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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Our skaters skated 44 shows in the spring: Tour statistics from Plushenko, Tutberidze and Averbukh

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 18:54:02

This spring our skaters briefly became rock stars and traveled with show tours all over Russia. Many athletes have traveled to far corners of our country, where they would hardly have been in ordinary life. Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, Pskov and Veliky Novgorod, even the 26,000th Kondopoga in Karelia was on the list.

We conducted a survey on the Skate Walk telegram channel among visitors to ice shows and calculated the main figures for this spring. What did the ice makers try to do and where else are there growing areas? About this – in the material “Championship”.

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The battle for Medvedev and Kondratyuk? How Tutberidze, Averbukh and Plushenko will share the stars of the show

Averbukh had more shows, but Tutberidze’s team was abroad and in the Far East.

In three cities, except for Moscow and St. Petersburg, there was a choice: the teams of Averbukh and Tutberidze performed in Omsk, the teams of Averbukh and Plushenko performed in Ryazan and Tula. Tutberidze had the farthest tour in Russia, as well as shows abroad (Kazakhstan). All announced shows from the final list took place on time. Averbukh has the most shows, but also has the most transfers and cancellations. Plushenko’s team basically tried to postpone the show, not cancel it, the main focus being small towns in the European part of Russia, plus two major ballet performances in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Surveys of viewers on Telegram made it clear that fans of figure skating go to the show, even from other cities, and these are additional costs for transportation and accommodation. Not for the sake of several days of competition (as, for example, happens with the Russian Championship or the Grand Prix series), but for the sake of two or three hours of demo performances.

If New Year’s ice shows and all kinds of fairy tales are a product for a family audience, then these spring tour collections are more of a show for fans. Many of those surveyed bought a ticket to the show with their favorite skaters. They went to Russian stations mainly for the sake of Alexandra Trusova, Mark Kondratyuk, Sofya Muravyova and Dmitry Aliev, to the Champions on Ice program – for the sake of Alina Zagitova, Anna Shcherbakova, Kamila Valieva and the rest of the star cast ( especially in the big cities).

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Ilya Averbukh’s line-up changed from city to city, but Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Shcherbakova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva performed at many shows, Mikhail Kolyada toured with the team all over. Another plus is the invitation of skaters of a slightly smaller scale who are just beginning their journey in ice shows, but are already interesting to the viewer: Matvey Vetlugin, Vasilisa Kaganovskaya / Valery Angelopol, Natalya Khabibullina / Ilya Knyazhuk, Alina Gorbacheva .

How did shows get canceled and rescheduled this spring?

Show cancellations occurred most frequently in the process of forming the schedule. For example, in the first list of cities for the Tutberidze team tour, Minsk was included, but physically it would be very difficult to hold a show on the same date: the skaters would have to go from Khabarovsk to Minsk on a day off, and then , after the performance, they almost immediately go to two shows in St. Petersburg. Instead of a show in Kaliningrad, another show in Essentuki appeared on Ilya Averbukh’s tour schedule, and the Far East tour for Victory Day had to be cancelled.

Yekaterinburg was unlucky twice in the spring – this city was originally on the tour list of Tutberidze’s team, but then this date was saved for a show in Omsk. In addition, the show “Dracula” with Alena Kostornaya in Yekaterinburg has been postponed indefinitely.

The transfer of three shows of the Russian stations at once to the fall occurred, for official reasons, due to the difficult schedule of the skaters – the performance at the show overlapped with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of CSKA.

Show “Russian stations”, the number of Alexandra Trusova.

What more should growers strive for?

Due to the content of the programs themselves, one can argue ad infinitum. Someone was delighted with the bold experiment with the mass dance “Wednesday” and the scale of Plushenko’s ballet, while someone is closer to live vocals and the soulful concept of Averbukh. Tutberidze’s accusations show that the whole world is shooting the “manipulated” numbers of the season are not entirely correct. This practice is used both in Russian and foreign shows. At Russian Seasons, for example, there were not only new productions, but also pieces from the already staged ice shows of the Plushenko team (“The Snow Maiden”, “Swan Lake”, etc.). Ilya Averbukh had some General numbers, for example, fit in with the concept of the Ice Age and the Victory Day spectacle.

There is a similar practice on the popular Stars on Ice tour: the tour program includes the Chock/Bates rhythmic dance “Let’s Dance,” and this season’s Knierim/Fraser short program, and Brown’s reworked free shows (” Impossible Dream”) and Malinin (“Euphoria”). Viewers who were unable to attend the competitions during the season had the opportunity to see their favorite programs with their own eyes.

Show “Champions on Ice”

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Certainly, there are real disadvantages, there is no way without them: for example, some fans in the survey noted the late announcement of the lineups on Ilya Averbukh’s show, it often happened that it was announced a day or two before the performance. Buying tickets for a show without knowing exactly who you will see at the end is a risky undertaking. In addition, the show outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg had little publicity among a wider audience: people who subscribed to skaters on social networks were able to see information about the show and buy a ticket, and those who do not follow social activity of athletes missed the event.

In some cities, there were some organizational problems, such as hockey screens not being removed and a problematic view from the front rows (for example, the lower front row at the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg). It all depended on each specific arena and its technical capabilities.

The main question is: was it worth the money spent on all these programs? Subscribers of the Skating channel note in the comments: yes, it was worth it, and many fans had vivid impressions from visiting these programs. Someone managed to look at the idol live for the first time, give him a gift or get an autograph. Right now, figure skating is very popular in our country, from Pskov to Vladivostok.

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