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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Season record and 63 saves for Bobrovsky! The NHL played a crazy six hour game

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 17:46:07

The Eastern Conference Finals have begun! For the first time in history, Florida and Carolina met in the playoffs, but on both sides there are many old acquaintances, family ties and other interesting plots. Eric and Mark Staal against younger brother Jordan, Hurricanes head coach Paul Maurice against Rod Brindamore, their former captain. Eric Staal, who Brindamore once gave the captain’s chevron at Carolina, against his former teammate.

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And one of the main stories is the revival of star Sergei Bobrovsky, the two-time owner of Vezina in provincial Columbus, who, having won the biggest contract of his life, spent four years in Florida painfully trying to get his game back. losing the competition to all in a row, so that in these playoffs they begin to plug everyone into the belt. The list of his victims already includes the winner of the regular season “Boston” and the star “Toronto”, and “Florida” for the first time since 1996 reached the third round.

The Panthers started on the road, but this is not a problem for Bob, he has won five of the five road games in the current playoffs. Today, Sergei was also very handsome, more than once he saved his team from a safe goal. Perhaps the only weak point of Bobrovsky (or rather, even of all “Florida”) is the minority, which he leaves much to be desired.

It was on this Achilles heel that Carolina hit today. In the first period, the ‘Panthers’ were eliminated three times, in the end they grabbed two in a row, and as a result, they did not hold out until the break for 12 seconds. Seth Jarvis formally scored already in the usual majority, although Mark Staal had not yet had time to join the game.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can view the video on the NHL website.

In equal compositions, Bobrovsky was magnificent. In this tiebreaker, he saves 94.3% of the shots from 5-on-5 and leads by a wide margin in better-than-expected saves among the remaining goalies (9.3 to Andersen’s 3.9). Still at 0-0, he didn’t allow Jack Drury to score after a nice knee transfer from Kotkaniemi.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can view the video on the NHL website.

In the second half, the hosts slowed down, the slimy “fight-fight” went almost without a goal, and even a couple of attempts by “Florida” were mostly quite casual. However, at the end of the period, the guests were able to turn the game around thanks to goals from Alexander Barkov and Carter Verage with a difference of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can view the video on the NHL website.

In the third period, Bob again had to spin like a squirrel in a wheel: the shooting lead was 14-2 in favor of the Carolinas. He missed one (again in the minority, after the stupid elimination of Sam Bennett), but already with the score 2: 2, he coldly stopped Martin Nechas one on one.


This save, although it happened in the middle of the period, actually allowed Florida to go into overtime, where they scored quickly, but after seeing the referees they called off the puck for goaltender interference.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can view the video on the NHL website.

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Minutes ticked by, one overtime was replaced by another, the time in Raleigh passed midnight and Bobrovsky kept working and leveling the jambs of Florida’s defense.


The game has already broken the record for the length of the current NHL season (the previous one in the first round was set by Dallas with Minnesota) and the Panthers club record, and then the Carolinas record. By the way, in the previous record game, the current Florida coach was in charge of the Carolinas, and Brindamore was still a player – it was in the Stanley Cup final – 2002.

Brent Burns and Brandon Montour played 50 minutes (the latter even managed to play a nearly three-minute turn), then 60. The Carolina guard even broke the NHL record for playing time for players over 38 years of age.

Bobrovsky became the third goaltender in 67 years to save at least 50 shots in two consecutive playoff games. Some spectators began to fall asleep, others could not find a place for themselves and were already standing in agonizing anticipation.

With all this, the quality of hockey, even in the fourth overtime, was at the level (after all, both teams rested for a week and gained strength), there were enough scoring chances, but both Bobrovsky and Andersen did not sleep and went on. drag. If it wasn’t for the goalkeepers, this game would have ended much sooner.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can view the video on the NHL website.

Andersen finally stumbled with his 60th shot on goal: Matthew Tkachuk ended the sixth-longest game in NHL history 13 seconds before the fifth overtime break. This crazy game went on for almost six hours of “dirty” weather and ended when it was nearly two in the morning in Raleigh. Bobrovsky set a Florida record with 63 saves.

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