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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Revolutionary Pique

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:03:57

There are only 4 days left for the final of four Kings League, which will be played at the Camp Nou at the end of March, or rather, on the 26th. Piqué does not like half measures and promised that the season finale of his new soccer revelation will be remembered by all for a long time. The intensity of the passions carried out by veterans and stars is expected not only on the court, but also as part of the performance prior to the closing of the tournament.

The former Barcelona defender plans to parachute into his home club’s stadium from a helicopter, thus kicking off the final matches.

One of the stars of the League of Kings, the former goalkeeper and captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish team, Iker Casillas, already had a similar experience on one of the tours. The mythical soccer player hanging from ropes and with angel wings on his back went down to a press conference dedicated to his entry into the media league. Casillas currently plays for the 1K club.

An even greater resonance caused the participation in one of the last tours of the League of Kings of the world champion, winner of the Champions League and winner of the Ballon d’Or in 2005, 42-year-old Ronaldinho. The Brazilian football veteran returned to the profession for a short time, wearing the jersey of one of the participants in the tournament – the Porcinhos club. And although his team lost that afternoon, the match with Ronaldinho’s participation on various platforms such as Twitch was followed live by more than 2 million people, which was a record for both the media league itself and for the whole of Spanish football. It is not yet clear if the tournament organizers will be able to persuade the Brazilian honoree to continue participating in the Kings League, but it looks like they will try. After all, even the way Ronaldinho arrived at the stadium in a pink limousine with his team instantly got over half a million views.

In general, Piqué showed that he can do it beautifully and effectively. It is not surprising that the head of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has already been quick to brand Gerard’s commitment:

– The only thing that unites the Kings League with football is that they play with the ball and try to get it into the goal. Everything else, in my opinion, is a circus,” the official said.

And his nervousness is understandable: interest in media league games turned out to be higher than in many game examples. Even the first round games at that time incomprehensible to many Kings League were watched online by 450,000 viewers, and then the numbers only grew. Today an average of 800,000 people watch the league matches every Sunday.

But Barcelona president Joan Laporta turned out to be more insightful:

– When Piqué told me about it, I couldn’t deny it. This benefits Barcelona. It connects us to a new form of entertainment. Congratulations because you have invented a fun new form of soccer. We do not perceive it as a circus, but as a new type of entertainment, said the head of the “blue garnet” and provided the Camp Nou for the Kings League final.

Piqué himself is calm about the future of his offspring, but he does not stop being ironic about the self-sufficiency of the project:

“Welcome to the Circus of the League of Kings!” he responded to Thebes’s criticisms. The former Barça defender has been repeating for a couple of years that classic football needs drastic changes. According to Gerard, he has become boring and prolonged, he lacks drive and life. So Piqué is serious about continuing his experiment, and the Kings League proving ground will continue to function. Who knows, maybe it is from there that the winds of change will blow for big football? Well, the next one, the 9th day, will be held this Sunday, March 5. Within its framework, 6 matches will be played, the first of which will begin at 20:00 Moscow time.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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