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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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“Sometimes I have trouble going down the stairs.” Nadal admitted when he will finally leave

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:53:27

Rafael Nadal, 22-time Grand Slam champion, is currently in the final stages of his fantastic career. Physical problems have dogged one of the best tennis players of all time, preventing him from appearing on the courts since the beginning of this year. The 37-year-old Manacori, in a long interview with the Movistar TV channel, admitted if the 2024 season would be the last, he reflected on the greatness of one of his main rivals, the Serbian Novak Djokovic, and spoke about his desire. He became president of Real Madrid, and he also discussed many other topics.

About the injury and recovery after it.

First of all, the Soil King answered whether he had finally recovered from his injury.

“Do I live without pain? No, I have problems with my leg, sometimes it hurts a lot and it doesn’t let me live in peace. Sometimes I find it difficult to go down the stairs in my own house. Now I feel better, let’s say I have control over this pain. But I took a break from my running because of the psoas muscle.

For now I am training without moving. I can’t move at the speed I’m used to, even without hitting the ball. I have to be careful all the time. “I train three times a week for 40 minutes and work hard in the gym,” Nadal said.

Rafael Nadal

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About returning to tour

Rafael then spoke about the spirit with which he was preparing to return to the ATP circuit after missing almost a year of competition due to injury.

“I hope to play again, to be competitive again and not win Roland Garros or the Australian Open, I don’t want to deceive people. “I perfectly understand that at this point in my life this is hardly feasible, but I am not saying that it is impossible, because in sport everything changes very quickly,” Nadal said.

About retirement

At the same time, the famous Spaniard could not help but answer one of the main questions that worries the entire tennis community: will next season be the last in the career of the multiple major champion?

“Is 2024 the last year? I think so, but I can’t confirm it 100%. Who knows… If I suddenly recover completely and feel the strength to continue, I will definitely let you know. Hopefully, in two months, around mid-November, I will be able to clearly say, “Where am I? Like me? What about the injury?

The 2024 Paris Olympics would be a good place to retire. “My schedule may change if I feel I have a chance of winning Roland Garros,” Nadal admitted.

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In the race with Djokovic for the TBS

The former world number one racket also shared his opinion that Serbian Novak Djokovic has taken the lead in the fight for the greatest number of Slam victories. Let us remember that after winning the 2023 US Open, the 36-year-old Belgrade native is now 24 years old.

“I think Novak lives it more intensely. It would be a great disappointment for him not to succeed. That’s why he is the best and he beat them.

I’m not upset for one simple reason: because I believe that, within my means, I did everything possible to get the career I have. With 22 Grand Slam victories, it is impossible to be disappointed,” Nadal said.

On whether he congratulated Djokovic on his victory at the 2023 US Open

At the same time, the former leader of the ATP rankings admitted that he had not yet had time to congratulate Serbian Novak Djokovic on his victory at the 2023 US Open.

“To be honest, I didn’t send messages to Djokovic for my own reasons: I know from experience that when you win something so important, it’s better to wait a little to appreciate the message they send you. I’m going to do this, but I haven’t done it yet.

Of course I sent messages to Carlos. [Алькарасу]when he had big victories or came close to them. The rest… Actually, I don’t have many friends left on tour. I’m from another generation (laughs). And that’s why I spoke to Federer from time to time,” Nadal said.

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On the desire to become president of Real Madrid and sign Kylian Mbappé for the Royal Club

It’s no secret that Rafael Nadal is a long-time Real Madrid fan. Last weekend, the tennis player became one of the star guests of the Spanish Primera match between Los Blancos and Real Sociedad. Manacor himself, 37 years old, announced his desire to become president of the white team.

“Can I be president of Real Madrid? I think I would like it, but right now the club has the best president imaginable,” explains Nadal.

Rafael would like Real Club to sign PSG and France striker Kylian Mbappé.

“Maybe it would be good to have another striker, I think so too. Mbappe? Yes, I have no problem with Mbappé. Quite the opposite. I’ll be glad if he comes. Of course I like Mbappé. We miss him. Who doesn’t like Mbappé? – Nadal said.

The tennis player also spoke out about the fact that the French star did not join the Santiago Bernabéu team this and last summer.

“Why didn’t Kylian move to Real Madrid in the last transfer market? Why was he forced to go there? “Madrid” is “Madrid.” Madrid is more important than any player. This is the reality.

“Mbappé doesn’t have to go to Real Madrid when we, Madrid fans, want him to,” added Nadal.

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About current classes

Finally, the King of the Ground told us what he does now in his free time from training.

“Fortunately I have been able to play golf for a few weeks now. This is the only thing I can compete in today. This distracts me and for me now it is necessary to compete,” said the Spaniard.

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