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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Save Smolov and improve the youth. Dynamo’s tasks for winter 2022/23

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:41:09

calm down, just calm down

It may sound hackneyed and boring, but the current Dynamo needs only one thing in winter – systematic work on schedule with a minimum of bumps. The most unpleasant thing happened to the team in the summer, when both the excellent coach Sandro Schwartz and a large group of legionnaires led by Sebastian Szymanski and Nikola Moro left it.

The breeding department quickly found a replacement for the dropouts, but it was not immediately possible to get them into the team. Hence the ruinous first part of the season, in which there were both undoubted successes (victories over Spartak and CSKA) and noticeable failures (two defeats each for Rostov and Akhmat, defeats against Sochi and Zenit).

Dynamo is not planning any major acquisitions (Slavisa Jokanovic spoke about this), but is looking very carefully at internal reserves. For this reason, a large group of young people attended the training camp with the team, who had the opportunity to gain a foothold in the first team. Everything points to the fact that the coach must resolve all issues with the means available.

Save Smolova

In recent days, information has appeared about interest in the Istanbul striker Basaksehir. The Turkish club is reportedly offering the 32-year-old a 2.5-year contract. It sounds plausible, but his native team also needs Fedor. In the fall, in 15 RPL games (13 on base), he scored 9 (7 + 2) performance points.

Konstantin Tyukavin is still breathing down his back (he scored a hat-trick in the first friendly of 2023), so the blue and white forward duo looks great. It would be great to keep it.

Otherwise, it is necessary to shake off a maximum of 5-7 million euros from the Turks. Then there will be money to look for a promising replacement for Smolov. But such a move would be desirable in the summer, because the newcomer will probably need time to adjust, and the team has a finish line ahead of it, on which the outcome of the season depends.

Update Gagnidze

The departure of the two main central midfielders, Szymanski and Moro, hit Dinamo the hardest in the summer. The second found a replacement in the person of Matthias Normann. Due to an injury to the Norwegian, the coaching staff did not have time to fit him into the game formations (180 minutes in the RPL), but I have no doubt that this task will be resolved during the concentration.

It is much more important to come up with something with a sunken second position. In the fall, it was often occupied by Arsen Zakharyan, but when moving from attack to midfield, everyone suffers – both the midfield, where the player has to run a lot instead of creating, and the attack, where not. not have a worthy replacement. In general, Dynamo’s potential suffers greatly in this case. So Jokanovic needs another move.

Luka Gagnidze became another central midfielder who established himself in the fall. He’s generally likeable, but he hasn’t become a game-changer yet, and he’s needed in that role. Gagnidze, at best, does not spoil the image, but this is not enough. If Jokanovic is right and there are no more transfers, we have to see how to get more out of the 19-year-old midfielder.

Well, in general, if you do not take Zakharyan into account for the reasons described above, then the coach has at his disposal only three midfielders for three positions. In any case, this is not enough.

Disguising the flaws of Parshivlyuk and Dasa

Another complex position is right-back, where Dynamo have two veteran players: 30-year-old Eli Dasa and 33-year-old Sergey Parshivlyuk. Both leave an ambiguous impression. And if they perform well in the game with the ball (the Israeli, who has 0.6 passes per game per game, is especially connected with attacks), then he performs the duties of defending his far goal in the best way.

For example, Dasa himself is already 11th in steals in the team (0.7 – the same number for Zakharyan), and Parshivlyuk is 12th in tackles (1.3 – less than winger Mumi Ngamale). These are extremely (extremely!) sparse stats. Due to his age, it is too late to improve the selection and ability to perform martial arts, so we must figure out how to mask the shortcomings of veterans in defense with additional insurance. Whether it’s the third central defender or by moving the defensive midfielder, it depends on Jokanovic. We define the problem.

youth development

At Dynamo, at least seven players under the age of 23 claim to be at the base: Zakharyan, Gagnidze (19 each), Tyukavin, Saba Sazonov (20 each), Nicolas Marichal (21), Roberto Fernandez (22) and Vyacheslav Grulev (23). I would like to see his progress in the spring, and for that it is necessary to have a clear program for the development of footballers, as was the case with Alexander Golovin of CSKA. I’d like to believe Jokanovic has it.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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