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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Sergei Khusainov: there are no questions for Ivanov, there are questions for the people who whistled at him

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 08:15:05

FIFA referee Sergei Khusainov analyzed Ivanov’s key mistakes that influenced the outcome of the match.

– Do you have any questions for referee Ivanov?

– There are no questions for Ivanov, there are questions for the people who gave him a whistle.

– It’s a statement! We go in order.

– In the first half. There were several tactical fouls with risk of serious injury. Ivanov seems to settle with a look, a gesture, but he saves the attack when it is not necessary: ​​the ball is in the middle of the field. It remains to be seen how this attack will end.

Ok, the referee is in favor of the attack. But the ball came out, go back to the episode, show that you fix everything. Show your professionalism. To do this, you have a yellow card and a red card in your pocket.

And you don’t have to make suggestions. A player who violated the rules, who played dangerous enough, is not penalized. Therefore, he continues to play as well.

– Big question marks were caused by an offense against Miranchuk in the penalty area.

– I go to the. The end of the first half, the score is 1:1. There is a cross to the center of Miranchuk’s penalty, and he falls. The ball goes out of bounds.

The referee is in perfect position, the wiretaps are underway. Why doesn’t a professional player hit the ball? They pay you a lot for this. But because the Spartak defender hits him from behind on his supporting leg.

And Lesha Nikolaev comments that there was no accent on the part of the defender. And what should the accent be: a club on the head? Let me remind you that the score was 1:1. Was there a rape? Was. Therefore, a penalty should be awarded.

– The most controversial moment, after which the third goal was scored. The fight between Tiknizyan and Ignatiev. Perhaps the key episode of the match.

– A question to the FIFA referee Ivanov: where and how can a player who blocks access to the ball be pushed? The answer is written in the rules: you can push with your shoulder when the distance to the ball is not more than two meters.

Here Ignatov rubs Tiknizyan’s shoulder blades with both hands, tilts him, knocks him down. The only thing missing was a hip toss. This is followed by a transfer to Zobnin, who scores.

Again Nikolaev’s explanation: yes, there was a fight, but there was no accent.

Negotiations are underway again, two friends are in VAR – Turbin and Vasya Kazartsev. Ivanov was called to the monitor, he looked and looked and counted the goal. That is, I did not see any violation.

And these two friends did not see the VAR either.

– What is the conclusion?

– The conclusion is simple: FIFA referee Ivanov made two serious mistakes that affected the development and result of the match.

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Puck Henry
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