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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Opened Museum of Sport in Saint Petersburg

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 18:15:53

The event is not only highly anticipated, but also significant. St. Petersburg is the birthplace of many Soviet and Russian champions, and the city on the Neva is rightly called the cradle of Russian sports. There has been talk for a long time that St. Petersburg needs its own sports museum. If you list the Olympic champions and prize-winners from St. Petersburg, it will take a long time, what are just names like: Nikolai Panin-Kolomenkin, the first and only Olympic champion in the Russian Empire, who received the first Olympian? gold medal in the history of Russia for winning in figure skating at the London Games; or Lyubov Egorova, the most famous skier in Russia, the only six-time Olympic champion in cross-country skiing. In the entire history of the sport, only 6 skiers have climbed to the highest level of the sports Olympus more than four times, and Lyubov Egorova is in the top three.

The Sports Museum is located in the heart of the city, on the Moika river embankment, 23, in an old building with a rich history. The inhabitants of St. Petersburg know it as the former mansion of Prince Abamelek-Lazarev. It is worth noting that during its existence, the mansion on Millionnaya has changed more than 20 owners. At one time, Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Potemkin also owned it. And already in the 20th century, the mansion was acquired by the prince, the miner Semyon Semyonovich Abamelek-Lazarev. In 1927, house No. 22 was transferred to the Central House of Workers of Physical Culture, and since 1933 the Commission for Physical Culture and Sports has been working here, where it is located to this day. Now, in this symbolic place, part of the building belongs to the St. Petersburg State Sports Museum.

“We are pleased to present unique exhibits from the funds of the State Sports Museum in the Northern Capital. The expositions include more than 500 artifacts, among which a special place is occupied by commemorative prizes and prizes created by leading Leningrad artists, prize cups of major all-Union competitions, as well as commemorative items of native city athletes in the Neva, ”says the director of the State Sports Museum, Deputy Chairman Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva of the Commission of the Russian Chamber of Commerce on Physical Culture and Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle.

The exhibition space of the museum is located in two halls: in one – a permanent exposition, in the other – a temporary one. The permanent exhibition hall is called “The History of National Sport”. And it reflects the main milestones in our sporting history. The small room presents a temporary exhibition “The History of the PRT”, a retrospective of the development of the main physical culture and sports complex in our country. Here, visitors can learn how the Ready for Labor and Defense complex has changed over the course of more than 90 years.

And the mascot of the 1980 Olympics, Bear Cub Misha, will greet visitors at the St. Petersburg Sports Museum. Interestingly, in the original sketch, Misha the bear cub appeared without the Olympic symbols. The idea to add a belt and a buckle in the form of Olympic rings to the talisman of the Olympic Games-80 came to its author, book illustrator Viktor Chizhikov, in a dream.

On January 26, 2023, at the opening ceremony of the State Sports Museum in St. Petersburg, the presence is scheduled: Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation OV Matytsin, Governor of St. Petersburg AD Beglov, Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation OK h. Baysultanov, Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg BM Piotrovsky. The museum will be opened by Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva, Director of the State Sports Museum, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Physical Culture and Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle, and Anton Shantyr, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Physical Culture and Sports.

Information about the work of the Sports Museum in St. Petersburg can be found on the official website museumsport.ru

Attention: in February the Museum will work during testing hours.

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