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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Scooter guide 2023: review of models and 10 options for different budgets

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 08:17:30

A scooter is perhaps the most popular means of transportation. All thanks to a successful combination of options. Most scooters are lightweight and compact. Managing them is not that difficult. Unlike a skateboard or bicycle, no training is required. The only problem is that today there are a wide variety of models in stores and it is easy to get lost in them.

Sportmaster PRO expert

“What to take into account when choosing a scooter and how not to make a mistake when purchasing? “I propose to understand everything step by step and then study the list of optimal options.”

How to choose a scooter? General points

The different models of scooters are differentiated by the size of the wheels and the materials with which they are made; the height and width of the platform (platform underfoot), as well as the presence of shock absorption.

Wheel size primarily affects maneuverability and roll (or float). What does it mean? A small wheel will provide a scooter with good maneuverability and a large wheel will provide a smoother, smoother ride on uneven roads, cobblestones or tiles.

Manufacturers mainly use two materials to make wheels: polyurethane and rubber. The first is more common due to its wear resistance and reliability. Rubber has better grip (especially with asphalt) and absorbs well, but is less common.

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Buy a scooter for children

You can also find plastic wheels on children’s scooters. They have average reliability, are noisy and have poor shock absorption. It is best to use these wheels only when teaching a child to ride.

The presence of a shock absorber (or two, on both wheels) softens the ride. Less vibrations are transmitted to arms and legs. But remember that depreciation significantly increases the weight of the scooter.

Platform height affects ride stability. How does it work? The lower the platform, the more stable the scooter and the more confident the rider will feel on it. But it is worth considering that a high platform is much more convenient for overcoming obstacles. It will be easier to overcome curbs.

Globally, children’s options differ from adult scooters only in size. From the point of view of the technologies used and the main parameters of choice, there is no difference.

Basically, the size of the models is determined by the size of the wheels. Each manufacturer has tables with recommendations that indicate which models in the line are suitable for children of a certain age and height.

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if we talk about average recommendationsThey look like this:

from 85 to 110 cm – three-wheeled models; from 95 to 120 cm – models with 125 mm wheels; from 120 to 140 cm – models with 145 mm wheels; from 140 cm – models with wheels of 175 mm or more.

At the same time, as when choosing a scooter for adults, it is important that the child has the opportunity to try to ride it in advance or at least stand on it. Although the size is determined by the wheel size, there are many other parameters that can influence the choice. For example, the height of the steering wheel, the thickness of the handles or the width and length of the platform.

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Buy a scooter for adults

It all depends on the objectives, the intensity of use and the main locations you plan to move through. For routes with poor surfaces, cobblestones or tiles, models with wheels of 230 to 250 mm in diameter, as well as one or two shock absorbers, are suitable.

For hobbyists or park riding, scooter wheels with a diameter of 175 to 200 mm are suitable. The presence of depreciation is optional. Models without it will be lighter and have better acceleration.

For gravel and wet surfaces, there are models with inflatable wheels, like on a bicycle. Its diameter varies from 8 to 20 inches. These scooters are characterized by a smooth ride, durability, good grip and the ability to ride on any surface (asphalt, gravel, wet surfaces). All thanks to the tread.

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How to choose an electric scooter?

When choosing an electric vehicle (be it a scooter or, for example, a bicycle), there are two main criteria:

battery capacity (determines how long the scooter will run), motor power (determines the maximum speed of the scooter, its ability to climb hills and accelerate).

Additionally, special attention should be paid to the brakes. There are two main options for its design: mechanical and electrical. In the first case, braking occurs thanks to special elements that compress the wheel rim and prevent it from skidding. In the second, the engine itself is responsible for braking. The first option is cheaper, but requires more frequent maintenance.

Braking systems that combine both options are considered the most reliable.

The presence of damping, dimensions and folding system – all these parameters must be selected for your tasks. For rare city trips and leisure rides, lightweight folding scooters are more suitable with a maximum speed of up to 30 km/h and a power reserve of up to 15 km. If necessary, these models can be transported by public transport and the depreciation on them is not so important.

