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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Pisarsky scores none other than Sychev! “Wings of the Soviets” knocked out “Dynamo” on the Road of Regions

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 20:55:47


Still, well done to the organizers of the Russian Cup. It’s great that most of the RPL Path matches take place on different days, allowing you to savor the spectacle, fully immerse yourself in it, and digest what you see. The quarterfinal stage of the upper draw was closed with the match at the VTB Arena, where Dynamo had to win back a ball from the lead gained by the Samara team in the first game against Krylia Sovetov.

To solve this problem, Slavish Jokanovic sent not Fedor Smolov, but Konstantin Tyukavin, who was supported from the flanks by Denis Makarov and Mumi Ngamale, and from the center of the field by Arsen Zakharyan. It is also noteworthy that he prefers the student Alexander Kutitsky to the autumn newcomer Matthias Normann, and Igor Leshchuk to Anton Shunin in the frame.

Igor Osinkin does not have many options, but he also managed to prepare a surprise, leaving the hero of the first game, Alexander Zuev, in reserve. He came on as a substitute six days earlier, but three minutes later he scored the winner, so this time it was worth hoping that he would start, but the coach decided otherwise. But Nikolai Rasskazov, who had an assist in that combination, took Yuri Gorshkov off base.

Pisarsky scores like an owl!

Dynamo started this meeting very famously, combining at speed very clearly and, more importantly, in a variety of ways. Samarans could not adjust and, as a result, stop the opponent’s attacks. Already at the debut of the meeting, Rasskazov successfully got under Tyukavin’s blow from a lethal position, Daniil Fomin dangerously deflected the ball into a corner, Zakharyan brought Fomin himself to the ball and suspiciously collapsed into someone else’s penalty area. .

The Muscovites continued to regularly hand over the ball in possession of Ivan Lomaev and hinted a couple of times to Pavel Kukuyan that it was time to aim at 11 meters, but he saved the penalties until an attack from the opposite direction. Samarans, by the way, also ran very well through the center of the field, so the game looked very good. A positional attack brought success: Ngamale pushed Benhamin Garre aside. Vladimir Pisarsky (ex-Sychevoi) approached the “point” and hit the center hard. Leshchuk reached for the ball, but was unable to push it away.

The missed ball paralyzed the blue and whites a lot. Zakharyan could have leveled the score with a shot on the post from midrange, but overall the hosts became more nervous and consequently made more mistakes. And the Samarans in the 4-4-2 arrangement closed the zones perfectly and felt very confident.


The second half made me think about how weak Jokanovic is in managing the game. At the break, he replaced Fomin and Ngamale with Luka Gagnidze and Daniil Lesovoy, but the team did not improve one iota in the game. Unfortunately, Zakharyan played a mediocre match, the place of which is not at all on the middle line, but much closer to the goal. He has excellent technique, he sees the field well and makes passes at any distance, but he himself does not have time to participate in attacks: when he runs, his teammates will lose the ball. At the same time, Alexander Kovalenko, who opposed him, produced an amazing amount of work and connected the lines perfectly.

If we continue talking about the ones we liked, I would like to mention Tyukavin among the blue and white ones. The striker did not score, although he had several promising chances, but he opened very well and, as it were, drew the ball to himself. And yet Jokanovic replaced him with Smolov midway through the second half.

Wings winger Benjamin Garre deserves his share of praise. We are barely getting to know the 22-year-old Argentine, who has been in Manchester City’s youth team for a couple of seasons, but he left a very good impression: fast, technical, intelligent. He was great on the right edge and became the hero of several very promising attacks.


Despite the criticism from the blue and whites, in the 75th minute they managed to equalize the score. Yaroslav Gladyshev, who came on as a substitute, successfully ambushed the penalty rebound and immediately put the ball between the leg palisade. The shadow hero of the episode was Zakharyan, who jerked the ball from a free kick to the goalkeeper’s line, from where he leaped towards Gladyshev in the commotion.

The goal brought Dynamo closer to salvation and set them on fire, so the ending turned out to be very hot. But, to the credit of the Samarans, double-edged. Although if Vladislav Shitov had been faster, the public would have been deprived of this intrigue. Saba Sazonov made a serious mistake in defense by arranging a meeting with Leshchuk for the striker, but he got nervous and couldn’t hit properly.

The Dynamo team did not give up, but even the added six minutes were not enough to paralyze the rival defense for the second time. And they went to the bottom of the Russian Cup draw, where in addition to them are Zenit, Lokomotiv and Krasnodar. Worthy company. The Wings, for their part, deservedly go further at the top of the grid. How well Osinkin works in Samara! This is the real football hero Samara, and not Anton Zinkovsky, Maxim Glushenkov or someone else.

Russian Cup. RPL path. Quarter finals. game of return

Dynamo – Krylya Sovetov – 1:1 (0:1)

Goals: Pisarsky, 29 – from the penalty spot – 0:1. Gladishev, 75 – 1:1.

“Dynamo”: Leshchuk, Dasa, Sazonov, Fernandez, Skopintsev, Kutitsky, Zakharyan, Fomin (Gagnidze, 46), Makarov (Gladyshev, 68), Ngamale (Lesovoy, 46; Grulev, 85), Tyukavin (Smolov, 68).

“Wings of the Soviets”: Lomaev, Bale, Evgeniev, Soldatenkov, Rasskazov, Chirkovich (Zuev, 46), Kostanza, Kovalenko (Vitiugov, 89), Garre (Gorshkov, 78), Rakhmanovich (Gaponov, 89), Pisarsky (Shitov, 78).

Warnings: Makarov, 15. Ngamale, 27. Rasskazov, 43. Skopintsev, 63. Bale, 72. Evgeniev, 84. Lomaev, 90+4.

Judge: Kukuyan (Sochi).

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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