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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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SAMBO section at school: how to get there and how much does it cost? The mother of a young athlete calculated the costs

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SAMBO section at school: how to get there and how much does it cost? The mother of a young athlete calculated the costs

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And he also told how to support the boy’s hobby.

Choosing a circle for a child is an incredibly difficult task. Completely different factors must come together: benefit, interest, convenience and accessibility. Some change a lot of sections, but someone is a little more lucky and immediately falls into the right one.

mother of the sambo fighter

Initially, I was not familiar with this sport, but I always understood that the realities of life are such that a child must be able to defend himself, and then his loved ones. Sambo is now very well known, there are even federal programs for the development of children. For example, there is an all-Russian project “Sambo to School”. After learning on the Internet how the training is going, what the process includes, it was decided to choose this section. The son did not care.

The father of the young navigator calculated the costs of the section on the material:

“Wetsuit for 20 thousand rubles.” How much does it cost to send a child sailing?

“Sambo to School”

An educational and sports project focused on promoting the national type of sambo wrestling in Russian schools. It brings together some 2,500 schools and 375,000 students. Within its framework, mentors are trained, control the quality of the training process, and equip gyms with the necessary equipment.

Photo: Personal archive of Ekaterina Rachitskaya


For classes for the first time, shorts or trousers, a t-shirt and socks are enough. Later, a wrestling jacket will be needed – a sambovka, shorts and specialized shoes – wrestling shoes. In competitions the same uniform is used as in training. Only the colors of the jackets differ, they are red and blue.

The average cost of all equipment will be about 5 thousand rubles. It will also depend on the brand and store chosen. For example, the “Fortress” or “Bravegard” form is priced much higher. Lesser-known brands of Ozon or Wildberries can be bought cheaper, but there is already a question of quality.

We talk about an interesting section in the link:

Where to direct the child’s energy? The trampoline is an affordable trend


We go to the Sambo School, where a monthly subscription costs 5.5 thousand, includes four classes a week for two hours. Together with other guys, we sometimes visit the pool, but the numbers there are negligible. The decisive moment in the choice of an institution was the contact between the child and the coaching staff, without which a complete job would not work.

But there are other places to practice. In the Central Administrative District, the cost will vary from 6 to 8.5 thousand per month, on average, three training sessions per week for an hour and a half.

Contests and fees

The entry fee for competitions varies from 700 to 1500 rubles, sometimes up to 2 thousand. We’ve been to training camp once and plan to go again, because this is an immersion in the sport that requires tremendous work, both from the students and the coaches. Its cost in our school is 10-20 thousand rubles, for 5-10 days, respectively.

It turns out that in a normal month we spend 5.5 thousand on our son’s hobby, which goes to pay the subscription. The rest of the expenses are non-permanent.

Photo: Personal archive of Ekaterina Rachitskaya

Such a hobby is the joint work of the child, the coach and, of course, the parents. Support your athletes, believe in their success, and then they will definitely train with pleasure and sincere enthusiasm.

Where else to give the child, we will tell you below:

“Bag presented, inventory provided.” Is it expensive to send a child to the shooting section?

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