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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Provorov: is this just the beginning? Who else from the Russians can be traded in the NHL?

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:43:04

Provorov: is this just the beginning? Who else from the Russians can be traded in the NHL?

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A higher profile deal may take place at any time, or it may never take place.

One of Russia’s new wave proponents, Ivan Provorov, switched clubs as a result of a complex three-way deal. The 26-year-old hockey player said goodbye to Philadelphia and went to Columbus.

Ivan’s departure from the Flyers is a relief to everyone. In Provorov’s asset, in fact, there is only one really strong season. In his second year in the league, he earned 41 points and, as a result, a generous long-term (6-year) contract ($40.5 million). Over time, the “pilots” were deeply disappointed in the defender: the further, the less it justified the investment. In the previous two seasons, Provorov was below “-17” in terms of utility and lost his attacking potential.

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In addition, reports leaked to the press that the player himself was uncomfortable in Philadelphia; he was reportedly dissatisfied with both the overall position of the team and his role in it.

Los Angeles was in on the deal as well, taking 30% of Provorov’s salary. This means Columbus gets a defender for $4.69 million a year; perhaps this amount is not too bad for a sad but potentially strong hockey player.

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Who else from Provorov’s compatriots can be traded this summer? The most obvious candidate for a trade is Evgeny Kuznetsov. The Washingtons are stuck in a semi-position, unable to make a clear decision between rebuilding and trying to breathe new life into an old roster (in every way). The Capitals had rejuvenated themselves a bit before the deadline, and a possible trade for Kuznetsov would be a logical continuation of that course.

The Russian has established himself as a humor player. Recently, he could only give brilliant matches under the influence of inspiration, which, however, visited the hockey player less and less. But making a deal involving Kuznetsov will be extremely difficult: too big a contract can scare away potential buyers.

In addition, “Washington” changed the head coach – Spencer Carbury took the vacant position. American journalists credit the specialist with the ability to find a common language with a variety of actors. The “capitals” will almost certainly give the coach and the hockey player a chance to get along, and they will again think about the exchange if this process ends unsuccessfully.

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Evgeny Svechnikov is in restricted free agent status and has yet to sign a new contract with San Jose. The big forward fit in well with the Sharks and, despite minimal playing time, benefited the team. But his modest status in the league does not contribute to a calm and settled life: it is possible that the “sharks” could include the striker in big trouble.

“Chicago” remains in a period of severe turbulence, the exit from which is not visible at all. Predicting managerial decisions at this club is a thankless task, but that’s why the Nikita Zaitsev trade won’t become a sensation. There’s no need to wait for a deal anytime soon, but the chances of the Blackhawks trading a guard for a draft pick before the next draft date appear to be higher.

According to the latest data, the NHL has no claims against Valery Nichushkin, but can the same be said for Colorado? The silent scandal with the suspension at the most crucial moment of the season seems too strange. If the club is seriously dissatisfied with the behavior of its player, then the coaches will probably think about a trade.

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