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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Promes was sentenced to a royal penalty. What will the Russian authorities and Spartak do now?

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 14:51:48

Spartak striker Quincy Promes has been sentenced to 18 months in prison in the Netherlands after being found guilty of assaulting his cousin with a knife.

The event occurred on the night of July 24-25, 2020 during a family celebration in Abcoud: Promes took a knife and stabbed his cousin in the knee. The main version of what happened was called theft: allegedly in 2016, this brother stole a necklace worth €3,000 from the footballer’s aunt, however, the victim’s lawyer called it nonsense.

In 2020, Promes was detained, but released during the investigation. It is true that the initial charge of “participation in the stabbing” later became attempted murder, and even later attempted murder. The victim assured investigators that due to the injury he was unable to squat, run and walk normally, and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The victim’s lawyer told us about it:


“The knife hit the kneecap and went through it.” Details of the Promes case

The most interesting thing is that the attack with a knife became known only because the night of that incident, Promes called his father, mother, and aunt, with whom he talked about what had happened. The fact that investigators listened to conversations after the incident with the cousin is an amazing coincidence: Promes’s calls and messages were traced in a completely different case: he is suspected of cocaine smuggling and connections to mafia groups. The soccer player’s lawyer argued that the recordings could not be included in this case, because the wiretaps were carried out as part of another investigation, and in this case the right to a fair trial is violated. Today, the judge ruled that the tapes could still be included in the case and considered the intercepted conversations as evidence.

And there was this: the details were published by the NOS edition.

Mothers: He said that his nephew was taken to the hospital, and Promes clarified where exactly the wound was. She answered that on the leg. “So she was lucky,” Promes said.

Father: “I am loyal to my aunt: if someone tries to insult her, I kill them. There are certain people in the family that I am willing to kill for. I’m lucky I don’t carry more firearms, because otherwise I would be even uglier”.

Aunt: “He is daring, he knew what was going to happen. I could not resist. I’m sorry aunt, I’m sorry.”

Quincy Promises

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

In March this year, prosecutors asked Promes for two years in prison, while stressing that there were not enough facts to prove attempted murder or attempted murder. Supposedly, if the soccer player really wanted to kill his cousin, he would not have stabbed him in the knee, but in the artery. As a result, the court acquitted him today under the “attempted murder” article, recognizing the incident as an attack. In fact, the decision should have been made three months ago, but the verdict was postponed until today: the court needed more documents containing information on the advisability of using Promes wiretaps.

What threatens Quincy?

Whats Next? Spartak said that the court decision had not entered into force: “The footballer has time to appeal. We believe that the Promes side will exercise this right.”

This process can take months. There is an example of Ray Vluta from Ural, who was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in April after being found guilty of the death of a child in an accident. Together with a lawyer, the footballer filed an appeal and his representative said that the decision on the matter would be in 2024 or 2025. Therefore, while Vloot continues to play in Russia.

“If Vlut was sentenced in the Netherlands, then he can continue to play for the Urals,” lawyer Andrey Knyazev told the Championship. – In Russia, almost no one is extradited. I believe that tomorrow he will be an active participant in the match. As long as he doesn’t go to Holland. He has risks in other countries, but in Russia no one will extradite him for sure. The only thing is that he will not be able to enter Western countries.

Vloot was at the trial and testified. He pleaded guilty:

“I told the truth.” Ural footballer was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for the death of a child

The same now applies to Promes – while the appeal is being considered, you can continue to play for Spartak. His contract with the club ends next year. At the same time, Spartak General Director Evgeny Melezhikov said that the club leveled all risks by concluding an agreement with Ajax.

Evgeny Melezhikov

In an interview with “Campeonato” in March 2021

“No financial or legal risks apply to Spartak. We have agreed with Ajax that if, by court decision, Promes is unable to fulfill its employment duties, the transfer contract will be terminated. And all the planned payments simply do not go through. They are broken for the entire duration of the contract, it was a difficult position of the sports department. And we have payments every six months.

The main question here is at what point can the contract be terminated. After all, before the appeal. “Spartak” did not break the contract before the trial, Vloet plays after it; it is unlikely that we should expect immediate action from the Club.

Can Promes be extradited from Russia?

Lawyer Mikhail Prokopets explained to the Championship that there is no conclusion with the Netherlands on the extradition of criminals, so in this situation everything is in the hands of Spartak: “According to the labor law of the Russian Federation, the contract can be terminated if some circumstances occur beyond the will of the parties and for reasons beyond the control of the parties”, explained Prokopets, “one of these reasons is the conviction of an employee, for which he is arrested or sent to serve his sentence. This is the right of the club. Neither football, nor civil, nor labor legislation will contradict it here. He must understand that this happens if the verdict of the court has entered into force. If the player appeals, the decision will not take effect. Until then, the termination of the contract will be illegal.

Mikhail Prokopets

sports lawyer

“If a footballer plays in Russia and abroad, he was convicted and we do not have any agreement with the Netherlands on the extradition of criminals, then there will be no problems for the footballer here. For the club there will only be image problems. Thus, everything remains in the hands of Spartak. The club can decide if a player can continue working here without hindrance or not.”

That is, Promes is not in danger? It is not so simple

If the appeal is considered earlier and is rejected (the court decision is confirmed), then this option is possible. The contract is terminated immediately (as Melezhikov said), and then everything depends on the actions of the Netherlands. If they issue an extradition request for Promes through Interpol channels, then Russia, in theory, can extradite the footballer, as the country is still part of the organization’s system.

Examples of extradition of criminals were: at the request of Brazil, through the Interpol channel, Eduardo Fauzi was extradited to his country, accused of terrorist attack and attempted murder. He asked for political asylum in Russia, but this did not help. They can also refuse: everything is at the discretion of the authorities. Another example is the arrest of a British man wanted by Interpol at the request of the United States. He was arrested in a Moscow hostel by representatives of the Russian bureau. The fact is that now countries where there is no extradition at the level of bilateral agreements with other states can extradite people who request it. Although there are many nuances, and each case, of course, is considered separately. With Promes, one thing is clear: Spartak fans need not worry before the appeal.

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