’s attack, but after a few seconds he reached into his side and played it into a flying ball. Ivanov was in a good position, but he kept playing. I think that here, firstly, it was necessary to show a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behavior, and secondly, it was possible to stop for the interruption of a promising attack, given that Mostovoy, in case of a pass, could escape between two defenders. Kalinsky deliberately played his hand, and this is the second yellow, that is, elimination.

In the 49th minute, Ivanov was again initially in the right position, but what happened next I can only explain by the inability to read the game. The goalkeeper deflected the ball from the goal and the referee took his place in the center of the field. But, when the pass went to the defender and Bakaev ran to press, Ivanov had to quickly rush into the episode, approach him at least 10-12 meters and control him. As a result, Bakaev took the ball from him, and Alexandrov brought him down. Ivanov saw that there was a foul, but for some reason the assistant did not suggest that this was a deprivation of a clear chance to score a goal. The elimination occurred only after Kukuyan called the referee to the monitor. Yes, a difficult episode, and in any case, Ivanov did not read the game and ended up in an ugly position. He has had this problem since last season.

I don’t understand at all how he got an appointment for the 1st day, given the penalty on the left that he whistled in the tiebreaker between Fakel and Yenisei. I don’t think this is a question for Mazhic, he is still studying referees. Apparently “the well-wishers” suggested this quote to him.

Ivanov’s score is 7.2.

“Zenith” has lost the main star. But it worked great:

“Zenith” has officially confirmed Malcolm’s departure! And who will the club replace him with?

Lokomotiv — Rubin — 2:2

This is Bezborodov, what else can I say? Vladislav is in great shape, he showed good movement. Many are surprised: a man is 50 years old, but he moves better than young people. He took the correct position, controlled the game, set a high bar for martial arts. The discussions were generated by the moment of the struggle between Pinyaev and Martynovich before Lokomotiv’s first goal, but the ball was in playing distance and this is a normal struggle.

Bezborodov’s score is 8.5.

Vladislav Bezborodov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

“Akhmat” – “Wings of the Soviets” – 1: 2

The general impression is good. Karasev performed better than in the Super Bowl, that’s one hundred percent. He had movement, very good work with assistants who had expanded responsibilities.

At 90+2 minutes, the Wings player raised his hand during service and the ball lightly touched his fingers. Karasev continued the game, the VAR intervened and sanctioned with an 11-meter penalty. Under the old administration, this would have been a score of 7.9. But now, since the episode was difficult and Karasev was in the recommended position, the score is not reduced.

Karasev’s score is 8.4.

Spartak – Orenburg – 3: 2

Chistyakov – well done, according to the general impression, he worked very well. Fitness, personal qualities, game control, speed – everything is fine. Only in the 34th minute did he not show a yellow card to the Spartak player for blocking an opponent who ran into the danger zone. That is, for disrupting a promising attack. But it happens.

Chistyakov is an underrated referee. Had it not been for the injury that year, he would have dated more. He is one of the best now.

Chistyakov’s score is 8.3.

Spartak’s game turned out to be amazing:

Spartak started the season unrealistically! We lost until the 75th minute, but suddenly Khlusevich saved

Rostov – Fakel – 2:1

In the first half, everything went well for Shadykhanov, but after the break, either the heat affected, or fatigue. They were episodes to which the referee should have reacted faster. A fall in the Torch penalty area, Shadykhanov throws up his hands, apologizes for some reason, goes somewhere, that’s all. In such a situation, the referee no longer makes a decision. And this panicked mood remained with him throughout the second half.

At the time with Komlichenko, who jumped on the Torch players and tried to prove something, Shadykhanov did not spread yellow cards, although according to all recommendations this is a card. Later, he did not notice and called a foul on Komlichenko himself, while it was necessary to signal a free kick in the other direction.

In the 87th minute, the Torch player had to be sent off for depriving him of a clear chance to score. Shadykhanov was in a normal position, but he had to read the game and speed up a bit. Kazartsev called the monitor, but the referee considered that the Rostov player himself was playing with his hand. I do not agree with this because, firstly, the hand in this case was in a natural position at the bottom, and secondly, the ball hit the shoulder. And thirdly, the ball hit the remote hand of the Torch player – this is already punishable. If it weren’t for this touch, the Rostov footballer would have gone one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

Shadykhanov’s score is 7.9.

Sochi – Baltika – 2:0

Finally, Shafeev lost weight. He showed good speed, game control, talked a lot, even when he didn’t need it. In the 46th minute, it was necessary to show a card for an elbow to the face in a mounted fight. In such a situation, there is nothing to discuss with the player.

Shafeev’s score is 8.3.

Raphael Shafeyev

Photo: vk.com/fcbaltika

It can be seen that the referees have improved in physics. Majic emphasized this in training camp. Five years ago, there was a pattern of judges getting into trouble around the fifth round. This is understandable: somewhere fatigue has accumulated, someone has received more appointments. A similar situation occurred after the winter break. In this round, in my opinion, only Ivanov fell. All the rest worked fine.

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