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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Out of sight, out of count. 10 Buyable NHL Players

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 00:51:03

Oliver Ekman-Larsson’s contract termination was one of the biggest in the NHL in recent memory. The Swedish defender was given an $8.25 million a year contract a few years ago as a 23-24 minute per game player and Arizona’s majority player. However, even on the Coyotes, the Swede began to wane and Vancouver acquired a defender whose career was already on the wane. Now, in eight years, the Canucks will pay the Swede nearly $17 million, and OEL’s shadow will hang on the club’s pay for the same period.

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This offseason, the ceiling will rise by just $1 million, which means club managers will once again have to figure out how to get rid of the bad deals. There are no good ways: Chicago or Arizona can certainly accept a tough contract, but they will require assets along with it. Buying out the contract may skew the payment for years to come, but all assets will remain in place. Until June 30, managers still have time to think about who can be bought, and these are the main candidates for this.

v Matt Murray (Toronto) – $6.25 million

Fine ceiling: Toronto – $687 thousand in the 2023/2024 season and $2 million in the 2024/2025 season, Ottawa – $229 thousand and $667 thousand, respectively

A year ago, the Senators were expected to buy out Murray’s contract, which he got after slacking off in Pittsburgh after multiple concussions. Instead, the goalie was traded for Kyle Dubas: the Leafs manager had a soft spot for those players he worked with in his “His” youth club. Now Toronto has an entirely new management team that is unlikely to forgive the old management’s favorites. There’s only one way Murray could stay with Toronto next year: if another injury puts the Canadian goalie on long-term injured reserve.

H. Ryan Suter (Dallas) – $3.65 million

Maximum fine: $783,000 in the next two seasons, $1.43 million in the 2025/2026 and 2026/2027 seasons

ryan sweater

Photo: Tony Gutierrez/AP/TASS

America’s best defender of most of the 2010s is in danger of going down in history and becoming a man who was bought twice. Although Minnesota will pay the player through 2029, Suter didn’t give a big discount to Dallas, where he got the defenseman’s time on the top two teams. However, the American played the playoffs in such a way that it made him doubt that status: Suter did not keep up with the speed of the modern NHL, he did not have time to read the game and his mistakes at key moments led to the most important goals in Las Vegas. Vegas. Although Ryan is already 38 years old, Peter Deboer stubbornly placed him in Miro Heiskanen’s first pair: and now management must find out if this tiebreaker was just an accident or the beginning of the end.

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H. Mike Reilly (Boston) – $3 million

Maximum fine: $333,000 in the 2023/2024 season and $1.33 million in the 2024/2025 season

Once considered one of the best players in the NCAA, Reilly showed only glimpses of his potential as a defensive player with excellent passing in the NHL. One such glimpse in Ottawa saw the player acquired by Boston, where Reilly lost the contest and spent most of last season in the AHL with a pretty big cap hit. A contract termination next season removes almost 90% of the defender’s contract from the payroll, which will be very important for a club that will find itself at a strategic crossroads this summer.

H. Tony DeAngelo (Philadelphia) – $5 million

Maximum fine: $1.66 million for the next two seasons

The gingerbread man, who swept the route “Tampa” – “Arizona” – “Rangers” – “Carolina”, risks being relegated from his fifth NHL team. You can’t coddle John Tortorella, he makes his own rules and those who disagree with them have no place in Philadelphia. DeAngelo, with his defensive issues, initially seemed like a man who didn’t fit Torts’ philosophy. Unsurprisingly, Tony D racked up “-27” and spent several games on the reserve. Tortorella even said publicly that he was surprised by the defensive flaws in Deangelo’s game: it’s scary to imagine what was said behind closed doors. It is unlikely that in the NHL there are now enough hunters for a player with such a track record and contract – one ransom remains.

