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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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“Spartak” began to work with the judges? What was Leonid Fedun hinting at?

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:39:51


The season has just resumed in Russia, and the revamped cup has already brought us a heated showdown between Guillermo Abascal’s forward-thinking Spartak and Mikhail Galaktionov’s completely different Lokomotiv. The teams gifted us almost 200 minutes (including stoppage time) of brilliant, uncompromising football. But, unfortunately, in the next few days we will not talk about them, but about the work of the referees.

Passions rose even after the first match, at the end of which Vladislav Bezborodov disallowed Stanislav Magkeev’s goal due to an active-passive offside by Francois Camano. The second leg at the Otkritie Arena provided a whole collection of effective decisions, each of which did not go in favor of the railwaymen.

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

Here the Spartacists should pay tribute. They took a rather cynical approach to the issue and for several days, through controlled Telegram channels, groomed the public and lobbied the judges. Exactly, in the principle of the opposite. In several venues, the appointment of referees Sergei Ivanov and Vasily Kazartsev (in VAR) for the match was immediately criticized, recalling all their misdeeds, especially in relation to the rojiblancos. And in this way they psychologically set up the referees: you will once again hang in the direction of the hosts, and a skillfully prepared avalanche of indignation will fall on you. There are a lot of Spartak fans in the country, it’s hard not to notice even the most hard-nosed people about their discontent.


Judging by what he saw in the second leg, the tactic worked. Former referee Alexei Nikolaev, on the air of the federal channel, analyzed the decisions of the judges online, but since he always sided with them, suspicions arise that his true goal is not experience, but the protection of his colleagues. It is even possible that he does it not consciously, but simply because he himself was in the place of a judge on the field and does not want to offend his comrades once again. However, his absolutely unilateral interpretation of the rules in favor of the decisions made does not allow us to take his assessments seriously.


In any case, two episodes definitely deserve further discussion: Alexei Miranchuk’s fall at the end of the first half and Roman Zobnin’s goal in the second.

In the first case, Sergey Pinyaev deftly threw the ball behind the defenders, and Miranchuk went one-on-one with Alexander Maksimenko. Daniil Khlusevich tried to catch up with his opponent and take the ball from him, but he did not reach out, but only touched his left thigh, moreover, a moment before the railway worker stumbled and “chewed” the blow. But Kazartsev did not even call Ivanov to the monitor.

At the second moment, Mikhail Ignatov, together with Nair Tiknizyan, rushed into someone else’s penalty area and arranged a fight in the stalls in the corner of the front line. The defender turned his back on the Spartacist, and the Spartacist controlled him with both hands. At first, without visible effort, but at the end of the episode, he made an accentuated movement to the side and with it completely crushed the opponent who had no foothold, like on a tatami.

“It is rare to see such a wrestling match at a football match,” Georgy Cherdantsev said on the air. And in the comments under the online broadcast, most agreed that it was a foul. To be fair, Kazartsev also shared a similar opinion, as he invited Ivanov to watch the replay. As we know, in most cases this means the cancellation of the previous decision, but after going to the touchline, Ivanov was not convinced: this level of fighting in football, in his opinion, is allowed.

Already in the discount, two more episodes happened that did not directly affect the result, since in the sum of two games Spartak led by two goals. However, the handball penalty for Loko rookie Herman Conti is also not very clear, because we were recently taught that there is no penalty for hitting the ball in the supporting hand. Here you can even return to the match of the first round “Akhmat” – “Spartak” (1: 1), when the defender Yuri Zhuravlev threw his hand behind his back and interrupted the “assistance” center of Quincy Promes, and the referee Vladislav. Bezborodov continued the game.


Conti himself was dissatisfied with the referee’s current interpretation: “As for me, there was no penalty. This is a support hand, they don’t penalize for it. It was like that everywhere he played.” And he played, for a second, even at Benfica.

The funny thing is that Promes took pity on his opponent and from 11 meters shot straight into the hands of Ilya Lantratov, but the referees were not satisfied with this turn of events and forced the Dutchman to interrupt. Let’s say the doorman took a step outside the door before knocking. If he verbalizes directly, then yes, he did, but Quincey botched the hit not because of that, but because he spied, and the score still didn’t leave the guests hoping to save themselves. So what is this judicial tedium?

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv

I wouldn’t be surprised if ESC finds a civil justification for all these decisions. Perhaps Ivanov really in all these cases had the right to make the decisions that we saw yesterday, but what really haunts is the fact that they are all from the category “50 to 50”, but each time they were made in favor of only one. side, Spartak. Everybody, do you understand? Happens?

Moreover, Spartak itself was in a similar position not so long ago, in 2020. For example, in the 88th minute of the June match with Ufa, Alexander Sobolev’s goal was disallowed for offside by Samuel Gigot, who missed the ball. This episode is very similar to when Magkeev scored. On the one hand, everything is according to the letter of the law, but on the other hand, just at that moment, Spartak fans did not suppress their anger on social networks, because in a series of similar decisions that were invariably made in against your team, it is very difficult to keep your cool. Conspiracy theories were the most popular topic in public. So is it any wonder that now such sentiments overwhelm railway workers?


However, they have a little more reason for this, because after the match, the former owner of Spartak, Leonid Fedun, allowed himself an ambiguous phrase: “Spartak never worked with judges. As soon as I left they started judging normally. Is there more than just unfortunate wording?

One way or another, one cannot but admit that the impressions of such a juicy resumption of the season were spoiled by referee decisions that directly affected the outcome of the fight. And if in the future the referees continue to attract attention, this can turn into much bigger problems, because soon we will talk about medals, championship survival and decisive stages in the FONBET Cup of Russia. Here no one will forgive such arbitration so simply.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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