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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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“Pure discouragement and hopelessness.” Mostovoy walked for the national team after the match with Qatar

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 20:21:42

The first two weeks of September were hectic for the Russian football team. The closest affiliate of our country’s national team faced the Egyptian Olympic team twice, and the “base” played a friendly match with Qatar. Added to the inexpressive play was a rather sad result: two draws and one defeat.

In an exclusive interview with Soviet Sport, former Russian national team player Alexander Mostovoy shared his opinion about the football shown by Valery Karpin’s team.

—How would you rate our team’s performance?

— The game, of course, is boring and slow. The first 15 minutes or so, there was a moment and a half there, it seemed like we were going to run. So… Nothing at all. Qatar controlled and played calmly, in the second half the rival generally had the advantage in chances. Here, in the last 15 minutes, when Qatar was thinking about how to score, they became defensive, but our team already started to pressure, pressure, pressure. In the end, it’s good that we tied. If it hadn’t worked, then we wouldn’t be talking about anything at all; It is impossible to highlight anything about the game. I say this because these experiments and expanded lists have led to the point where many soccer players are confused about where they are, what, how to play, and who to play with. Some played yesterday, others today. Many kids don’t even know each other’s names, all this affects. They are so confused that no one understands anything anymore. But there is no result.

Mikhail Shapaev / RFU

— In your opinion, can a draw with a team like this be considered a disastrous result? Did you expect anything else?

“I wouldn’t say it’s a failure.” Here for me everything that happens is logical. This is in terms of the fact that when you don’t have a core, core team, constant experiments, expanded rosters. Our team can now be called the “extended roster team.” 20 go there, 30 there, 40 here, now 50. Everyone says: “This is for the future, we have to look at young people.” Why look at them? Half of them play in the RPL. By the way, another reason for this result is that many of those who come to the national team do not play for their teams, but sit in the reserve. This is pure discouragement and hopelessness.

– There were some good flashes in attack in the first half. Can we say that 4 substitutions in the second broke the whole pattern?

– Yes, what is that? We don’t even have the right to talk about the drawing now. Then where? What do I draw? Nobody understands who is playing, who will come out or not. Experiment after experiment. On the one hand, you can understand it. But on the other hand, the fans expect the result, but there is none.

Neither scold nor praise. The Russian team suffered a draw in Qatar

— Golovin finally played for the national team. But even he couldn’t strengthen the team. Do you think it was Alexander who didn’t fit into the game, or is the level of the others so bad that he couldn’t save the situation?

– This is exactly what we are talking about. Even Golovin was confused. He arrived and doesn’t understand anything either. Not only the boys are confused, but also the coaching staff themselves. So many players. So we look, but we can’t understand anything. The confusion only continues.

Mikhail Shapaev / RFU

— In view of our results in matches with Asian teams, doesn’t it now seem ridiculous to talk about moving to an Asian federation?

– I wouldn’t say that. As soon as this information appeared, I immediately said that under no circumstances should I go there. Well, they will disconnect you and you will never return to Europe. And now it is even clearer that everyone knows how to play football, the level there is also normal, what should it be?

—Can we say that now it is difficult for our team to play with any rival?

— For us it is difficult with any rival, but this, above all, depends on the players themselves, who are confused. You understand, when nothing pressures you, you think, “Oh, okay, let’s play.” It’s good that we at least tied with Qatar, in the end we managed to score.

Mikhail Shapaev / RFU

—After finishing watching a national team match, do you feel disappointed by what you saw?

—I spoke with many. The worst thing is that now many people simply stop watching the games. I’m not one of them, I’ll follow our team anyway. I really don’t like all these experimental processes that are happening now, it doesn’t favor us. Young people have always been, are and will be, why look at them and check them? What surprises me most is that many players play in the national team who are not even in the main squads of their teams. How is that? Playing on the national team is a true honor! They go and, of course, they give their all, the boys have nothing to do with it. But it’s not good.

– What to do and what to do?

– I don’t know, this question is not for me. I don’t want to say anything, because when I speak, especially the truth, many people get offended.

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