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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Ovechkin has never had such a salary! Top 10 Rich Russians Next NHL Season

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 23:55:59

As Florida and Las Vegas meet in the Stanley Cup Finals, we’ll be doing one of journalists’ favorite things to do this summer: peer into the pockets of Russian hockey players in the best league in the world for the next season. Of course, there is still a whole offseason ahead, some new contracts will be signed, but only a potential deal with our player will change the top 10 rich Russians in the NHL, and we’ll talk about it separately.

Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $12.5 million

At 38 (which is what Ovechkin will be when next season begins), the leading sharpshooter of our time has ended up playing for the highest salary of his career. Yes, Ovi has never made more than $10 million in a previous year, but next season his salary will become fourth in the entire league, behind McKinnon ($16.5 million), Pastrnak ($13 million) and Hamilton ($12 million). ). .6 millions).

This is the busiest year in terms of money on Ovechkin’s five-year contract, which he signed two years ago. In addition, the salary of a Russian will only decrease. Well, on this occasion, we expect from Alexander in the next season a decisive breakthrough on Gretzky’s record, after which getting the Major will remain a matter of technique.

Kirill Kaprizov (Minnesota Wild)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $12.5 million

Along with Ovechkin will also receive Kirill Kaprizov, the franchise leader, the team leader and the man who has already rewritten many Minnesota records. He, like Ovi, also signed a five-year contract with his club in the 2021 offseason, and next year will also be Kaprizov’s most profitable under the current contract.

In the final season of the NHL, Kirill lowered the bar, raised by himself a year ago, although, of course, injuries intervened. At the same time, Kaprizov played the playoffs frankly poorly, but it’s no secret to anyone that millions of dollars are paid under the contract to hockey players during the regular season. Well, in the Wild Cup matches, nothing shines in the near future anyway, regardless of the game of the Russian striker.

Kirill Kaprizov

Photo: www.nhl.com

Mikhail Sergachev (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $11.05 million

A year ago, the Tampa Bay guard signed an eight-year, $8.5 million contract, but in his first three seasons, Sergachev’s salary is on par with superstar forwards in the NHL, more than $11 million a year. Then there will be a fairly strong fall, but at this moment in the composition of the “lightning” only Braden Point earns more than Mikhail.

In general, Sergachev still makes quite a bit of that kind of money. Last season was by far the best of his career, scoring significantly more points than Victor Hedman and becoming Tampa’s top additional option on offense. In defensive actions, Mikhail is also not at all “imported”, which is typical for many attacking defenders, and he can always defend his partners with his fists.

Artemiy Panarin (New York Rangers)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $11 million

Khlebushushka is entering his fifth season on a whopping seven-year deal he signed with Rangers in the summer of 2019. In the early years, Panarin made $13-14 million a year on Broadway, now the numbers have gotten more modest. , but they are still impressive and the most powerful for the Blueshirt roster.

Panarin has yet to lead the Rangers to the Stanley Cup, the last few playoffs were very weak, but overall, Artemy holds the bar, consistently knocking out more than 90 full-season points for New York in the regular season. Of course, not only a Russian striker is to blame for the suffering in the Rangers Cup.

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Nikita Kucherov (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $10 million

Kucherov is an example of proper financial behavior of a hockey player in the modern NHL. At one time, he showed loyalty to Tampa, not shaking off a “fat” contract immediately after the end of the rookie contract, took a three-year “bridge”, and then, at a more favorable time for the club, signed a long-term contract. term.

He brought Nikita an excellent average salary and two Stanley Cups, and now Kucherov has four more years left on his contract, and in the next season he will earn $ 10 million. Is it necessary to say that the Russian works with this money in full? ? The last regular season was the first full season for Kucherov in a long time, and immediately he knocked out 113 points, trailing in personal performance only to the space duo from Edmonton.

Nikita Kucherov

Photo: Chris O’Meara/AP/TASS

Sergei Bobrovsky (Florida Panthers)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $10 million

Four years ago, the Russian goalie signed a seven-year, $10 million contract with Florida, but only now is he no longer laughed at. This season, Bobrovsky made $12 million, but in the 2023 playoffs, he’s simply priceless, as he sometimes single-handedly drags the Panthers to heights that were previously unattainable.

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Sergey’s salary will decrease next year, but he will remain the highest-paid Russian goalie in NHL history for a long time. Well, if Florida now takes the Stanley Cup, then the Panthers’ management’s gigantic investments in the goaltender will pay off once and for all.

Andrey Svechnikov (Carolina Hurricanes)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $9 million

Two years ago, the Carolinas’ young leader inked the first powerhouse contract of his career, signing with the Hurricanes to an eight-year deal with a $7.75 million salary cap. Since then, Svechnikov has spent a couple of seasons on a rising salary. , which cannot be said of his performance and role in a team.

Svechnikov still doesn’t warrant big strides, acting extremely unstable, often slipping into the shadows for a long time, and at the age of 23 he doesn’t have a single 70-point NHL season to his credit. And then there was a serious injury last season, because of which Andrei retired for a long time and completely missed the playoffs.

Of course, Svechnikov is still a big part of the Carolinas, but more is persistently expected of him. In addition, next season Andrei will earn almost the maximum amount under his contract and will become the highest paid player in the Hurricanes.

Andrey Vasilevsky (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $9 million

Vasilevsky’s NHL contract history is similar to Kucherov’s, and you can write about Andrei the same as about Nikita: loyalty to Tampa, a bridging contract, and then a prize in the form of a solid contract and two Stanley Cups.

Gone are the most “fat” years in terms of salary for Vasilevsky, but in the near future he will still have a high bar. I’d like to believe the same can be said about his game, otherwise last season (and especially the playoffs) raised unpleasant questions.

andrei vasilevsky

Photo: Karl B. DeBlaker/AP/TASS

Ivan Provorov (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $8.5 million

Provorov’s large salary under the current contract was one of the reasons for Ivan’s trade from Philadelphia to Columbus, which happened a couple of days ago. Ivan’s price has not matched the quality for a long time, he never became a top guard in the Flyers, and recently he has also been involved in the “cons”, in addition, obviously, he has lost the connection with the team .

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Under the current contract, Provorov has two more seasons to play, and it is they who will earn the defender the highest salary – $ 8.5 million in the next, and then $ 8.6 million in total. Probably , signing the contract in Philadelphia , they expected that at the age of 26 Ivan would reach design capacity, but in reality everything turned out differently. Now the Flyers get rid of Provorov’s contract with Columbus, while part of the defender’s salary payments (about 30%) go to Los Angeles. Will Ivan be able to restart at Ohio State?

Evgeny Kuznetsov (Washington Capitals)

Salary in the 2023/2024 season: $8 million

Another player in our ranking, who clearly hasn’t worked on club investments lately. Evgeny Kuznetsov is getting sadder in Washington, but next season the Capitals will pay the Russian forward $8 million a year, three million more than last season, in which Kuznetsov failed.

Evgeny signed a long-term deal with Washington in 2017, he soon helped the Capitals win the long-awaited Stanley Cup, but now the Capitals have a completely different situation, and it’s no secret that the club is thinking of trading Kuznetsov, whose contract will be valid for two more years.

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At the beginning of the next season, Dmitry Orlov has a real chance to intervene in this top. The 31-year-old two-sided defenseman is in perfect form and now claims a big score. Perhaps even for a salary at the level of Sergachev, although it is not a fact that Orlov’s future contract with anyone (Dmitry enters the market in the NSA status) will be long-term.

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