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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Rubín scored the funniest goal of the RPL tour! Video

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:41:58

Rubín scored the funniest goal of the RPL tour! Video

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky July 30, 2023, 17:30 Moscow time

But what a pity that the Rakhimov team missed the victory over Orenburg.

RPL fully returned to Kazan. In the 1st day, Rubin played as a visitor, and now he has returned home. Orenburg came to visit and prevented a triumphant debut.

Rubin had the advantage at the start of the match. Rashid Rakhimov’s team even created a couple of scoring chances, in one of which Joel Fameye stole Orenburg goalkeeper Nikolai Sysuev. For the striker, this match probably meant more than for the partners: after all, he played against the old club, in which he played from 2019 to 2022.

Orenburg was able to completely drive the game away from their goal closer to the middle of the first half and even responded with a number of chances, some of which were the result of lengthy attacks. The most beautiful opportunity was with Dmitry Vorobyov, who elegantly pleases at the beginning of the season. The striker took the ball right in front of the penalty area and a clever strike sent the ball behind Yuri Dyupin, but he had no luck – the crossbar.

Despite Orenburg’s situational advantage, Rubin opened the scoring. And the goal turned out to be curious: Alexander Zotov, after a cross from the middle of the wing, struck, the ball bounced off Fameye’s rib and flew towards the goal.

In the second half, Orenburg relied on jerk-based shots from Vorobyov, but this did not work. Therefore, we had to add variety: Jiri Jarosik’s team had the ball most of the time, so there were several opportunities for play. More play on the wings with serves and crosses in the second half.

Rubin, although he gave away the ball, felt comfortable. Rakhimov’s team held off the opponent’s pressure without obvious problems and at the same time did not forget about counterattacks. It can even be said that Rubin acted more sharply. True, in many ways this is the “merit” of Orenburg. The best moment happened in the middle of the half, when Sysuev out of nowhere gave the ball to Mirlind Dak, who, fortunately for the opponent, did not share with Fameye and shot, straight for the post.

The goal of “Orenburg” did not particularly follow from such a game, but it still happened. And it was not without luck. Ridiculous rebounding also helped, and defensemen didn’t play their best. Consequently, Matías Pérez, who ran on the attack from the position of central defender, pushed the ball into the goal.

In the end, it seems that only Orenburg had enough strength to increase its volume. The guests took the ball and approached the rival area several times, but they never had a real chance of scoring.

For Rubin, this result can be safely considered insulting. With the score in their favor and moments in the counterattacks, the team conceded an optional goal and, consequently, almost lost points. Now Kazan has two points to his credit, and ahead of the match with Spartak and Rostov. For Orenburg, the point scored was the first overall.

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Puck Henry
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