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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Salavat will withdraw Amirov’s number from circulation, Boychak was waiting for money from the KGB. Results of the day in hockey

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 06:51:51

We present a summary of the main events in the world of hockey for August 17, 2023.

Salavat Yulaev will withdraw Rodion Amirov’s number 27 from circulation

Salavat Yulaev’s general director Rinat Bashirov said that Salavat Yulaev would withdraw number 27 from circulation. A student of the club Rodion Amirov played under this number, who died of cancer on August 14. “It has already been decided that the youth tournament, which will take place at the end of August, will be called the Rodion Amirov Cup. And the proposal of the captain of “Salavat” Grigory Panin to withdraw the number 27 from circulation is accepted. We will carry out this ceremony on September 11 in the first match. Let’s make this as concise as possible. This suggestion has been made often in the comments. We will definitely do something else, but later, ”Bashirov said at a club press conference.

Recall that in February 2022 it became known that Amirov was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The hockey player died at the age of 21.

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UMMC Arena in Yekaterinburg suffered minor fire damage

The Avtomobilist press service, with reference to the director of JSC Ice Arena, Danil Kritsky, spoke about the state of the UMMC Arena after the fire this afternoon.

“The emergency squads that arrived due to a call have already eliminated the fire that broke out in 10 square meters on the sixth floor of the facility under construction. According to preliminary information, the paint and varnish materials were burning. There were no injuries – personnel were removed from the building prior to the arrival of firefighters. The damage is minor.

Now representatives of Ice Arena JSC, together with firefighters, are establishing the circumstances of the incident. According to preliminary information, the cause of the fire could be a violation by the contractor’s employees of the safety requirements for construction and installation works. In the near future, work on the site will be resumed in the normal mode, ”the press service of Sport Day by Day quotes.

The construction of the arena began at the end of 2019. The Ice Palace will be designed for up to 15,000 people. Initially, the delivery of the facility was scheduled for January 2024.

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The fire at the UMMC Arena under construction in Yekaterinburg was quickly extinguished

The Ministry of Sports ruled on the situation with the contract of goalkeeper Fedotov

First Deputy Sports Minister Azat Kadyrov said that the Sports Ministry is closely monitoring the situation around the contract of goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov.

“Can the situation with Ivan Fedotov affect Russia’s relations with the International Ice Hockey Federation and the National Hockey League? Recently, the IIHF, unfortunately, has made many incomprehensible decisions that they themselves cannot explain.

Decisions are made, but on the basis of what and why such a decision is made, no one can get intelligible explanations – neither the Russian Hockey Federation nor other interested participants in the process. When it comes to relationships, we strive to maintain a working relationship with everyone. Where we get some incomprehensible decisions, we work in the format of official requests so that they try to somehow explain the decisions they make. We do not follow the path of conflict, but unfortunately our own international partners bring up points like the situation with Ivan Fedotov to create conflicts.

Therefore, let’s see how the situation will develop now, because the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and CSKA are also working on this issue accordingly. I am sure that the mind will return and the right decisions will be made, ”Kadyrov was quoted as saying by TASS.

Recall that the IIHF decided to impose an international transfer ban on CSKA for one year and a ban on Fedotov for four months.

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Moiseev and Podyapolsky leave SKA

As it became known in the “Championship”, striker Danila Moiseev and goalkeeper Vladislav Podyapolsky will leave SKA. In addition, striker Nikolai Prokhorkin will leave the St. Petersburg club, as SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg previously announced.

Podyapolsky moved to Saint Petersburg during Severstal’s final KHL season, in which the goalkeeper played 19 matches, reflecting 89.5% of shots with a reliability coefficient of 2.78. For the St. Petersburg club, the goalkeeper played 15 matches last season in the KHL, in which he scored five wins with a reflected shot percentage of 90%. In the playoffs, the goalie has three games with a save percentage of 86.7%.

Moiseev played 22 games last season, notching one assist.

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Canadian striker: about money in the KHL: they said that the KGB or gas workers would send them

Former Siberia and Severstal striker Zach Boychak told how he was paid in Novosibirsk.

“Someone got cash right away, but I didn’t trust anything. It’s funny that you mentioned Tarasenko, because his father was our assistant coach. And he is a magician, he worked very well with young people, and I liked him a lot.

Regarding the salary, I had to wait four or five months. I arrived in October and they constantly told me that the money would arrive soon, that it would be sent by the KGB or the gas workers. And four or five months later, I got a big check. I was there for a couple more months, expecting a big pay balance. As a result, I had to wait until September, I specially went to Novosibirsk, went to the right bank for money, and then I made the transfer. It’s been a crazy year,” Boychuk said on the Cam & Strick podcast.

Boychak played for the Novosibirsk club in the 2016/2017 season. In 35 games, the striker scored 16 (7 + 9) points.

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