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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Platini said: “Nice game!” Ten years ago Russia won the European Youth Championship

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:14:18

Platini said: “Nice game!” Ten years ago Russia won the European Youth Championship

Dmitry Zimin May 19, 2023, 16:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Do you think that almost all the boys are already made of soccer? This is true, but especially with the opponent.

Then this victory was not particularly noticeable. Very young boys in the under 17 tournament in Slovakia defeated someone. Yes, many times. And we reached the end. They even criticized Italy. And?

The next day, May 18, 2013, CSKA played a championship match with Lokomotiv. He won and took the title, that’s the reason for the discussion! After all, they left Zenit in second place! Against this background, the success of young people faded. Although now all this looks differently: the Russian national team, international tournaments, decisive matches, Italy – a buzz!

There are even young Russians at Manchester United. Here is his story:

The Russian signed a contract with Manchester United. this is how he did it

The time has changed. I went to read the comments under the news of that final. The most popular – in the spirit of “why do you praise them?”. Like, let’s see what happens in 3-4 years, half of them will end, the rest will disappear in the lower leagues. An amazing ability to be happy for the guys for whom such success at the time was definitely the main event in life. Shine.

By the way, here’s the protocol for that ending. As part of Russia, you will find many family surnames.

It is curious that only two of those who played for Italy ended up with football – Vladislav Parshikov and Alexei Gasilin. But the latter definitely continues the implementation, however, in the Medialiga. Yes, and he definitely has no reason to complain about his career: he played in Europe and in the RPL. So everything went very well.

Some play in the First League, but you already know Golovin, Barinov, Zhemaletdinov, Makarov, Sheydayev, Zuev, Mitryushkin. Most of the composition was done. And at a very high level. Good answer for all those who did not believe. Demonstrated.

The forward of that team Maxim Mairovich plays in Armenia. How are you doing:

The best Russian sniper of the year plays abroad. European Champion successfully left the country

Now let’s see what’s in Italy. In our mind, European football is completely different. Already there something shot exactly at least 90 percent. They play in the best clubs and have an excellent score.

Goalkeeper Simone Scuffet was on the verge of becoming the hero of the final when the match went to penalties. But Mitryushkin was a little better. And Skuffet soon became unnecessary for Serie A. But he is now in the heart of the Romanian Cluj. Good growth. And this is not irony in the background of what is happening with the rest. Because almost all of the participants in Italy’s final match either graduated or play in the lower leagues.

There are only two clear exceptions with real development: both defenders. Davide Calabria plays for Milan and Federico Dimarco is the main player for Inter. You barely recognize the rest of the players. Unless you are a fan of the lower divisions or of Salernitana: Federico Bonazzoli is the third player from that team to play in the elite division.

And the coach of the golden team of Russia? Training in Second League:


“The letters were written for me.” Why the coach of the “golden” Russian national team is objectionable in the RPL

It turns out that in Europe not everything is going well with the transition from youth to adult football. This can be seen from the example of a team of such a status as Italy, which was one of the best at the tournament in Slovakia, but lost to Russia.

Russia — Italy

Photo: RFU

And now another moment of nostalgia. The awards were presented to the national team players at that time by UEFA President Michel Platini and RFU President Nikolai Tolstykh. And here is a quote from Anton Mitryushkin, the then talented goalkeeper of Spartak. After a penalty shootout, he was immediately sent to the base of Valery Karpin’s team. However, he never made it to this role.

Anton Mitryushkin

goalkeeper of the Russian youth team

“You ask me what Platini told me? “Good game” (Good game. – Approx. “Championship”), congratulations on the victory, nothing special. Did UEFA recognize me as the Man of the Match? All the guys did well, they all fought until the end, they deserved this win. My task is to save the team and take penalties. But without the others, this victory would not have happened!”

And Tolstykh diplomatically added that players of this generation should not be allowed to get lost on the sports path. And the RFU coped with this task better than the Italian Football Federation.

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