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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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RPL – League of Superheroes on all screens in the country

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 23:37:01

Many are used to thinking that soccer is just a sport in which 22 players take to the field to determine the winner. We see it differently: Russian football is a place where exciting, incredibly intriguing plots are born.

RPL and Winline represent the Russian Championship as a universe of superheroes, the role of which is assigned to the stars on the field. Your main mission is to turn every match into a separate football movie with your superpowers, which will give the audience incomparable emotions.

The roles of the heroes are assigned to the players of the best clubs. Sergey Pinyaev – Defense Thunder, Matvey Safonov – Goal Keeper, Quincy Promes – Master of Maneuver, Georgy Jikia – Captain Defense, Fedor Chalov – Goal Maker, Malcolm – Master of Attacks, Alexander Sobolev – Goal Hunter, Eduard Spertsyan – Free Kick Master, Daniil Fomin – Reader of the game and Claudinho – Dribbling genius. The head coach of the hero team is the tactics teacher Valery Karpin.

The new campaign, which is dedicated to the restart of the Russian championship season, goes to the start at the federal level. Inspired by superhero movies and stories, it is based on a video inspired by an exciting trailer for a sci-fi blockbuster. Under the direction of director Anton Lanshakov, the film crew worked on the shoot, creating graphics and effects for more than three months.

Today, Russian football competes for the viewer’s attention not only with other sports, matches of foreign championships, but also with the entire entertainment industry. The campaign changes the perception of the players and the league not only by football fans, but also by the wider audience, confidently emphasizing that our football is an attractive product.

Behind the ready-made cinematics of the League of Superheroes, designed in the spirit of the best modern masterpieces of this cinematic genre, the heroes appear before the viewer in a futuristic arena in unique super suits with elements in the form of native clubs.

They show off their incredible gaming skills by activating them with super energy: The Guardian makes phenomenal saves with six super hands at once, Free Kick Star knocks down the opponent’s wall with a cannon kick, and Goal Hunter defies gravity to score a goal with one kick. through himself.

Russian fans will get the most out of these and other impressive stories as part of a large-scale campaign during the second half of the football season.

In addition to television commercials, the campaign will include special placements not only in stadiums, but also in cinemas across the country. Digital projects will be launched, including on the social networks of the league, soccer players and the general partner of the project, Winline.

We are also waiting for non-standard outdoor advertising in the style of movie posters, integration into Match TV, WOW activations, themed events and much more.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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