For frequent trips and for using a scooter as a complete means of transport, options with a maximum speed of up to 80 km/h, a power reserve of up to 40 km and good shock absorption are more suitable. Yes, they will be heavier, and even folded they can hardly be called compact, but you will also be much less likely to get on the bus or ride the subway with them.

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How to choose a stunt scooter?

Stunt scooters are selected based on two main parameters: height and riding style. With the dimensions, everything is clear: each model has recommendations for the height of the rider specified by the manufacturer. On average, they are determined as follows: the length of the handlebars is the length of a person’s legs, plus or minus 10 cm. Models with lower handlebars are suitable for performing tricks in the skate park, and models with higher and wider handlebars are suitable for the street.

On average, stunt scooters weigh between 3 and 4 kg. The light models are more suitable for skating in the skate park, but the slightly heavier ones for riding on the street, as they have greater stability in the air.

For beginners, it is better to choose scooters with wheels with a diameter of 100 to 110 mm, which provide low speed, but good maneuverability and a feeling of control. For more experienced cyclists and for street use, models with wheels with a diameter of approximately 120-125 mm are more suitable.

Platform parameters are selected based on the cyclist’s shoe size. The second leg should also fit over it with the feet placed diagonally. A narrower platform is suitable for tricks in the park and a wider one for sliding.

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10 optimal options for adults and children.

1. Reaction Trick 2.0. The lightweight and maneuverable stunt scooter is designed for a wide range of riders. The aluminum handlebar and reinforced three-bolt clamp can withstand the stress of performing stunts.

Scooter Reaction Stunt 2.0, 5,694 rubles. /Ozone

Photo: Ozon

2. Reaction, 200 mm without shock Man. It has a quick folding system that allows you to move at an accelerated pace. The reinforced platform design can withstand loads of up to 100 kg. The built-in technology hole allows you to secure the scooter with a lock.

Scooter Reaction 200 mm without shock Man, 6,700 rubles. / Citilink

Photo: Citilink

3. Friction 175 Woman. A folding scooter with a shock absorber for high-speed travel around the city. It has two types of brakes: hand brake and foot brake. They make stopping easier and reduce braking distances.

Scooter Roces 175 Woman, 4,619 rubles. / Sports teacher

Photo: Sportmaster

4. Rocks 250 Lux. It has two shock absorbers and a disc brake. This is a good option to get around the city and walk. It is also equipped with a quick folding system, which creates additional convenience.

Scooter Roces 250 lux, 10,399 rubles. / Sports teacher

Photo: Sportmaster

5. Reaction Trick 3. The scooter is designed for a wide range of riders. It allows you to perform tricks of medium difficulty. A chrome-molybdenum steering wheel, reinforced with reinforcing ribs, a milled fork and aluminum rims provide strength to the model.

Scooter Reaction Stunt 3.0, 8,999 rubles. / Sports teacher

Photo: Sportmaster

6. HIPER Model A2 electric scooter. Supports loads of up to 140 kg. It will be an excellent purchase for a user with a height of 130 to 200 cm (thanks to the ability to adjust the height of the steering wheel). It is not afraid of dust or splashes as it has a waterproof and dust-resistant design that meets the IPX4 grade. Equipped with 10-inch wheels with inflatable tires, providing good traction on any road surface.

HIPER electric scooter model A2, 35,299 rubles. /dns-store

Photo: dns-shop

7. Nitro Circo Ryan Williams 500, 120 mm. It is a light and maneuverable scooter with a rectangular platform. It is suitable for mounting on rails, steps and trampolines with effective sliding. By the way, this is a model from scooter star Ryan Williams.


Photo: elektro-mall

8. STUNT Reaction 5.0, 120 mm. Designed for a wide range of advanced cyclists. A durable model with T-shaped handlebars will allow you to perform tricks of medium and high complexity.

Scooter Reaction STUNT 5.0, 13,552 rubles. /Ozone

Photo: Ozon

10. Friction 145 Girl. Foldable children’s scooter with luminous front wheel. It has two brakes: hand and foot. This guarantees a safe stop. The wheels shine when driving. Thanks to this, the scooter is visible on the road at any time of the day.

Roces 145 Girl folding children’s scooter, 4,701 rubles. /Ozone

Photo: Ozon

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