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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Russia has its own Pablo Escobar. He plays for the Moscow “Spartak”.

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:40:26

How did the player “burn out”?

If you want to learn how to be an amazing football player, but also one of the most unreliable, then you need to turn to Quincy Promes. More recently, the Dutch prosecutor’s office still accused the player of drug smuggling, and everything is much more serious than you imagine. We are talking about a large shipment of cocaine weighing 1,370 tons.

The first news about the criminal component in the life of a footballer appeared in 2020. Thanks to the recordings of Promes’ conversations being listened to by the Dutch law enforcement agencies, it was revealed that he… stabbed his cousin with a knife. It happened on the night of July 24-25 at one of the parties, however the details were revealed only at the end of that year.

Based on the content, you can safely dispel all thoughts about the integrity of the player. In one of the dialogues with his mother, when Quincy found out that he had only injured his brother in the knee, he replied that he was “very lucky”. According to the official version, the reason for the skirmish with a relative was that the player’s aunt was insulted by her brother. “You are lucky that I no longer carry firearms, otherwise everything would have ended worse,” Promes told his father.

Photo Source: Quincy Promes Social Media

Subsequently, the player, along with his friend, broke into his brother’s house demanding to withdraw the application in exchange for 20 thousand dollars. By the way, this strategy did not justify itself, and the footballer’s friend is already serving a sentence in a Belgian prison. Well, you have friends, Quincy.

Of course, the Dutch authorities did not ignore this incident, despite the footballer’s attempts to settle the conflict with his brother through bribery (he even went as far as the police and said that he had injured Quincy). However, on June 8, 2022, the Dutchman was still fined up to approximately one million euros and a criminal case was opened for the fact of involuntary manslaughter.

Why was Quincy’s phone tapped?

Let’s go back to the beginning. When reading, the question may arise: “Why the hell did they listen to the football player’s phone?”. The answer may seem quite strange. In 2020, the Dutch police suspected not only Promes, but his entire family of drug smuggling. We are talking about cocaine that weighs about four tons. According to rumors, the footballer’s family, and in particular Quincy himself, are associated with the sale of prohibited substances. According to the investigation, the Promes family invested around 120 million euros in the acquisition of a large batch of the substance. The player is also suspected of paying about 250,000 euros to Surinamese drug trafficker Pete Wortel for a 400-kilogram shipment of cocaine that suddenly disappeared.

Photo Source: Quincy Promes Social Media

The shipment was supposed to go to Australia, however it was intercepted in Antwerp. But here a slightly different detail confuses: the amount of the batch suddenly decreased from 4 tons to 1.3. Whether the footballer’s family tried in this way to remove at least a little the later period is unknown. At that time, nothing was known.

How the Champions League saved the player

Although at the end of 2020 the law enforcement of the Netherlands established the fact of the existence of a crime and the evidence base, the player tried “not to shine” at Ajax Amsterdam (imagine his level of bravery). Due to the continental cup matches, the player’s arrest was postponed and fell to a later date, on December 13. The reason was not even the absence of a footballer. No one at the club wanted to generate unfavorable reputation hype in the run-up to such important matches. According to rumors, Van der Sar (already the head of the club) even at the time of the transfer was warned about the player’s possible connections with the criminal world, but almost no one paid attention to him.

Photo Source: Quincy Promes Social Media

When Promes realized that the situation had reached maximum tension, he calmly ended the season at Ajax and almost calmly returned to Spartak Moscow. In his situation, this decision is the most obvious: in Russia there is no extradition to the Netherlands, and it is unlikely that something could threaten him here.

What do we have right now?

In 2022, the footballer tried to obtain Russian citizenship, but to no avail. At that time, the footballer was “hanged” with an article for manslaughter, so he would have a certain term to shine.

In addition, in winter, Promes did not go to the winter camps of the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, which caused a great resonance. It became clear to everyone: the footballer’s affairs are very bad. Now they have gotten even worse. However, more recently, a Dutch court charged Quincy with drug smuggling. Instead of four tons of prohibited substances, 1.3 tons now appear. Thanks for that, but this is unlikely to significantly change the punishment. Also, the story is shrouded in “black dots”.

Photo Source: Quincy Promes Social Media

Complicating the situation is the fact that there are two murders in the case, and one of the dead is football player Calvin Maynard, who was murdered in 2019. We won’t say that the player is connected to this, but if the player’s participation, and indeed from all this “family contract” in smuggling, everything will be taken into account. Also, it is not known what details of the case have yet to be revealed. It is worth considering the fact that the player missed all the pre-trial hearings in all his cases, and no one can guess what this will turn out to be.

The only thing that saves the footballer is a great game in Spartak. Promes is so reluctant to return to his homeland that he delivered his best season for the team and became the club’s all-time top scorer.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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