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Monday, December 4, 2023
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Salva Dasaeva, Shmarov and Radchenko score in top nine – veterans showed class

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 13:00:24


Yes, you read that right: a team of veteran Russian doctors. This team not only constantly plays in the Moscow championship, but in pre-pandemic times won the world championship among veteran doctors. Turns out there is one. It’s good that one of the Russian football teams still has the title of world champion.

– We successfully played in the Moscow championship, recently we took fourth place in the fight against the former stars of our football, – says Andrey, a player of this team.

– You probably have former professionals?

– Nobody, honestly, all doctors.

Meanwhile, other participants are slowly approaching the field: Rinat Dasaev, Valery Shmarov, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Dmitry Khlestov (Russian national team), Sergey Shavlo, Valery Kechinov, Oleg Kuzhlev (Spartak), Dmitry Radchenko came to the tournament as part of Zenit. There are familiar faces on the army team.

Somehow, nostalgic memories immediately come to mind: Shmarov’s golden goal against Dynamo Kyiv, Kechinov’s wonderful plays and Radchenko’s goal against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Oh, there were people in our time. How can I disagree with Mikhail Yurievich here?

Before the start of the tournament, the traditional team building. The organizer of the competition, the President of the Russian Football Veterans Union, Alexander Mirzoyan, pays tribute to the honored veterans.

– The honored master of sports, bronze medalist of the world championship Vladimir Alekseevich Ponomarev celebrated his birthday the other day, – Mirzoyan announces to applause.

Ponomarev receives memorable gifts from the RFU, as well as, who celebrated his 70th birthday the day before, former Spartak defender Vladimir Bukievskiy.

And the football started…

– Dima, carefully – this is Dasaev in command of the defense. And then he hits the ball after a strong hit from his own nine. Looking ahead, I tell you that we played half the field in the 7×7 format, the size of the goal in this version of football is 5×2 meters.

The 1988 European runner-up Rinat Dasaev will save the Russian team more than once. I especially remember him stopping in the bottom corner.

Near the gates of “Zenith” Valery Shmarov falls screaming.

– Referee partner, penalty! -demand the victim himself and his partners.

But the referee of the international category Viktor Filippov did not bow: “We played.”

– Viktor Ivanovich, was there a penalty on Shmarov? I ask Filippov after the game.

– No, the usual martial arts.

– But he fell so, so much he screamed…

– Valera is not only a great football teacher, but also a good actor.

I approach Shmarov with the same question.

– They hit the leg from behind, the goalkeeper grabs his hands, – Shmarov complains.

– The referee said that you are not only a great teacher of soccer…

– But also a great artist?

– Exactly.

– Well, the judge knows better.


Sergey Shavlo, although he will be older than many participants, but, as they say, you can’t drink the ability. In one episode, he hits the opponent with a deceptive body movement, in the other he charges very decently, over the bar.

– What is the task of “Spartak” – the first place? – I ask Sergey Dmitrievich, after all, the former general director of the Reds and Whites, and set him tasks.

– In no case. The task is to meet old friends, play football, reminisce about the past.

A legend of legends Nikita Pavlovich Simonyan appears in the arena. Some fans and the staff of the arena ask for a joint photo of the famous Soviet football player and the honored coach.

Meanwhile, we are talking with Alexander Mirzoyan.

– The tournament is dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day, we celebrate it annually, – says Alexander Bagratovich. – The Donetsk children were supposed to be among the guests, but now they are being received by the Patriarch. However, the president of the Donetsk Football Federation, Pavel Sergeevich Davydenko, arrived. We have prepared gifts for the guys from the Veterans Football Union: balls, kits. We will solemnly present it to you at the closing ceremony of the tournament.

On March 9, we will hold a match between the Russian men’s and women’s teams here. And then, in May, a traditional tournament dedicated to Victory Day. We will invite teams from Lugansk. Donetsk and Crimea.

Meanwhile, Shmarov and Dmitry Radchenko are regularly scoring goals, both of whom are constantly at the forefront of their teams’ attacks. And they score beautifully, or put them in the far corner, or almost make it to the top nine. Masters!

– Judges do not offend? I ask Radchenko.

– No, the arbitration is qualified, there are no complaints. So, it’s very nice to see my old teammates in Spartak. Speak, remember the old. It’s great that many at this age play. Thanks to the organizers.

Meanwhile, the free-for-all tournament has ended. The best players on their teams receive special prizes.

These are Evgeny Dulyk (CSKA), Valery Shmarov (Russian team), Vladimir Bukievskiy (Spartak), Dmitry Radchenko (Zenit) and Eduard Shpilyansky (team of doctors).

By the way, Eduard Shpilyansky works as a chief physician in the city of Korolyov. And at the same time, the head doctor plays football very well.

And CSKA won Defender of the Fatherland Day, symbolically.

The final classification is as follows: 1. CSKA – 8 points. 2. Russian team – 7. 3. Spartak – 5. 4. Zenit – 4. 5. Team of doctors – 2.

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