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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Psychoamerican Training. How was Patrick Bateman and what was wrong?

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 22:44:46

The story of the charming rich maniac Patrick Bateman from the film “American Psycho” shocked the audience in the early 2000s. A resounding film about the American consumer society, a satire on white-collar workers with a touch of madness.

Last year the Internet revived its popularity and gave it a second and perhaps now eternal life. The movie spawned a large number of memes and videos featuring the main character, with millions of people trying to replicate her facial expression. Together with a physical trainer, we analyze the training of Patrick Bateman.

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This training is unrealistically long, maybe only a movie hero can endure it. There is a feeling that it takes about a day to complete. And if in a good way, such a complex can be divided into three full days of training.

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Patrick Bateman is a very bright character, he is rich, narcissistic, he leads a consumer lifestyle. But there is something good in everyone. The hero carefully controls his appearance: his morning facial care has spread all over the public, and a considerable part of his life is occupied with training.

In the film, the excerpts show the exercises that Bateman performs, but we went further. The film is based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis: on its pages you can find a training plan for the day. Gather up the courage of it before you decide to read it.

Ladder 20 minutes of the legs of the legs 5×10 -spin in the 5×10 -crane lobe 6×15 -bastard of the arms on Biceps 7×10 -stranded 20 mines of the legs 3×15 -lipping with 3× 15 ft 3×15 hands punching a 3×20 loop into a wide 3×20 cable row 3×20 Deadlift 3×20 Bent-over row 3×20 Incline bench 3×20 Lateral raise 3×20 Dumbbell press 3 × 20 Close Grip Bench 3 × 20 Rope Push-ups 3 × 20 Stretches

Photo: Still from the film “American Psycho” / Kinopoisk

Training analysis.

Ekaterina KravchenkoA: Stairs 20 minutes as a warm up is normal practice, but I would do 10 minutes. Still, this cardio machine is quite power-hungry, and 20 minutes on it is a warm-up for very experienced athletes.

The first four exercises seem like a great warm-up, because then there’s cardio again for 20 minutes. Apparently to rest. And if we are talking about training a living person, then during this second cardio you will simply have to eat. Otherwise, it is not possible to support the rest.

Let’s move on to the main disadvantages of this complex. In the middle of training there is a deadlift – this is a basic exercise. If you want your activity to be effective, it should be the first – this is the most energy-consuming movement on the entire list.

Photo: Still from the film “American Psycho” / Kinopoisk

What’s wrong with this training?

The main question that arose, perhaps, for everyone who got acquainted with the training plan: where do you get so much energy and strength to do it?

Ekaterina Kravchenko: after five or six exercises, a normal person simply won’t do all the strength work completely. And the essence of training is in the growth of muscle mass. Increase only with 100 percent work on each exercise and maxing out the weights on each repetition. It is impossible to do this here, there will only be exhaustion, and recovery will take about two weeks.

Despite the fact that such training will certainly work out your body perfectly, every muscle, every centimeter, it is unrealistic to resist it. And even despite the presence of stretching at the end, this type of training will only hurt. A clear example, although exaggerated, that you don’t need to play sports, because your body is not made of rubber.

And if you really want to work out according to this program, then divide it into at least three parts, leave cardio. Don’t forget to warm up and pick one or two muscle groups you want to load.

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