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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Samodelkina goes to the national team of Kazakhstan? The Federation does not comment

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 19:48:53

Anastasia Matrosova live

State Duma deputy commented on the situation with Samodelkina

Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the State Duma Dmitry Svishchev reacted to the news about the possible change of citizenship of the Russian figure skater.

“I think this is a question that the Russian Figure Skating Federation and the figure skater herself should decide. No one can interfere in this process. Ask [с участившимися случаями перехода российских спортсменов в другие сборные], of course, not quite natural. Two or three years ago, getting into the Russian national team was very prestigious,” the deputy told Gazeta.ru.

16:14 Anastasia Matrosova

The former coach of figure skater Sergey Davydov noted that he did not know anything about the athlete’s transition, and also answered the question of whether Samodelkina had previously been invited to other teams. “There have been no conversations on such issues before,” he told Match TV.

15:40 Anastasia Matrosova

He rather coolly commented on the possible transition of Sophia’s coach Tatyana Tarasova to “SE”:

“I have not heard that Samodelkina can change her citizenship. Of you only. I wouldn’t mind the possible departure of her in any way. What do I care? This is her personal choice. Isn’t it a shame that we can lose talent? No. I don’t consider it a talent. Because? It’s still not enough to answer such stupid questions. Because!”.

In a comment to Match TV, Tatyana Anatolyevna was more restrained: “It seems to me that Sophia will be better there.”

14:41 Valeria Kukaleva

According to Sport-Express, the federation does not want to let the skater go to another country, because Samodelkina was part of the Russian national team.

“The skater’s side demands to let her go, based, among other things, on the case of Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin. One of the options could be financial compensation, as in the case of the dancers, but it is not legally prescribed,” said the source.

14:19 Valeria Kukaleva

Has the figure skater already received a passport?

A Match TV source reports that the athlete has already received a passport from a new country.

“Samodelkina took the path of accelerated citizenship, since her relative in the family was born in Kazakhstan. She has already received a passport, she is waiting for the separation from the Russian Figure Skating Federation, ”the publication quotes the source.

14:16 Valeria Kukaleva

Well, the Russian Figure Skating Federation, of course, does not comment on anything.

“I can’t answer you anything,” said the general director of the FFKKR alexander kogan R-Sport.

14:14 Valeria Kukaleva

The first possible transition was commented by Sophia’s mother.

“Ask the federation, please. We are also interested in what the federation will respond. As long as I don’t say anything,” she said. marina samodelkina R-Sport.

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