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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Soccer players in Russia ignore brushing their teeth and that prevents them from playing? the dentist answers

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 07:05:00

FNL players do not brush their teeth after a match, although European researchers unanimously state that this helps to recover from matches. Are?

Akron coach Evgeny Kaleshin also commented on this fact: “After training, a football player has an acidic environment in his mouth on the mucous membrane, it becomes alkaline. The sooner you get rid of this environment, the faster the glycogen restoration will be perceived by the brain.

If you take 30 minutes, you recover more slowly, and there are two training sessions in the boot camp, and it is important to spend four or five hours between them with maximum benefit.

We had our own changing room next to the field. He bought 25 toothbrushes and 10 tubes of toothpaste. The guys laughed at first, and I said I’d go check it out myself. We had experienced Gogniev, Lyokha Gai, Bendz, they were inspired. And when the older ones do it, the younger ones also rise up”.

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What scientists and doctors say

At first glance, there is no connection between oral hygiene and less injury. Meanwhile, scientists have shown that physical activity affects dental health.

A 2017 study, “Physical Activity, Dental Health Behavior, and Oral Health Status,” published in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, found that those who exercised regularly had much better oral health.

Doctors say that due to intense loads, there may be problems with the temporomandibular joint and bite, which, in turn, affects the position of the neck and posture, as well as maintaining muscle tone.

Darya Karachevtseva


Intense and prolonged training can negatively affect dental health, for example, leading to the risk of jaw lockjaw (spasm of the masticatory muscle group). With great physical exertion, less saliva is secreted. The drier the mouth is, the higher the PH level will be. Therefore, I recommend brushing your teeth after exercising.

While exercising, sweating and saliva production increase, which contain nutrients and minerals needed for healthy teeth, but also contribute to plaque formation and the development of cavities.

Even during training, drying of the oral cavity occurs, which leads to a decrease in the amount of saliva, due to which the natural process of cleaning the mouth from bacteria suffers. Therefore, it is important to observe the rules of oral hygiene, not forgetting about regular brushing and flossing.

Altyn Petrakova

dentist-surgeon, periodontist ProDent Concept

The affirmation of an accelerated recovery of the body when brushing the teeth after playing sports has its origin in the statements of Martin Schmidt, a former Swiss soccer coach. According to him, by the end of the training, acidity increases in the oral cavity, which, getting into the blood, negatively affects the process of restoring the body after exercise.

The acidity in the mouth during exercise actually increases, as saliva production decreases and its pH increases. As a result, the process of remineralization of tooth enamel can be interrupted and, consequently, cavities can appear.

As for the “penetration” of acids into the blood: the body maintains the pH of the blood at a slightly alkaline level, and changes in these values ​​​​indicate the presence of serious diseases.


You need to brush your teeth regularly. If you train very intensely, it may be worth doing more often. According to some studies, athletes are more prone to oral diseases such as cavities, gum disease, etc.

It is also worth paying attention to what you drink during training. Drinks high in simple carbohydrates negatively affect the pH of your saliva and are a breeding ground for bacteria, which means they can become one of the causes of tooth decay or gum disease.

However, while this does not inspire confidence among our players. So, Spartak Gogniev, the former head coach of Khimki, said that FNL players do not follow the recommendations for oral care after training. Although the clubs even create special conditions: they tell, they remember, but few people listen.

Train for health, not damage!

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