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H. Nikita Zaitsev (Chicago) – $4.5 million

Maximum fine: $2.83 million in the 2023/2024 season, $833,000 in the 2024/2025 season

Nikita Zaitsev (right)

Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP/TASS

Unlike many clubs, the “hawks” do not have to hide under the roof, they would have to rise above the ground. So why would they buy a defender from Russia? The reason for this may be banal – the restructuring club needs to attract more promising players to the squad. The right-back spots in the top two pairings are already filled by Jones and Murphy, who can hardly be called boys, while their contracts are much more significant. Right now, there are no clear contenders for that spot in Chicago’s system, but who knows what assets the club will amass in the summer, when it reaps other people’s bad contracts.

north. Josh Bailey (Islanders) – $5 million

Maximum fine: $2.67 million in the 2023/2024 season, $1.17 million in the 2024/2025 season

Bailey is a truly eternal player for the Islanders. Josh, 19, made his Islanders debut last season before the club drafted John Tavares. The New York club has no other super veterans, and now the forward is in third place in history in the games of the Islands. However, the Islanders’ management is unlikely to be subject to sentimentality: Bailey went on dead reserve in the playoffs and scored just 25 points in the regular season, often watching games from the stands even with injured players. At the same time, the club needs to re-contract with defenders, and there are very few assets in reserve to trade Bailey to a makeweight.

north. Anthony Manta (Washington) – $5.7 million

Maximum fine: $1.36 million in the 2023/2024 season, $2.16 million in the 2024/2025 season

Anthony Manta and Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: Nick Wass/AP/TASS

The Vrana-Manta trade, which looked so intriguing two years ago, turned out to be a loss for both teams. Vrana, after a bright start in Detroit, fell into the player assistance program and destroyed his relationship with the team. Manta scored four straight games in the first few games at the new location, followed by a 17-game scoreless streak. All the negative qualities of the forward that were known in Detroit (instability, laziness of the game) did not disappear in a new place, Anthony often did not even enter the reserve or remained in the fourth link. With all this, “Washington” gave the peaks of the first and second rounds due to the unsuccessful improvement of Vrana, and it will be difficult for the club to save face from this situation.

One of Montreal’s forwards

Here there will be no clear candidate: there are many options. For a club undergoing a difficult rebuild, it’s surprising to see a nearly full paycheck and $95 million in payroll obligations (no caphit). Yoel Armia ($3.4 million), Brendan Gallagher ($6.5 million), Christian Dvorak ($4.45 million) are all on the decline, with some injury proneness, and it’s all up to the old’s new management. Right now, parting ways with the Finn seems more likely: in the first year, the ransom fine will be just $33,000. Dvorak received the first and second rounds relatively recently, and Gallagher is a major figure in the locker room of Montreal: On the other hand, pay in the NHL these days is more important than many human relationships.

north. Mikael Granlund (Pittsburgh) – $5 million

Maximum fine: $833,000 in the 2023/2024 season, $1.83 million in the next three seasons

michael granlund

Photo: Mike Carlson/AP/TASS

If Kyle Dubas’s successors in Toronto correct their mistakes, then Dubas in Pittsburgh will have to correct others. The Granlund trade was done haphazardly, without analysis, simply on the advice of an assistant GM, and the Penguins’ former management traded a second-round pick for a failing forward. As a result, the scorer of the goal named after him failed miserably in a new place, scoring five points in 21 games. Granlund isn’t the same as you might remember a few years ago, and the Penguins, who had to win yesterday, can’t wait for expensive Finn to transform. Of course there is always the option to “try Crosby or Malkin” but they have their established line partners.

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north. Kyler Yamamoto (Edmonton) – $3.1 million

Maximum fine: $433,000 in the 2023/2024 season, $533,000 in the 2024/2025 season

It seems that the 2017 first round has been playing for Edmonton for a long time, and he is only 24 years old. It is age that makes the purchase of a player very profitable – unlike older partners, 1/3 of the contract is taken. into account when calculating the penalty, not 2/3. Kyler never developed into a real winger for the top 6, while he’s racked up “-13” in utility over the last two playoffs — the situation was also made worse by neck surgery. Of course, Edmonton is unlikely to want to lose such a player, but the club urgently needs to strengthen the defense and free up space for this. It is possible that the same restructuring clubs will be interested in the striker: the price for him is small, like the contract.

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