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Seeking Answers From Castaneda: 20 Wise Quotes From Don Juan For All Occasions

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:25:50

Seeking Answers From Castaneda: 20 Wise Quotes From Don Juan For All Occasions

Ekaterina Saleeva June 14, 2023, 18:55 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

About the road, strength, whining, loneliness and other important things.

At all times, people turned to spiritual mentors for answers to life’s difficult questions. It is not so easy to understand the meaning of life by oneself…

Brazilian writer and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda found support and self-confidence after meeting a Yaqui Indian don juan matús. Friendship with a spiritual mentor has been detailed in 11 volumes of books.

Castaneda was distinguished by his tendency to catch up with the mystics, both in communication with loved ones and in his works. Therefore, it is still not known for sure if don Juan really existed.

Be that as it may, Castaneda’s works, describing his life path and philosophy, have become real bestseller. They were sold in millions of copies all over the world. They are of interest to both esotericists and scientists involved in anthropology, psychology and philosophy.

We offer you to receive a portion of wise instructions, answers to important questions and advice on choosing your path.

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Act like it’s a dream. Be brave and don’t look for excuses. True awareness is when the soul lets others know that you are truly looking for a better version of yourself. You must take responsibility for your own successes and failures. No one can depend on the approval or opinion of another person.

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Seriousness is my gift. I use it to find the upper paths. It makes it easier for me to reach some heights through the only truth. Don’t explain too much. When you explain why you can’t do this or that, you are actually apologizing for your shortcomings, hoping that your listeners will be kind and forgive them. To get the most out of life, a person must be able to change. The most difficult thing is deciding to change.

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Why there is no strength: 10 channels where we pour energy without realizing it The anger of the heart cannot heal the wounds of the body. I never get mad at anyone. No man can do anything to deserve such a reaction from me. You get angry with people when you feel that their actions are important. I haven’t felt anything like this in a long time. You must always remember that the path is only the path. If you feel like you shouldn’t walk on it, let it.

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Be as efficient as you can be without being greedy. The main obstacle for most people is internal dialogue. When a person learns to stop it, everything becomes possible. The most incredible projects will be feasible. You can’t understand me now because of your habit of thinking the way you look.

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If you don’t like what you get, change what you give. The soul always understands better what no one can put into words. People, as a rule, do not realize that at any moment they can get rid of something from their lives. Whenever. Instantly.

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Each one follows his own path. If you walk with pleasure, then this is your path. If you feel bad, you can quit at any time, no matter how far you go. And it will be correct. We need all our time and all our energy to overcome idiocy in ourselves. The whole trick is what to focus on … Each of us becomes either unhappy or strong. The amount of work required in both the first and second cases is the same!

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Whoever avoids loneliness can never reach the heights of spirituality. To become a man of knowledge, one must be a warrior, not a crybaby. He fights without giving up, without complaining, without backing down, fight until you see. And all this just to understand that there is nothing in the world that matters. What you are doing right now may very well be your last act on earth. There is no power in the world that can guarantee that you will live another minute.

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