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Friday, July 12, 2024
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“Something very important happened in my life.” Trusova gets married after Kostornaya!

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 18:29:26

Wedding bells are about to ring for another happy couple in love with figure skating. And what a couple! Beijing Olympics silver medalist Alexandra Trusova received a marriage proposal on the night of June 16-17.

An elegant ring was presented to the legendary Russian Rocket by single skater Makar Ignatov, who rekindled the fire of love in the girl’s heart after a difficult breakup with her ex-boyfriend Mark Kondratyuk. A true fairy tale with a happy ending! Only in real life, of course, for newlyweds everything is just beginning. Ahead of Sasha and Makar are preparations for the wedding, the celebration itself and the long-awaited family life.

How the relationship between Trusova and Kondratyuk began: details:

Not in the same orbit. Trusova started an affair with a figure skater from St. Petersburg – a cool love story!

Meanwhile, athletes accept congratulations, which grow exponentially through participation posts on their social networks.

And something tells us: their wedding is shaping up to be the event of the year!

He left his hometown and left his coach for his beloved.

The romance between Alexandra Trusova and Makar Ignatov became known on January 28, when the St. Petersburg championship took place. Sasha came secretly to support her lover, but his kiss on her side during the award ceremony, despite the darkness, was caught on camera.

It was then that the last hopes of the fans of “Trusotyukov” (as Sasha and Mark Kondratyuk were affectionately called before) that they were still together collapsed. The separation of the star couple had been evident for a long time, but many fans did not want to tolerate it. The Queen of Quads also later admitted that she had a difficult time recovering from her breakup with Mark. From August to November 2023 she went through a very difficult period.

“Yes, Mark and I broke up a long time ago. We broke up on his initiative. He decided so, he simply confronted me with the fact that “that’s it, I’m not ready anymore.” Here. This is his choice, I tried for a long time to return everything as it was, so I didn’t say anything especially anywhere, I didn’t write anything, I tried to somehow evade this information, ”Trusova shared on OKKO’s YouTube. channel.

However, fate gave Sasha new, conquering feelings. With Makar, older than 23 years, she quickly found harmony and felt protected by her strong masculine shoulder. They carefully hid their relationship from the public’s attention, so fans did not suspect anything, even when the skaters very convincingly portrayed love in Plushenko’s New Year’s show “The Snow Maiden.”

How the love story of Trusova and Kondratyuk ended:

“I’m not a doll, don’t play with fire.” What does Trusova do after breaking up with Kondratyuk?

After the exposure, Sasha and Makar continued to adhere to the policy of keeping their relationship private and did not comment in any way on joint images that periodically appeared on social networks and the media. Everyone knew they were dating, but they had no idea how serious it was.

At first, distance seemed like a big obstacle in their love story. Sasha is in Moscow, Makar is in St. Petersburg: who will move in with whom, leaving her usual way of life for another? Ignatov made a sacrifice in the name of love. The guy not only left St. Petersburg, but also moved from Evgeniy Rukavitsyn to Plushenko’s Angels. A very important step, considering that he worked with Rukavitsyn for almost 10 years and does not plan to end his career.

Makar demonstrated in practice that for him the happiness of his chosen one comes first.

“She said yes!’

Finally, finding themselves in the same orbit, the lovers fully experienced happiness with each other. The skaters’ romance developed quickly, but remained closed from prying eyes. Fans of the couple were mainly able to admire their beautiful filming for the announcement of Plushenko’s future show “Cinderella”. In the fairy kingdom.” Sasha and Makar will play the main roles and their tender feelings for each other will definitely bring a special magical atmosphere to the ice.

By the way, in one of the videos, Makar backstage, standing on one knee, hands Sasha a glass slipper. Who knows about her, maybe it was at that moment that he realized that he wanted to marry her. Or perhaps he was simply in a blissful dream, imagining that very soon he would kneel in front of her again.

One way or another, the athlete tried to make the marriage proposal as romantic as possible. Walking with my beloved through St. Petersburg at night, I waited for the bridges to open and took out the ring. Sasha, of course, answered: “Yes!” And a fiery kiss in a context of indescribable beauty sealed her agreement.

Incredibly cheerful Sasha recorded a “circle” for a Telegram channel at two in the morning and said that extremely important changes had occurred in her life.

“Good evening everyone! I apologize for being late, but something very, very important has happened in my life. I don’t know how to tell you… But tomorrow I will tell you everything, because it is still night. So wait and don’t miss it,” Trusova said with a happy smile.

The couple did not languish long in the ignorance of fans. At five-thirty in the morning, Makar posted photos of the engagement on social media and signed: “She said: “YES!” After this, Sasha also shared the surprising news with her subscribers.

Engagement of Alexandra Trusova and Makar Ignatov

Photo: from the personal archive of Alexandra Trusova.

For both of us, this event will undoubtedly be the best birthday gift. Sasha will turn 20 in a few days and Makar will celebrate her 24th birthday a little later.

It is still unknown when the athletes’ wedding will take place. It is possible that the preparation of the magnificent festivities will last for several tedious months, and perhaps the newlyweds will manage to organize everything in record time or limit themselves to a small celebration for those closest to them.

And how sweet it is that Sasha is marrying after Tutberidze’s teammate Alena Kostornaya! Alena exchanged vows of fidelity with Georgy Kunitsa last August. Before we knew it, Sasha was heading down the aisle.

Kostornaya and Marten’s wedding was very beautiful!

Shcherbakova as bridesmaids and three different outfits. How was Kostornaya and Kunitsa’s wedding?

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