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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Razin has long been a top coach. You didn’t notice it

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 17:07:02

In August 2015, there was no greater skeptic of Andrei Razin than me, and “skeptic” was still a soft word. His arrival at Avtomobilist in the off-season seemed like the most dubious adventure of all. As soon as the club, under the Weisfeld-Emelin tandem, freed itself from the nightmare of the first years of the KHL with a complete lack of money and became a solid middle peasant in the East, it was all over. That summer, apparently incomprehensible names from the VHL appeared on the transfer list again, and it seemed that the stable and calm time had passed again.

The VHL coach seemed to be the embodiment of this life regained within his means, and even he came to Avtomobilist, first of all, not with the reputation of a man who turned a league outsider into his finalist, but as a man who had a fight with a colleague. Although there was no fight, Razin’s shirtless parade was broadcast in almost all the media, and the coach himself later said that he feared this would end his career. In addition, a couple of rumors arose about the coach, which were later not completely confirmed.

Razin missed the first match of the season due to disqualification for that same half-fight, and then his team attacked Metallurg, Salavat and Ak Bars in succession. Avtomobilist was sensationally leading in the East after the first month of the season, and it is not so important that the team did not maintain this lead, because no one expected it. If Emelin’s “Avto” was a typical uncompromising middle peasant who played from the stove, then under Razin the radically renewed team began to play rock and roll, mainly of their own. Did you see how Magnitogorsk trampled Lokomotiv in the zone for five minutes at the end of the second half of the championship game? So that the “Avtomobilist” constantly made such extremely long positioning.

What was Razin’s first season in the KHL like?

“We are in a psychological disaster.” Razin’s battle with Avtomobilist is the main nerve of the semi-final

In this regard, Andrei Vladimirovich was unlucky with time. In the 2015 KHL there were no HD broadcasts of all league games available to almost everyone (and even then Yekaterinburg had one of the worst images in the league), nor a developed family of Telegram channels that shaped opinion public. If Razin could have spoken beautifully, simply beautifully and not brilliantly, pouring cascades of sweetened water over the press in the style of Igor Larionov, it is quite possible that even then he would have earned the fame of the current professor. The automobilists also played offensively and developed young people, they just didn’t shout it at every corner.

Andrey Razin at Avtomobilist

Photo: RIA Novosti

Simple facts: 21-year-old Anatoly Golyshev then had the best regular season of his career, which remains so to this day. Nikita Tryamkin, before Razin’s arrival, spent the playoffs on the fourth pair, playing nine minutes; In the playoffs, with the new coach, he played 20 minutes and immediately left for Vancouver. Almost all the players on that team had the best seasons of their careers or the best in many years, and this applies not only to those mentioned above, but also to players like Eero Elo or Alexander Pankov, who immediately disappeared from the radar after leaving from Yekaterinburg.

But all this remained in the background, and in the foreground were “pink T-shirts”, jackets of the same color and “a judge named Gay.” You can say that the disgusting and damned press promoted all of this, but in fact, all of this news gathered frantic opinions; Whatever one may say, the audience was more interested in this than in the rise of Alexander Torchenyuk from the BVS. It seems that Razin has recently changed the image of him from the “coach in a pink shirt”.

Despite his playing career, the reigning champion fell into a rare KHL category of people called “self-made men” in the United States. Not many of the league’s best players started in children’s hockey, then worked in Slovakia and two VHL outsiders who seemed desperate at the time of their appointment. But Razin had a big name as a player and we know that many stars of the 90s ended up on the KHL bench without coaching experience or after a short stint as assistants. Here the technician had no preferences.

But for another year and a half between Yekaterinburg and Cherepovets, Razin was actually out of work. The period between April 2017 and November 2018 included a last-minute appointment at Lada, a consulting coaching position in Slovakia, five games at the odd Admiral, who wrote Razin a contract to which he is not entitled in such cases , and a standard employment contract. . The first year and a half at Severstal almost ended with dismissal in the spring of 2020, when the team did not make the playoffs and at the same time an anonymous “letter from the players” appeared, written by an unknown person. .

And you could say that at Severstal Razin has already shown everything to everyone; However, first remember what they wrote about Magnitogorsk last summer and you will understand that he has not proven it. Secondly, Andrei Vladimirovich developed the coaching style of him at Avtomobilist: the psychological aspects and flexibility of the coach may have changed, but the main thing remains: the commitment to offensive and technical hockey.

Andrey Razin

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

“Metallurg” is, above all, a team that played with speed and skill, preferred pressure to retreat and created a swamp on the ice only situationally. Was it possible to do without the swamp altogether? Total adherence to the only plan “A” has already failed both in the “Torpedo” and in Kozyrev’s “Severstal”, which abandoned the power. As Razin said in one of his darkest hours in Avtomobilist: “Maybe it’s better to drive shit and win, but I think hockey should be spectacular.” Even the period in which everyone dismissed the coach did not end this philosophy.

The Magnitogorsk victory is a miracle:

I don’t understand how Metallurg became KHL champions. This is the main miracle in the history of the league.

But if I say that I believed in Razin’s championship all season, I would be lying. At the deadline, when Metallurg abandoned Dee and did not accept a foreign player in exchange, he abandoned Zagidulin, was left with an extremely young goalkeeping team, exchanged Dronov for Podskrebalin, who in the end did not play a single minute in playoffs, this all seemed like another gamble. This adventure, once again, was in the spirit of Razin, who shuffles goalkeepers and can play with six when the team has five or six goals. However, all doubts were clarified during the championship goal: it was scored by three guys who played for Severstal itself. Not even the 3-0 loss in Yekaterinburg, which forced me to finally bet on the Yaroslavl championship, broke Metallurg.

I remember that the former Avtomobilist press attaché once publicly called me a Razin fan. I do not agree with this, but I have already said for a long time that Razin is, first of all, not a shocker, but a top manager of the team, which I had no doubt about after 2016. Perhaps now this should become obvious to absolutely everyone: the Cup has finally pushed all the pink jerseys into the archive of hockey memes.

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