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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Roman Kopylov – Claudio Ribeiro. The melee master will show himself

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:45:03

Roman Kopylov – Claudio Ribeiro. The melee master will show himself

Nikolay Pavlov July 28, 2023, 13:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The Russian had a suitable opponent.

On the night of July 30, the UFC 291 mixed martial arts tournament will take place. In it, the rated lightweights Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje will face each other in the main fight of the evening, they will dispute the BMF belt, which was left vacant after the retirement of Jorge Masvidal. The main card battles will begin at 5:00 Moscow time. There will also be a duel between Roman Kopylov and Claudio Ribeiro, to which we will be attentive.

The best predictions for today.

On which channel the Kopylov-Ribeiro fight will be broadcast, where to watch the live broadcast

The fight will be broadcast live on the TV channels “Match!” and “Match Fighter.”

Bookmaker odds for the fight Roman Kopylov vs Claudio Ribeiro

Bookmaker analysts consider Roman Kopylov to be the favourite. Bets on his victory are accepted with a coefficient of 1.44. Claudio Ribeiro’s chances were estimated at 2.66. Experts also offer to bet on a tie, for 51.0.

Prediction for the fight Roman Kopylov — Claudio Ribeiro

From his youth, Roman Kopylov was considered a talented guy, and his merits in martial arts were noted. The athlete turned his perseverance in training and excellent physical data into three world titles in hand-to-hand combat.

Time for Ferguson to finish his run:

Tony Ferguson – Bobby Green. It’s time for El Cucuy to finish his career

With such a resume, it was only a matter of time before Roman turned his focus back to professional sports and ended up in MMA. His career began in 2016, but not in the most prestigious promotions. Innate perseverance and self-confidence helped the fighter get to the UFC.

Fiziev’s next opponent in the UFC will be Gamrot.

The debut was not the best – Kopylov could not cope with the excitement and lost to a more experienced opponent Karl Roberson. However, it was not in the rules of the Russians to withdraw in the face of temporary difficulties. He emphasized standing work. Incredibly, in a short amount of time, Roman developed into a hard puncher with a killer right hand and masterful low kick connection.

The heyday of his UFC career was the January fight with American Punahele Soriano. The Russian landed a large number of blows, and in the second round the judge stopped the fight, reasonably fearing for the American’s health.

Blachowicz’s plans for the future:

Jan Blachowicz – Alex Pereira The Pole hopes to return the belt

After this victory, Kopylov objectively expected to receive another UFC fight from Dana White. On July 30, Román can gain a place in the promotion if he beats the South American Claudio Ribeiro.

Costa announced that he would knock out Chimaev in the first round.

The Brazilian has been a professional wrestler since 2017. During this time he managed to demonstrate his high level of training and his ability to fight on the edge in local promotions. His spectacular fighting style is liked by the public.

In the UFC, Ribeiro had two fights. So far, he only has one victory on his account: over Joseph Holmes via technical knockout. And also a defeat in a duel with Abdul Alhassan.

Roman Kopylov and Claudio Ribeiro profess a similar fighting style. They try to suppress the initiative of the opponent and dictate their conditions in the Octagon with powerful blows. The Russian is much smarter in terms of tactics and timing, in favor of the Brazilian – natural malleability and plasticity.

What to bet?

Kopylov and Ribeiro prefer not to work on the ground. It is more suitable for them to act on their feet, but here the Russian has a technical advantage. His defense is much more reliable than the Brazilian’s. He tries to win through the exchange, and Kopylov knows how to crush the opponent from a safe distance.

Ankalaev will fight at UFC 294.

The Russian is extremely motivated for this fight. He will try to calmly swing the opponent from a distance, waiting for the moment to land a series of blows. And there is no doubt that Claudio will get tired of waiting and go ahead without preparation. So let’s bet on Kopylov’s victory by knockout for a coefficient of 1.96.

Tender: Victory for Roman Kopylov by knockout in 1.96.

Express with a coefficient of 8.98.

Donald Trump: Khabib Nurmagomedov was great.

The UFC announced the fight between Volkov and Tuivasa.

Aspinall: I don’t think the fight with Pavlovich makes sense now.

McGregor’s manager has revealed when the Irishman intends to return to MMA.

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