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Sarik Andreasyan and neural networks revived Nikulin. Review of the film “Manyunya: Adventures in Moscow”

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 01:39:01

If you don’t know about Manyun, it means you don’t have children. The story of the restless little girl began in 2010, when Narine Abgaryan wrote her first story about her. Everyone liked the initiative and it quickly became a series of successful books. So successful that Abgaryan was named one of the most brilliant writers in Europe.

This story did not go unnoticed by Sarik Andreasyan, who is actively buying the rights to film adaptations of all sorts of things: “Deniska’s Stories”, “Kuzya the Little Brownie”, “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”. He then turned Manyunya into a serious film franchise. First, a series of the same name was released on Okko, then the films hit the big screens.

All projects were classified as “normal”. They didn’t live up to children’s classics like Raph the Giraffe, lacked the depth of Pixar, and relied too much on clichés. Family jokes, classic plots, moving music and heartbreaking speeches. But the heroines were cute and their adventures attracted attention; It is not surprising that children fell in love with “Manyunya” en masse.

On May 30, the third major film about Manyunya was released in theaters. How did it turn out? Same as above: completely optional, but still fun.

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“Manyunya: Adventures in Moscow”: information about the film

Name: “Manyunya: Adventures in Moscow.”general producer: Sarik Andreasyan. Director: Denis Gulyar. actors: Ekaterina Temnova, Karina Kagramanyan, Karina Mnatsakanyan and others. release date: May 30, 2024. Gender: comedy, adventure. Duration: 90 minutes. A country: Russia.

“Manyunya: Adventures in Moscow”: where to watch?

The film is already showing in all Russian cinemas. A digital version will be released on Okko around July.

The video is available on the Yellow, White and Black YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to NMG Kinoprokat.

Manyunya arrived in Moscow

Previously, the adventures of Manyuni and his friends took place in Armenia. Now the girls and the grumpy old woman, nicknamed simply Ba, arrive in Moscow. Their goal is to attend the “Earthlings” concert and embark on all possible adventures. As a result, a whirlwind of events takes them through Red Square, the Moscow Zoo and other attractions.

If you don’t think about what’s going on, the story was interesting. The spirit of 1981 is carefully recreated in the places, memorable characters are introduced and the dialogues are accompanied by good jokes: at the moment at the zoo, all the children in the audience were laughing out loud. Well, it all ends with a scene so moving that even the viewer who wakes up to the credits risks shedding a tear. In general, the techniques are familiar, but they work.

main heroines

Photo: NMG Kinoprokat

The problems start the moment you start thinking about the plot. How much is the scene with the African American worth? A guest from the capital invites the girls somewhere and offers them treats. How do they act? Of course, they agree to everything, ignoring safety rules. And the solution does not lead to disaster, but to a fun adventure. Therefore, the father in the audience must close his son’s eyes or persistently explain to her: Manyunya is doing stupid things, you can’t do that.

Other characters also notice the girls’ reckless actions and give them their opinion; For example, they call them degenerates. A wonderful word for a 6+ movie, you couldn’t find a better one.

There are many strange moments in the film.

Photo: NMG Kinoprokat

As a result, the plot leaves mixed impressions. Above all it was fun and the kids had a great time. However, some phrases and episodes were so sloppy that it made you want to beat the writer and director.

Nikulin is alive

When the authors of “The Moscow Adventure” talked about the appearance of Yuri Nikulin’s neural network in the film, the Internet exploded. Viewers who grew up watching “The Diamond Arm” and “Operation Y” demanded to leave the great actor alone.

But is there something criminal in Nikulin’s unusual resurrection? In general, no. The family agreed, Nikulin’s screening was already skillfully used for the centenary of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and the episode itself with the legend of Soviet cinema was pleasant and respectful. Except that the technical execution is questionable: the character stands out too much from the general environment and his facial expressions are not convincing. The team couldn’t create something on the level of Harrison Ford’s neural network from Indiana Jones 5.

Nikulin neural network

Photo: NMG Kinoprokat

There are no serious complaints about Nikulin’s image, but there are many about the actors. The trio of children play excellently, but the adults lack skill and energy. Take for example Yevgeny Petrosyan, who played an important role. Unfortunately, his film debut was frankly unsuccessful: perhaps the comedian’s antics are suitable for Full House, but on the big screen they seem simply ridiculous.

Watching Petrosyan’s antics is a dubious pleasure

Photo: NMG Kinoprokat

“Manyunya: Adventures in Moscow”: is it worth watching?

Sarik Andreasyan produced a strange film. Watching it with kids seems fun, but sometimes the stupidity and rudeness make you want to abandon the audience. Therefore, the novelty is more worth seeing at home than going to the cinema.

“Manyuni: Adventures in Moscow” rating: 6 out of 10


There are good jokes. The plot is superficial, but fun. The children play their roles well.

I dont like him

The plot is full of nonsense and inappropriate insults. Petrosyan plays poorly.

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